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who eats popcorn while watching a youtube video? looking like a movie theater fan like i understand you want to go back to the theaters but why eat popcorn everytime you watch a video on the internet just to get that feeling? you're watching it alone it's no fun wtf lmao
@xlstasy wtf? lmao dad penis your friend needs help
should i start a youtube account (i don't want to but what do you think)
What happened???
is mayonnaise an instrument?
@Kirby how's your day
@Marcusverse sorry I meant billion
@Marcusverse they're the ones that made bohemian rhapsody. that one's got a million views on it
@Marcusverse have you also heard of brian may?
@Marcusverse they make awesome songs.
@Marcusverse they're a band in the UK, freddie mercury is in one of them
@Marcusverse | the band, silly
@BrunoIvan rockin!
@Marcusverse do you like queen
@BrunoIvan sup yo
no hate, no fight, just excitation. all through the night, it's a celebration!
@Kirby no dumbass you can speak japanese
KirbyI can speak english too, ya know.

@Kirby sup
@Toudouboufou we got cubeupload for now
@PlainZero cotton eye joe
PlainZero@trashstudioz where did you come from

cotton eye joe
shes on the right btw.
mysweetpianomy melody and kuromi

my melody and kuromi
@hiew u w0t m8
@Kirby ...hi.
@LiterallyNobody everyday I'm shufflin'
@Kuromi pussy got your tongue?
michealsoft binbo-ws: the place where i could get used pc parts and stuff
@Marcusverse iphone 4g
@peposo_supremo what's quake and doom
@hiew finally. how's your day?
why the fuck am i the only one talking
you wouldn't get this from any other guy
i like minecraft now.
my name is (slim shady)
@Kuromi a
@toomanycarz i'm a piano
sex with the benny hill theme
@Nowaaru where??
i'm havin' sex with your mother, that makes me better than you
@Kuromi hi there!!
@SBJ083 window XP!!
@Marcusverse mario taking a piss idiot
where's kuromi
@maxpaine what's a sega genesis? sounds surreal or something.
@rina @didiaoyuwo whatap
@Toudouboufou what's ElementaryOS?
@ChainS if you've watched XRA you would've known the reference
i've been there before, but i've never seen it got popular.
@hiew how many people do you think are using it?
@hiew what's ROL
never gonna
that music... so soothing. it's the notes he's not playing.
my medley
@200IQmunir heyo!
you got a license to sell hot dogs, chico man?
@Kirby since when did you ever play the bongos?
@ChainS kirby's awesome
@hellokitty good
@hellokitty hi how are ya
@Levin hey~
@ChainS what do you think about the picture i took
@SMG10 expired
SMG10@hellokitty oh so ur hello kitty, name every character and episode

@ChainS sup
@SMG10 ray willam josnon
@SMG10 you will die
@hellokitty nah i meant that bweet was mad embarrassing
@hellokitty HEY!!!
@MyMelody hi melody
@ChainS game ing
@SMG10 doin your mom
SMG10@mysweetpiano SHUT THE FUCK UP

i'm soft.
fatty spins.
can you port forward using wifi? i don't think so but is it possible?
installing whatsampp
I just got #XAMPP from @ApacheFriends #opensource.
i wanna expand my web building knowledge (whatever you call it). i already know HTML, so i'm gonna start learning PHP.
yup, nothing interesting happening outside.
at home, bored. imma see what's outside.
eating a chicken slice sandwich right now. the cookies they have here are amazing!
looking at my last bweet, i feel like i wanna go for a subway. imma do that right now.
morning peeps. just got off the shower. gonna make me a sandwich.
@xXMonoTheMonoXx what are you, that one guy from that one key and peele sketch?
gn peeps, i'm boutta sleep
@hellokitty loogi#3397
@Punchy it's true! in fact lemme hit you up rn
@Punchy i'm already friends with you bro! wanna hang out?
@Punchy read my bio lmao
you do know who i am right @Punchy
anyways i wanna stop here right now. uh @Punchy we still cool right?
@Punchy you haven't noticed? your life is a parody
@Punchy familiar? since when did i ever know you
@Punchy ha you idiot, you'll never find me!!!!!!! fucka
@Punchy oh fuck no STAY AWAY FROM ME BITCH
@Punchy the statement about my genitals is true tho.
@limemetz sup yo it's me @enterwebs remember dat
@podwnk95 watch it, it's hilarious
@Punchy weak, it's obvious that i was joking. you should've known
@podwnk95 ever watched this video?
@TorokoMimiga oh hey there new friend!
@Punchy i dare you to have sex with me
i never piss or shit bitch whatever comes into me is gone
@Punchy just kidding bitch i have no genitals
@Punchy i have a vagina you cool looking person that looks like a 90s programmer
@Punchy jk don't take it seriously
@Punchy stfu you're a couch potato
@mac oh shit i just realized i thought you meant about the explosive diarrhea bweet. i don't get it, how is it unbearable?
mac @mysweetpiano That sounds kinda unbearable.

hugging myself rn. imma be away for a minute.
damn, i'm so cute! my wool's so soft i might be able to put myself to sleep without any disruptions. wow!
aren't i cute?
ok i'm bored i'm gonna go look at myself in the mirror.
watching this show called key and peele. i can't understand, could somebody help?
@SuperMYL i got escargot too
discovering life. what's comedy central?
@hellokitty oh she good, she good, she good.
hellokitty@mysweetpiano How's Melody?

mac @mysweetpiano That sounds kinda unbearable.

@LachStar embed fail
LachStari have a website!

@LachStar what's runescape?
LachStarI waz just playin runescape

@Yuki add css customization and bg replacement. that'll spice things up.
@hellokitty wassup homie
@xXMonoTheMonoXx explosive diarhea



Name: My Sweet Piano

Bio: this is enterwebs speaking, this a parody account!!

Location: your mom