Loom-icon xlstasy

alonso has used discord since 2017 and he is 12
project polygon is epic 2012 roblox revival
we need old google images first cuz its important for almost everything
will it be an app sooner?
does it work in mobile tho yet? cuz its so epic
yo this old google revival is so cool
project polygon best 2009-2012 revival ever
i love mancraft
i used google lens to detect hiew's profile and google detected it as a hair shampoo im not even joking try it out
yes cooldown is fixed
it says "toxic kid free" cuz if you go to ANY old roblox revival, you wil at least see that one kid
hello i am talking in internet explorer 6 in a windows xp vm
this stupid vista machine glitched i had to restart it 4 times now i cant drag stuff from my real pc to the vm cuz it gives me a red "Not available" cursor
hello i am talking from internet explorer in a windows vista virtualbox machine and it was so slow it didnt show the logo when starting it up
because bitview is alive
whats it called
the 🤮 emoji is meh from the emoji movie giving birth to sherk
also twitter existed since 2001 and has been used for shopping
somebody took the xhamster name
i am using bwitter in internet explorer 7
my cat just peeled my skin off
im back after all these years

That youtube 2013 web host site thing was pointless you couldn't do anything and it used way back archive
congrats man
a website hoster
the player and logo look good we just need the website now
we need to make the logo tho
i think the old twitch site should be named twosh
ur right
okay i added it back here it is

i deleted it because it was pointless to have there
i accidently made a broken video in bitview you can't play
i like bwitter and bitview but i hate my parents
or they look simillar
i think stole some assets from bitview without credit
it looks so simplified and it doesnt look normal and it doesnt fit in this current layout
oh my god old bwitter sucked
anyways here is the fuckbook link if you wanna avoid searching 18+ content without incognito
danm. the old bwitter favicon looks like it was scratched off the bwitter logo in paint and its so WIDE
i remember when i left my clock at 2012 then back to 2021 then chrome said was dangerous for 1 minute.
danm the old twitch looks FIREE.
bitview video donwloader
i made a club pemguin account
fulptube's new site is
guys i just touched grass
guys i got one of these consoles that look like this:
lol ok
I Need A BEITTER APP NAOOW$:$2:$2:.838&$-!/!!$$/$€€jjbbsbb!!!!bv?v?_£_[€]^^]
@Loquendero666 I was talking about novek actually
does the chrome autoupdate? if not, upload the chrome online
then how did you get windows xp chrome
but that is a windows 7 pc did you just ported the xp chrome to the win7 vm or
please do
im still waiting for that fucking wii phone
how did you do that
i found an abomination

mepipeline is 2005 but its boring and shit
being 14 would give you many power and get really big
when i meant video downloader i meant a site that downloads bitview videos when you put the url
i need a bitview video downloader now
i have a ps2
you cant because it uses way back machine
i didnt realize the real subrocks website is not im so stupid
im eating pizza xD
here is what the server map looks like

sfdze ewefrawefergregytu6k
imagine if subrocks or vidlii or bitview went in android
Balls 2
well the map of the server is pretty neat. its the 2013 happy home with the old terrain but with a bunch of other stuff and with the default tools like destroying and building
should i make a roblox 2013l client server
yeah nobody talks here nowdays also some 2 people got banned permanently for no reason and they made new accounts but then quit
its only the front page because twitter used to look like this anyways this site died yesterday
its 2007 - 2012 twitter
why does the bwitter remember me sign in button DONT WORK BRUH
i finally found a 2015 version of roblox studio that doesnt KRASH >:C
RIP BWITTER 2007-2021
lite got removed because it was more bought than the real app
bwitter is so boring you can only talk to people like if its a forum
i think chainsword quit bwitter because he got banned for no reason
danm is that the iphone 4
yoo guys i spawned in a cool beta 1.7 minecraft world check this out! here is the download
epic pc
ok so turns out they accidently gave somebody op but im still hating aachivist *Owner of the server* by their bad moderation and im still ip banned
i swear the owner of this map likes to abuse the impersonate plugin so i got an alt and turns out they abuse it with new players too and this is what they make people say: "I LIKE 9 YEAR OLDS" like that is just fucked up man
bruh i just found the worst server that ip banned for no reason and it's worse than alwaysclassic. the name is Constant Classic you will hate it because the mods are baby's with ban hammers
dream smp is actually boring watching if its repetitive content lol
he also disconnected from the server
he said "just give me some minutes to talk about you in a dad penis" in a minecraft server 15 minutes ago and now he has been afk for 6 minutes in a place i need help
to minecraft porn
guys i found out my friend is fapping right now as im speaking
yeah ikr that is pointless
bwitter is kinda boring thats why were leaving it
Dead chat :(
i see that discord logo in the task bar
minceraft gaemplay

guys i cant upload a video to bitview what the frick!1!¿
ok so my phone just shut down a minute ago now im on the computer
Guys I cant upload a bitview video I made it shorter than 4:20 minutes long what is going on help
aw fuck I forgot to say I woke up to a 2 battery left phone because the charger is not working and I'm typing this on it rn. SOS help
I tripped because of a table and my feet and arm hurt
fuck i fell down in the living room
wtf why cant i upload a video that is 4:20 minutes long i even made it less than that and it still wont let me
ok so it works
im testing the bwitter share thing below bitview videos |

just got hypercam 2 with watermark
Just got ip banned for no reason in alwaysclassic
the among us looks agressive
guys i was in a server that is classic minecraft and i found among us with a big mouth so i decided to do something funny XD
bwitter is so messed up in internet explorer 6
you can just download the betacraft launcher anyways here is the ip in classicube
I built the pc gamer logo! i hope you guys like it!
my friend made the amogus and i made the spojgenbob
me and my friend made funny stuff in alwaysclassic
alwaysclassic is a cool minecraft serer
hello ridged
shut up test go summon demons in ur mom's basment fatty
im installing rhodum on real software xd
that is because sub rocks is on beta
i had no idea how to name it
the human mob looks very odd
hello ridged block
chain sword did ur account get deleted
water hits harder at 2 am
i left my server
chain for some reason my 2 monitors see ur pfp as 2 diferent things
jesus christ they literally obliterated the fuck out of the human mob in classic browser
im at 4 fps
NVM IT worked also the link expired PLES MAEK NEW ONE!!1!1!1!
i cant enter the server it gives a white screen
google locked my bitview for no reason and i had to use google accounts manager to get my password back
i can play the classic version on for free
oh. weird.
nah. quackity could swear on roblox if you checked his first episode in 2015. somebody said "I PISSED MY PANTS" in the chat of his server.
there wasnt a filter in roblox till late 2015
lol ok
anybody here have betacraft
that fake friend called me a "nogger"
today was my first time i got a fake friend that claimed to be turning 54 next year i made a whole stream of him:
encontre al mcdoanlds y la casa blanca en minecraft i destruye los dos con tnt
i just bombed a mcdonalds and a white house in minecraft with 6 people including pewdiepie
I'm lazy to go to discord
i said subrocks link not discord
yeah i wanna go to see what its like
subrocks link
guys i met pewdiepie in minecraft real
subrocks is gonna probably get taken down a month later it's not worth it
srsly what is the subrocks url tho sent me to a very special video
what the fuck is subrocks is it like a fulptube ripoff
what did just enter upon
how did it go
and it was a numa numa video with earrape audio
i saw a video locked at 144p
the entire fulptube domain got deleted if you go to their alternative urls like it gives a google 404 error also i got a weird ad of a woman pulling her fake teeth also the message where they said they got a threat also got deleted
i also was just called a faker on bitview because i had an awesome face pfp when in reality his profile picture had glasses and eyes closed and his channel is spanish not english so yeah lol
also add google images
now foogle+
ads depend on the stuff you watch
for some reason i feel like bwitter is a forum
where did you found it
i couldn't enter bwitter for a good while because of this error 522 cloudfare screen came up even in firefox and internet explorer
i saw an alternative to facebook but with porn
i searched up fuckbook without incognito and i regret it
i found a pink sheep
i got scratched by my own cat that is 5 months old
the official youtube channel got hacked lol
i had to task manager it
i found out that i cant respawn on that mc world and now my minecraft stopped responding and i cant close it
btw ie6 cant display bwitter properly
i have a cursed mc beta 1.7.3 world that has weird terrain and i have a link for it if anybody wants to play on it it has weird mooshrooms and mushrooms everywhere in the sky and the lighting is broken
my internet is not working but bwitter works and i dont know why
i remember throwing my iphone 4 from a building because i didn't knew how to turn it on and i thought it was useless
im bored af
btw now it says that i have a unoriginal windows copy
bruh my pc just randomly half reseted and my theme is gone and all my custom icons are gone
my cat stepped on my keyboard and now my youtube url looks like this: 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777
i just found out classicube exists and its addicting
sweet home alabama
my mouse broke i can't scroll with it and i have to use the grey bar on the right
fulptube got a new domain
i got the old anjocaido launcher working
I got pizza and it has the table on the middle
yeah it is down
here is how it looks like
i got the old cracked minecraft launcher from 2010 that cant display new versions made by anjocaido
what is logokids
i saw a portuguese video titled "playing minecraft" and its just images with rtx images the entire video
and now both of my headphones dont make noices
my left headphone got broken
following isn't a feature yet
thats pretty cool
she wasn't crying but she was a bit surprised
not really she said she was cutting the vegetables or some bullcrap i dont remember
and when i say chunk of blood i'm not even joking it was almost all over the kitchen floor
fun story: once my mom yelled my name i went to the kitchen and there was a chunk of blood on the floor because she accidently cut her self and my cat was running to the kitchen and didn't care and started licking the blood
i accidently reported my self
dude i thought my laptop didn't work with fulptube so i tried it on my pc and it tells me that the host is broken
i can't enter fulptube
is grandma ok
dude google images searching on internet explorer 6 is horrible literally like 10 images appear for 1 page
its a blank page but if you hold ur mouse and scroll there is hidden stuff here is what youtube looks like on internet explorer 6
but why? besides i dont know how to upgrade it and idk where to download that
internet explorer 6 is so fast at refreshing
i also tried going on bwitter on internet explorer 6 and it displayed "sign in to bitter"
i cant get windows media player 9 working
i clicked on more info and it opened a help window saying they cant help with this application or some crap
i got a funny internet explorer 6 error when trying to enter youtube
well i got that screen when i downloaded the apk on a real android
also what android emulator did you use
also the apk asked for my contacts and storage too
also the url for the apk site looks like a scam website that would give you 999+ viruses
lol ok but the apk asked me for my contacts call logs and location and that is very dodgy
my avast detected my internet explorer as a virus
that 2011 twitter apk doesnt even work
also searchs dont work
freeapksdownload no virus
also when i installed that twitter apk it asked me for my: contacts location storage call logs and when i pressed the download button it just insta downloaded in a mili second. thats dodgy and a sketchy url for a site
i also got old instragram with the camera logo but 3 days later it started crashing when i opened it
*popcorn eating sounds*
grammarly sucks
nice but you should of installed an old version of bandicam or used hypercam 2
nah man my internet explorer cant even display the home page
i cant watch youtube in internet explorer 6 because it was made in 2001 but on bitview it works fine!
i keep closing the youtube tab because im lazy to go to the home page lol
fulptube sucks
why do i feel like sleeping in the sides of the pillow is better than the center
fulptube is 2012 before cosmic panda was on youtube
and this other one that probably nobody heard of
i found out fulptube has a 2013 section
okay you know what fulptube sucks it takes so long to load and you need adobe flash to watch videos without that stupid warning and it has an horrible name and it recommends you the same videos
there is this cool apk called Lower that is a low quality camera that you can customize to make memes
is tracle fine or is it a bad site?
I found another one
do you guys wanna check it out?
i accidently found a 2012 youtube revival
is there any other site to publish images rather than imgur?? i dont wanna sign up on imgur because it requires my phone number and my phone is charging because its at 0
bwitter is epic
my dad had a windows xp computer and he gave it to me and installed windows 7 on it
i just typed in and it just stopped responding and forced quit
i can visit it but it wont display the video :CCCCCCCCCC
i even got an error that had no text and the only option was 'Yes'
internet explorer 6 wont even display pages and sometimes even crash
i am testing bwitter in the internet explorer 6 and its a mess



Name: yomama