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Familyguymadnessbut i mean jokes aside pride month is kinda weird cause it's suggest for we need a month for a issue that used to be a issue but now it's turning into Propaganda for kids who shouldn't even be questioning their sexuality until they turn somewhere around 18.
It has been a HOT second since I bweeted.
i'm alive XD
jr@RobloxianHub fuck off

Finished recording some minecraft episodes for bitview
The xue hua piao piao fandom is dying, repost if youre a true super idol
hiewwhere's the xue hua piao piao trap remix fandom hanging out now?

I used 8gadgetpack, it's just the default Vista gadgets ported for Windows 7+. One of em is a slideshow gadget.
AnonCarrot How did you get konata in the sidebar

Speaking of Vista, rate my modded Win10 Desktop lol. It still needs some barely noticeable tweaks.
Hell yeah, Vista, my other favorite Windows
AnonCarrot I have a vista sp2 with wifi drivers, i only had to press f2 to connect it to the internet

Yeahhh that PC never made it cause bad HDD and i struggled with wifi drivers. :( we're in the same boat now lol.
AnonCarrot IK, This is from last year but nice! i wish i had a old computer running 9x, 2k or xp :(

Ive been meaning to get a ps3 too, just so I can play like, two specific games XD
SegaSonici got my ps3 today and tommorow i will get games

So I'm back to working on that project I mentioned ages ago where it's a info/hub site for old web revival stuff. If yall got any cool logo ideas, I need 'em.
coding coding coding
Homeschool gang
DCTheGamrI am homeschooled now xD. For most of my life, I was at school.

Still snowing over here
Hey I woke up to snow!
Oops I'm alive! Since I didn't post for a while my update is that Im doing chill and working on a gamedev project right now :) Also currently listening to the DNAngel OP song
So Im finally playing minecraft 1.18, found my first huge cave! Also wtf did I come back to.
Wtf Im still in 1809
AnonCarrot Wrong. Its the last day of 2009, say hello to 2010

I swear whenever I'm fixing a PC there's always a new problem right after I fix the current one lol, that sounds annoying, best of luck
Kyasadi927 Well shit. I got the parts for my Macintosh IIsi but the power supply died. Gonna get my friend Dev to try and recap it for me, seeing how they don't make new power supplies and hacking up and ATX power supply with a guy fierri knife is my last resort.

Figuring out how to change the background on my DSi homebrew menu is frickin harder than setting up the homebrew itself
Since I just got my DSi and literally cannot find a copy of the games I'm looking for anywhere, I think I'm gonna try homebrewing it
Yeahh, modern social media is cringe
novektiktok and twitter are horrendous do you agree?

Absolute power move.
jrOmega chad moment, this Panfu revival something got advantage of the original Panfu domain

I oughta donate to them eventually
jrI just realized, the 2009 header in the BitView support banner means that helping them supports development of the 2009 layout

Absolutely based
AnonCarrot im on windows 7 (not a vm lol)

Merry christmas! I got a ton of money (and candy), just from my stocking :D
Lol yeah, just jokin'
EliTheKitsuneits only a day away for me :/

Wow guys! Can't believe christmas is only a month from now. Can't wait!!!
Hope I get a DS lite or DSi for christmas! Have not had my own in a long time and I asked for one this year
I almost bweeted "Bwitter should add profile pictures" and it took me a good few seconds to realize how dumb I am
Raining outside, listenin 2 keygen, stuffs chill
Hullo there!
CC229Hi bwitter! =3

Here's a post to confirm I'm still alive B)
Yep, Subrocks uses the HTML5 player, but I dunno why thats happening! Weird
exclusiveconte2Here's the error I get when I play a video: Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

Omw home after going to a recycling center and getting two CRTs and two win98 PCs. Also went to a flea market and got some of those cool perler bead sprites people make
Good morning peoplez
To be fair I haven't yet heard of Tracle
jrDude. I know about that. It's existed for about a year now.

GoodBlox was as accurate as it got, in terms of both the client website and community. Funny enough I just logged onto here to say I just found out GoodBlox isn't coming back anymore :(
jrThe most accurate roblox revival website was LOLBLOX's

Pivot animator is still so fun
I think I found the sonic editor thing you mentioned, thats super cool I might check it out myself
SegaSonichey guys look at my new video on youtube

If you just wanna record then there's camcorders from that time that are cheaper with better quality like the flip ultraHD, but aside from that I just think the iphone's cooler
SegaSonicguys should i wait until i can get an iphone 3gs or should i buy a seperate video camera

Same here!
Cookiethis message is typed on windows xp!

@jr Will do! @AnonCarrot Nice.
IDK if anyone remembers me talking about making a site dedicated to the old web and documenting revival sites but I can confirm that development on that project has started
I'm gonna go blind in one eye so I can see in glorious 4:3 aspect ratio
jrfun fact: you see in 16:9. Also, you can directly touch your eyes, but you can only do it gently.

Brb sending a personal email to the Chinese president to block Bwitter
Punchy207did u know bwitter is available in china check it out

That's more convincing than anything I've seen so far! I just repaired a free older PC I got, installed XP on it, and it's gonna become one of my daily drivers from now on probably
jrmy computer looks and sounds almost exactly like windows xp. seriously, want me to show an image?

Ah la la lala, it goes around the world just a la la lala, It's all around the world just ah la la lala ♫
Racist? For joking about a nationality? The hell is wrong with people lol
Kyasadi927 Oh boy fun day I get called racist for joking about British people, and yet kids defend the two white kids who throw the hard r n word every damn day

Pretty nice! Uneventful but cool, how bout you?
gmasboy83So hows everyones day been?

Jamming to Pokemon OST and just about nothing else
Dude my sleep schedule has been WACK
UH. So update: what I thought was just a spare imac monitor given to me is actually the entire machine. And it's running OSX snow leopard from 2009 so I'm booting it up now. You can tell I don't know jack about apple products T_T
Listening to Touhou music and getting to work on some web dev stuff
Wow I woke up at like 6pm today O_O
Oh yeah and one problem I got with there being several revivals for one old site, which I never really see talked about, is that it means each revival is never really active or can grow. I always hope that people can find one, good accurate revival for each platform so it can stay alive n prosper
To be fair, goths and scene kids were a pretty big demographic on the original myspace which is why they're flocking to places like friendproject and spacehey lol. I don't mind seeing it if it's kinda accurate.
jri wish there was another myspace revival. i mean i love spacehey but i'm feeling adventurous. especially with a community i relate to, spacemy had mostly people interested in old site revivals (which is my interest) rather than darkass goths

Would be a really strange but kinda funny choice for a facebook revival name
jr@exclusiveconte2 I don't know either. But i REALLY hope it's a old facebook revival because i've been wishing for this in a longgggg time. Honestly I don't blame her, it's her job to make sure y'all are learning well buttt also granted teachers can be kind of nasty when they're angry sometimes rofl
As a late birthday present I just got a Mac Powerbook 165, from 1993! It seems to be missing the OS floppy and supposedly there is a hard drive issue. Also, I got an iMac monitor and keyboard/mouse which is cool.
Bitview as well, and mayhaps Neocities :P
DCTheGamrDa cool side. Aka Bwitter, SubRocks, SpaceHey, and CloneMii+

Welcome to the cool side of the web B)
BLOSCI saw this site was active and got pretty curious. Needed an escape from all the bullcrud that is the modern internet so i'm glad sites like this exist.

Those are the only two I know of, and friendproject seems to be the most active one by far
vikimal19does anyone know any good myspace remakes? I tried, but it is now closed. Besides spacehey and friendproject are there any else?

For the longest time I've been thinking about making a site dedicated to the old web with an index of all the revival projects going on like bwitter bitview friendproject goodblox etc
Yeah it's pretty cool I guess lol
judefairly similar, i guess more customization?

What's the difference between bwitter and Are we moving there or something?
School school school ughhh
Man I don't like waking up early
I'm currently at my grandma's house, brought my tablet and laptop so I could draw while I'm over here but I just realized I DON'T HAVE THE FRICKIN SAVE FILE FOR THE DRAWING I WAS WORKING ON so now I dunno what to do (>_>)
Right click on the little timestamp on someone's bweet (says something like "X hours ago" or "XX minutes ago") and click copy link. Then put the link at the very end of your bweet to reply to it :P
DCTheGamr@Deadfull347 not much. Also how do I reply (reply question is to anyone seeing this)

What kinda forum is it? :0
cryptonomicaI wish I could run my forum well, but its really fucking hard to find people who are into old web revival

DCTheGamrFinally, I joined :D

Yeah see if it works! I got a 360 a while ago at a flea market and I'm not sure what happened to it, because I remember it booted up but I never did anything with it.
exclusiveconte2I bought something that might not work. What is that? It's an XBOX 360 in black from January 2010 that I found at the thrift store with the cables but no controller. Should I keep it?

Watching Lucky Star
I just got out of the convention, got some cool posters and such, and met another Deltarune cosplayer. Going to go get food now
Happy birthday to @Kyasadi927, happy Halloween, and happy birthday to me as well because it's also my birthday today
Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm going to a convention for it, and I have literally only one day to get my cosplay done. I'm cosplaying as Kris from Deltarune
Listening to nightcore right now.

Good to be back!!



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