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First to catch a bigfoot with a bigfoot net is the winner!
To catch a butterfly you need a butterfly net. To catch fish you need a fishing net.
What is that guy looking at?
BelkaWow |
If a green house has green bricks, a blue house has green bricks, a pink house has green bricks, then what house has no bricks at all?
I'm glued to my PSP 3000. I bought it new in 2009 and it works just fine in 2022.
I love the buy one get one free sales on Doritos. Get 6 bags for the price of 3 and stock up.
Punchy207corn chips are the best chips money can buy
tauleakPOV : Elon musk buy bwitter 😐

I love the guitar in this song!
Punchy207 L7 - Pretend We're Dead

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I'm thinking about not eating bread and cutting it out of my diet.
BiscuitI'm glad everybody here likes bread unlike those uncivilized miscreants over at Bitview >:(

100 friends on SpaceHey in only 7 days!
No. Also, homosexuality is a mental illness, like liberalism or cancer. Will we ever find the cure?
3wait, u ain’t gay?

Good job, I knew you could do it!
Punchy207the date went GREAT, i took her out to eat, got ice cream, went to petsmart to look at the animals, bought some stuff at five below and hung out like them couples in late 90's high school movies

You do know the CEO of Apple is gay, right? You might want to save your money and not buy from the gay Tim Cook.
sallahI Turn The Crib To Ahh Apple Store

Me too! Antivaxxers are the sweetest most innocent, pure, excellent, life on this planet.
usaWe are officially euthanizing all antivaxxers. Good luck!

Today's birthday celebration was great. Tomorrow’s birthday celebration will be even better will be celebrating my birthday for the next 6 months! Yay! None of you people do that!
Watching "The Legend of Kora" for the first time. Guess it came out 8 years ago. I did stop watching scheduled television nearly 14 years ago.
Mom Moments on SpaceHey?
The All New Kissing Club! What the heck is it?
New SAAB Club!
I am eating raviolis in a four-cheese red tomato sauce with oregano and fresh garlic. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Say it twice, that is really nice. Say it twice, that is really nice.
DCTVYou already said that

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I first head about Spachey about a year ago. I guess they've been around for a while too. I can't believe at how many "Groups" I fit into on Spachey. I'm already in 12 and will probably double or more by the end of the week!
Ohio teaches teenagers to drink and drive. There are more drive-thru liquor stores in Ohio than any other state!
People who only eat nuts are nuts!
Great afternoon!
Punchy207it feels nice being told good morning and good night i'll give you that

Last Sunday of the month is Supercar Sunday! That is today! Every month look for overpriced dream cars!
Where did you find a Daewoo to buy?
Punchy207with a few minor exceptions of course

Are you on Vidlii?
CJSL2018BW@S The drama that CC229 has been raiding and attacking us in Yesterday

The police chief told me his co-workers were all slackers! LMAO
Let's Go Brandon! Find Cure For Liberalism!
If CNN shuts down I am going to throw a party! I'm so sick of democrats and SJWs.
City councils in California are evil and lack morals!
Get married to her. You might never have a chance to get a girlfriend ever again.
Punchy207oh my god im freaking out, my ex-girlfriend wants to get back together with me and go out on a date and i said yeah but i dont know what to do damn it

If you need to save money, Google Earth is free to download.
Who the hell will buy the $550 globe? They sell them for $20 at the same store!
Creepo-depot has all you need to home imporve your home into a haunted house. All toys sold have a message on the back. "No poltergistes included!"
This is a creepy story.
Did dinosaurs survive extinction and did they live amongst humans only thousands of years ago? Possible new evidence dinosaurs stayed alive!
When I asked administration to put the two breaks together so the students can have a 3 week long vacation instead of 2 broken up vacations, the administrators just give me a funny look. It is the same amount of days , so what is their problem with it?
My school has two spring breaks. A 9 day break in March and a 13 day break from late April to early May.
I've been playing Midnight Club L.A. on my PSP and NFS Most Wanted on my PS2 the past week! Both games are over 10 years old!
Is this the most popular person on Vidlii?
Nice Porsche:
What really happened in 9/11/01:
Perceptions lead to stereotypes!
My favorite car from South Korea is the Proto Motors Spirra 4.6 V8!
They've made Cadillac products in South Korea for nearly a decade too.
Punchy207the Daewoo name isn't used anymore, but now they build the Chevy Spark and Chevy Volt in south korea... ironic because the Chevy Spark actually started life as the 1998 Daewoo Matiz

The Daewoo GT was the same car as the Saturn Sky!
Punchy207 Daewoos in the USA

Motorcycles fit two major demographics: Black males who can't afford a new car and depressed white men going through a midlife crises.
KangRooMy sister's math teacher rides a fucking motorcylcle. MY math teacher... is a bitch.

That's nothing compared with the multitude of mafias and cartels and what they do worldwide. There is even war industrial complex conglomerates.
3my history teacher was a detective in the 80’s, once a year he would bring in some of his old evidence. One was photos of a decapitated head that washed up along the shore line. The other was a voice recording of an elderly lady retelling how she was brutally raped by a home intruder..

The schools should mandate double spring break!
jrmy spring break ended today FUCK

Is a degree really necessary?
I wish nobody will ever be forced to go to school again. I'm sick of it already!
@Punchy207 You must be so bored with nothing better to do because you were writing so many comments on! I've never seen you write so much before.
It's not too late to find all the "Easter eggs!"
Where are all the other PS4 owners? I haven't met them!
I have friends with PS3's however none of my friends have PS4's. Allegedly, Sony sold more PS4's then PS3's, but none of my friends have a PS4, just me. So it is the opposite.
Hint: "Turn Back Time."
Happy Easter! Here is a video to discover the "Easter eggs."
jrHe’s 5 years older

Don't forget to get your "Biden for nursing home" T-Shirt!
Don't forget to sit down with your parents and cousins and watch the Alex Jones show on Easter Sunday!
The good old days when a mom would say "I am insecure and care what people think," don't sound like the good old days to me.
Find all the "Easter eggs" in this song and video!
Boss Town = Boston
Big news! I just found out Easter, the 2025th resection anniversary of the Christ, will land on my birthday in 2025!
I love those old fashioned lamps.
RealOskarLogo2PIXAR funny logo animation |

Vidlii keeps randomly signing me out. The sight has gone haywire!
Happy Easter everyone!😜☮
Jurassic World Dominion might be one I might like. I usually enjoy bank robbery movies, mafia movies, and shark attack movies the most.
3halloween ends, lightyear, jurassic world dominion, & 65 are all movies I’m anticipating

Does anyone think if there will be any good movies coming out this year?
Cookies steal your personal data and are used by corporations to rip you off by selling you junk!
Luistrublicew politics



You might like to try this website.
DylanCoronaTV@stereotype Vidlii and bitview went to shit with the new team

I applied to 7 colleges, and I was accepted into all of them. I never took a PSAT or SAT.
FYI: You don't need to take PSAT or SAT test to be accepted into a university. Don't waste your time. Every college is a business. They want your money and don't actually care about grades.
Vidlii is a nice site.
nonsenseplease2i guess i upload videos on vidlii

That was funny.
Punchy207 skateboard frenzy (unfinished)

I don't see the New Testament as a religious text. I see it as observations and reports of historical events that really happened.
I just found out there is going to be a Bacon Festival in my home city. My city has the oddest events.
The stuff that some might find hard to believe in the New Testament is because the accuracy of those reports are described in ancient terms and not modern ones. The New Testament is a literally and ancient history textbook. God was a real entity that interacted with people nearly 2,000 years ago.
I had a discussion and the Super Bowl came up. The last Super Bowl I've acutely watched was in 2004 with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at the halftime show. That was 18 years ago. I don't think football is even relevant anymore.
In the movie "Geostorm" A man with a muscle car and a trailer says my favorite home city in Florida. What was it?
Mmmmmm! GMO corn chips with artificial flavoring and preservatives. Mmmmmm!
Doritos needs a movie butter flavor.

A "Sick Party" is a party where everybody catches Covid19!
Punchy207i dont want to know what "sick party" means to a 13 year old

Triangle translucent UFO with red center heading south in either a warp tunnel or using optical camouflage.
Just drank 3 hot chocolates!
A cluttered home is perfect for hours of "I Spy."
That will be an interesting essay.
Punchy207i gotta wrtie a 5 paragraph essay about cocoa production in the Cote D'Ivoire for class

Wicked funny Vidllii user!
The Black Song:
Answer: Plastic
stereotypeIf a Steakhouse is made of brown bricks, a Firehouse is made of red bricks, a Stronghouse is made from gray bricks, then what is a Dollhouse made of?

I love this planet because it is a living heaven.
Devilists enjoy torturing your pearly whites.
People who enjoy drilling people's teeth must be evil.
If a Steakhouse is made of brown bricks, a Firehouse is made of red bricks, a Stronghouse is made from gray bricks, then what is a Dollhouse made of?
The answer : One Grand Son Of A Gun
stereotypeIf a father of a gun has a son, and if his son is one son of a gun, then what kind of gun was the grandfather?

Was Covid19 a military test? In the past there was a biological warfare attack from the U.S. military on citizens. 1< 2<
Women buy too many shoes and handbags they never end up using! LOL
I've never tried it before.
Punchy207have you ever melted colby jack cheese on toasted rye bread, its real good i tell you what

I'm trying to discover why cream cheese tastes so good on bagels. Cream cheese on normal toast dosn't have the same flavor.
Good thing Kilroy was here!
KilroyIn regards to the Ukrainian situation: Do NOT jump to conclusions. The mainstream medias of the world are NOT representing the whole truth.

I must be Captain Obvious!
stereotypeFast Food = Disgusting might be able to become more popular than if did online advertising of its website.
If a father of a gun has a son, and if his son is one son of a gun, then what kind of gun was the grandfather?
If you want to become more popular online and get higher view counts, try This is NOT YouTube!
Millions of GMO mosquitoes funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:
Some the American military has been sent over to Egypt over the past 6 months. What the heck is happening over there?
If a woodchuck could chuck wood, would I chuck wood if I was a woodchuck?
Punchy207hell before punchy 207 my account was called ViolentFemme207, and thats a retarded name so thats why i dropped it cause it made me look like a bitch

Hello, how are you doing?
Dansto86Hi everyone!

The 600 pound health minister is so fat she has more chins then China-Town!
Alcohol beverages taste disgusting. Those adults that drink alcohol and like it are sick in the head!
Sketchers & Goodyear = Goldman Sachs & AIG
Cops are addicted to donuts.
The Germans are always comparing sausage sizes!
The French put fabric napkins over their heads while eating sparrows!
Italians make exellent pasta!
The last time I ever went to a McDonalds was in 2017 because a co-worker bought me an ice cream. I have never returned to a McDonalds since.
Looking back on it, my mom when I was little, told me I can't watch TV on some nights as a child. The funny part is I haven't watched normal television programs or commercials since the mid 2000's. I still play video games though.
Heaven yes!

I am taking a break today to play my PS4!
Most of my friends are 10 years older or more, than I am.
I guess Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina had huge crime waves during spring break!
Still waiting to hear more about the pirates in DC. Not sure if there was a cover up or if it was fake news about the document theft(s)?
Punchy207i educated this giarusso man on daewoo lanos production, since he inquired about it on my channel comments... fuck i love using big words

I learned how to gain self-respect from Mr. Giarrusso. Great episode!
Wow! What a discovery!
We can't trust the mainstream media! … At least since 2010.
Was CNN in connection with individual(s) involved with fire on a building?
The stereotype of Covid-19:
Over do it to succeed!
What are your top 3 favorite songs right now?
Punchy207 and here it is

USA government officials accused of "Piracy." Individuals allegedly pirated documentation! More on this story later as it develops.
Why do the people of Los Angeles County just accept all the car thefts in their area and never do anything about it?
I will become a disciple in the AGFC!
When crime goes up, property values go down!
It is still true!
stereotype3+1 = 1+3 Mainstream Media = Fake News

It could be sleet.
KangRooThe weather right now is very weird. It's snowing a little bit, the wind is blowing like crazy, and somehow it's above freezing temperature!

For Sparta!
Helping parents motivate kids with ice cold popsicles!
Sin City without any sins! Las Vegas Is Amazing!
Gran Turismo 7: I can race my Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren and not have to worry about rising fuel prices!
Giarrusso pulled up in that GTC4 Lusso, Yeah you better get a clue though, Karate-chop your ass, Judo, Hard headed Pokemon, Kabuto, Woman lust after his yellow Polo, Stuff our faces at El Polo Loco!
Russian salad dressing is suddenly popular according to sales figures at supermarkets!
Ohio is the kingdom of the drive-through liquor store. I've never seen so many before.
I know this is controversial, but I am very impressed with Vladimir Putin right now. On a list (to be/has been sanctioned) included the evil Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. Mr. Putin knows very well, so good job to him.
Irony! The "Norwegian Escape" ship couldn't escape and got trapped in the Caribbean islands.
Cats are good for eating. Not really.
Placing bets, Russia wins the war. Right now in Mid-March, Russia is looking very strong.
My favorite 1990's cars are the 3rd generation Mazda RX7 and the Chevrolet Corvette C5 Convertible.
Punchy207i design late 90's cars in my free time

That was a good song.
Punchy207 midlife crisis

The democrat party ruined America and Ukraine. Why are democrat stereotypes always negative?
927's are strange looking.
Short Range Driving Integration Teleportation:
Fast Food = Disgusting
3+1 = 1+3 Mainstream Media = Fake News
Antarctica: Seals, Penguins, Militaries of the world mining for Uranium and Fossilized Anthrax.
Solution: Make it illegal for cops to dink coffee because crime doesn't take coffee breaks.
Too much crime. Police drink too much coffee.



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