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bwitter is dead. Where did the chatroom vibe of bwitter go?

Does anyone else have issues with putting a profile picture on thefuckbook?
@Punchy2 I'm very sorry about your grandma. At least she's in a better place.
just got my flip mino hd in the mail, it is awesome :D
The weather in bulgaria is really strange lately... It was raining snow a lot, but now it's sunny and there is a chance of rain.
my asshole is itchy
I'm so happy it is over lol
@TrashStudioz thank you so much. i hope i did well, but the teacher is very annoying. she wanted both cameras and microphones on :/
I going to have a maths test today. wish me luck guys :(.
@Marcusverse well im looking forward more to it...
@Toudouboufou I'm also very hyped :)
lemme give a club penguin tip quickly if you don't want to spend a lot of time on about 250 coin ;P
I'm trying to use windows xp for a week, lets see how far will i go...
Imma try bwitter again...
I am alive again lol
@TimDoesWhatever I'm wondering also
thinking about my truck...
@mac yes i already entered
help, i'm in the hospital with a broken leg :((
@Showman Are you really quitting??
@alexanderjt pretty ok
@Showman if there is a key, maybe it might work. Imma try some stuff
bruh moment cuz i haven't uploaded in bitview in a long time
i used styler before, but stylus is better
@Showman i know since i use it
@Showman yes
@joell98 no problem m8
@joell98 here you go
@joell98 one second
@joell98 i made my own version of his code. if you want i can send it to you
@Showman i like the new player
@mac be sure not to be late for the meeting lol
@enterwebs how tho...
i think you have to ask @9
@Showman i'm asking the same question...
don't hold F5 on your keyboard or you will brake the whole page
bweeted this from my assh0le
bweeted this from my old LG Xnote LW25 with ubuntu 10.04.4
@enterwebs WHAT??
bweeted this from my iPhone 3GS
@Showman don't worry you can stop now
We have a new bwitter trend now lol
@Showman Go ahead if you want...
@Showman you'll probably login from every device you have lol
@F10Setup what is screech??
Hello from the HTC G1
well i'll login from android 1.6
@enterwebs ah, ok
quick question, is there a mobile version of bwitter?
even brad is here W O O S H
Listening to Paramore
Goodmorning m8s!
well goodnight from me m8s! C'ya tomorrow...
@Coolers101 I also found it from bitview yesterday night
@mac I was in online school 12 hours ago :/
@TimDoesWhatever ikr?
i haven't payed my taxes in 7 years
it doesn't fix it to bwitter anymore :'(
hello m8
@mac yeah I meant that default profile pic
@F10Setup he's not coming to your home today ;)
@joell98 the german yoda won't steal your lungs today ;)
give me your money or the german yoda will come in and steal your lungs
We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you
please help me to get back my braincells I lost in the zoom meeting today
sheet i said it :'(
We should make the default image the oldschool t-w-i-t-t-e-r O_o
you pay with your soul
Your free trial of invalid web has expired.
invalid invalid
I ate spaghetti for dinner
@enterwebs best explaination of 2020 award
@Metalboy a, ok
@Metalboy what? y tho??
@mac what do you mean?
@9 I'm getting the same thing again...
@mac no idea, I'm getting the same thing
bwitter > t-w-i-t-t-e-r
bweeting this from ubuntu 10.04 on my old netbook
well, good morning and goodbye from me, cuz i have a zoom meeting. C'ya later m8s.
bwitter seems more like a chatroom lol
I am going to sleep, since it's kinda late. Goodnight m8s!
LOL, it actually worked!
@mac Lemme try, bwitter
Bwitter seems awesome!
Hello :)



Name: Viktor Malashevski

Bio: I like fish and bears!

Location: Bulgaria