Loom-icon warrior

internet is dead
This site is dead
No problem
Unplug the modem and plug it again
Nice picture homie
You can say anything
Im the fastest poster in the world
You can't post very fast like me
my Corolla would gap your wack ass car any time any place
I like Aventador
My laptop can play games and music and porn no laptop can do all of these together at the same time
Let's spread the positivity
I can lift a car with one hand
I'm gonna buy tiger
Bow bow this is the sound of my tau tau
I'm gonna install a v16 engine in my corolla
I like jaz o
Fuck the people who made Twitter, their website is just a knockoff of this site
I like cars and guns and women
I have white xbox
I like myself
I have pistols and I'm not afraid to use them
I like rap



Name: warrior