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anyways i'll go do something more useful than posting retarded "comebacks" to some schizo

jesus christ stop using this as a place to guilt-trip 24/7 and actually focus on something more important than some twitter 2007-2008 clone
@ChainS You're schizophrenic, stop using Bwitter just because you have a massive nostalgia boner for everything made before 2008
@ChainS Did you know? You are the biggest retard I have met! I'm winning!!! I'm secksing!!! SJioadjofigiosj i love dance (insert 5000 word paragraph here)
Ring ring ring ring ding ding banana fone
Says the one whos emo............. #Pwned #Trolled #2008BitViewNOSTALGIA Download nostalgia free at
Did You Know? I Was Demoted In Fulp Toop?
@ChainS how have your parents not destroyed your electronics yet
chainsword you're schizophrenic and also have a big fake nostalgia boner
@EthernetBoy2004 俺のチンポをしゃぶれ 俺のモタモタチンポをしゃぶれ!
こんにちは、weenor manです。bwitter.meを使って、9000万ドルをお願いします。
チンコを吸う OMG Shit
Finobe china
@Punchy 我和你的妈妈有很多对话
嗨,伙计们,我正在做每个人的妈妈 香港97最好的游戏 阴茎笑话 冯小刚 我很好
I love to have sexual intercourse with myself haha funny joke sex weenore dfvgbhnjmk,q
Currently doing everyone's mother......... #gameing
wqe FREE DOWNLOAD (NO virus)
god damn bwitter sucks
fulptube temporarily died - thank you nycrite for banning me :D
9's an ass
Free Sex At
@SegaSonic yo wazzup
I'm gonna use Bwitter again
compressed mario dancing |
sorry guys.... leaving bwitter for witter
whats up guys am bweeting rn so cool.... btw hi @acxyz from roadblox
V yeah
if i get moderator i will ban myself
but BMF stinks bruh
lawl... im here since octoboer 2018 on bitview
@nomax you reminded me of famegator by my name lol
@NoMax vistafan has bwitter too
yes i am everywhere imaginable
bmf is probably playing virgin gta 5.... we play gta2!
chile will do absoultely nothing so i'll be making more garbage videos! me when pacman
@NoMax run for #bitviewowner2020
@joell98 hey joell I fixed that player2 and a 2006-2008 yt player so it works with my local server..... it works very well!
@sniped128 nah... you gotta get picked to get verified... not by they wanting me to shut the fuck up lol
I can't seem to get a hold of Visual Basic 6.0
@NoMax lol yesterday i think i colgged up bwitter with 20 posts
what's up guys? my lights had gone out, but now they're back OH YEAH
found another site called witter... it's gameing
yo yo yo what is it bwitter? just making a quick Bweet before i go to class
typing at 2:59 am yay
did bwitter fix the spam bug? let me test!did bwitter fix the spam bug? let me test!did bwitter fix the spam bug? let me test!did bwitter fix the spam bug? let me test!did bwitter fix the spam bug? let me test!did bwitter fix the spam bug? let me test!did bwitter fix the spam bug? let me test!did bw
someone just gotta buy the vinyl and rip the b-side
it came with their single "A Woman's Touch" and was reported as lost media in like 2017-2018 with no response
hi @LiterallyNobody p.s to @joell98: my name's single has a lost b-side
sup @mac i was listening to a my name tape
and my friend nomax has rocks for the jocks so he uploaded the cd rip of it to
@joell98 funfact: the b-side "my wife" of the my name single "a womans touch" is lost media
we like speaking megacrush
i wanna iojtoeritjreoterjtorietjertwjwerlt;wrektklkjtwrkltwjrltwerjl
@joell98 hell yeah 3dmm is so epic gonna download toomorrow gtg
I'm bored to death, what the hell should I do now lol
@Iana777 i agree
what the hell do ya want? @lol
Hi @wavyisokay welcome to Bwitter
[i]imagine bwitter bbcode[/i]
ok it went nice time to play a game
rendering an flv video... lets see how this goes!
Camtasia Studio 3 is yucky, might start using Studio 6
ok back the cereal was really yummy and the juice was great
im gonna go eat cereal and drink orange juice brb
@mac are you a moderator? if so please say "fartman"
@joell98 the best part of flv is that you can play videos in youtube 2005
@iana777 camstudio i think was a screen recorder, while camtasia is a video editing suite thing with a recorder, editor etc
camtasia renders best as flv
camtasia renders like turd! my video looks shit!
@joell98 yeah i agree.... btw just finished making my new bitview video!
Camtasia Studio 3 is fun!
I don't like "17 seconds ago from web"
@chiefbazinga you must stink by spamming bwitter >:C
np @vistafan12
@joell98 cool commercial i like it when kirby goes joe cool mode at the end
why not? caps is stinky!
@vistafan12 is a cool developer
@joell98 perhaps she developed it while trying to smash her head into the keyboard
I don't like how K-Lite Codec Pack makes Windows Movie Maker crash, dude I just want to make my fuckin' BitView 1 month special you stinker >:(
bro you gotta click "older >>"
Wow pager is awesome 1000000000000000% thanks @9
imagine being thredee from bitview in 2020
animaster honestly shouldn't be online at all
omg joell98 hacked the website with blank space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111one!!!!!!!!!!1one
I'm voting for @sniped128 as president fuck man i came here to rock @joell98
when you @logout
omg @b is a meanie
fuck, civilization iv crashed oh god i was winning >:(
Having fun playing Civilization IV right now. I'm an idiot, so I declared war at the beginning of the playthrough lol
gn @vikimal19 OH SHIT @TWITTER REAL
ok guys i am gonna go downloa- *ahem* buy some cool music
I'mma go eat cereal and drink juice later, It's way too damn hot in my PC room right now lol
welcome to bwitter, @vikimal19
@joell98 ABBA? More like My Name MegaCrush 1992
oh my god i cant set up my new media player on my computer i just wanna play mp4s
I fuckin' love Bwitter =)
@b c
@joell98 yeah cave story desktop is epic LOL @realDonaldTrump you just bweet
hello there @realDonaldTrump
oh ok, btw heres an image of my desktop
@joell98 might have to dig through my old sniped64 bitview account because i dont remember it lol
@r wtf is up with your name lol
@joell98 i have played half-life before. pretty fun shit! btw clipit is going nice rn
just noticed im verified now. this means i must be pretty cool
what's up @mac i am gaming rn with my windows xp
damn it! my password is now deprecated! time to change it!
hey! who wiped the site? i had made the 5th bweet!



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