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wow, what the actual heck just happened here. anyways whats a vagina?

@Punchy how did you not die of dehydration????? taco bell is way too spicy, at least for me. made me spent hours in the bathroom!! :,(
@LachStar WOW!!!! this website looks AMAZING!! It does feel kinda empty though..
I really cant seem to decide... Do I use comfortaa or century schoolbook?
@JustAAnimator oh yea that would be AWESOME!!
they should really add a reply feature to this.... so it feels more like a mass chat!!!! im really tired of chatting on skype or xbox live!!!!!!
anyways im currently typing a doc in word!! experimenting with fonts and finding just the right one is really fun! Sadly i still havent found any good fonts yet...
happy moms day!! :DD how is everyone doing?
i realy like windows xp but honestly now that i have tried windows 7 it is SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! XDDD the graphicz are so good and the web sites load SO much faster!!!1!!!! windows 7 is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bwitter ROCKZ!!!!! XD Bweeting this from windows xp!!11!!1! Windows is so awesome and cool
goodblox? whats that? i should check it out
@Nigger you're not funny. being racist, or even pretending to, is a thing you probably shouldn't be doing here. I know you're just doing it for attention, the attention your parents never gave you at home. Nobody loves you. I kindly ask you to stfu and be edgy somewhere else. Have a bad day :)
what the actual shit is happening why is there an edgy kid with boobies as pfp constantly spitting out slurs?
wishing all my probems would just vaporise away right now.
Man, I'm so tired rn. Goodnight y'all, it's been a wild day.
@enterwebs OMG thx u!! XD im downloading this asap!
hey guys, does anyone have a new video editor to suggest? windows movie maker takes way to long to export vidz and the file size is always to big!! XP if anyone has any reccomendations for gud video editors u can msg me here or at #Mono.4003 on discord. Anyways i hope u all have a gr8 day!!!! :DDDD
hey guyz, check out my new video on BitView!! its a game play series im working on!! :D |



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