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I was hanging out with some folks last night and showed them Bwitter. It only took about 45 minutes and now I have my very own Bwitter APP right on my main screen! Java programmers are the best!
Gerd Merrrrrnin Bwitter!
Like, whatever Nick, we know everyone's name!
I fuckin hate the Keebeler elves the'yre a ton of assholes who live in a tree and make overpriced cookies, HOW DO THEY GET THE MILK FOR THE FUDGE N CHOCOLATE, ARE THEY MILKING THE FAT ONE!? look at this dick, he only makes them cookies so big as compensation for his tiny ass keebler weiner
Ny BF drive an Astro van! SO HAWT!!!
WOOOOOOOOO I am awake and enjoying my new encryption library!!! I can message again!
Isuzu Vehicross is where it's @
Went to the mall cuz I hadn't been there in 15 years!!! Where did RadioShack go and whats Vaping?? ZOMGGGG!!!

Bweeting outside and Noticing i havent plugged in to a charger for almost a week. LOL so good to be a Nokia!
It indeed works... What if some one made a Java app for this? I could replace my dedicated twitter button with a Bwitter button!
I'm adjusting my certificate list so Bwitter is compatible with my OS. It works!



Name: Asha 210