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that's a kinda hard, i just see a message about not enough memory. But sd card have 15 gb free memory.
Good Night
profile edit on bitview broken or something idk
good morning bwitter (actually i have 3 p.m.)
bwitter admins need to add help note on site about reply or attach video. i forgorđź’€
also he use javascript to control volume
an example of his work is on the main page
When I tried to transfer my internet radio code, vistaserv deleted it. Therefore, I wondered how Internet radio used to work in 90 or 80?
Okay, even with these shortcomings, I think make some small project would be fun.
And u just have a one html,css file. sad.
Uh. Or not. The big difference from neocities is that the page address is written as "" not ""
"jr's place" that ur site? i didn't even know about openvk lol
i sign up now on vistaserv, think about move to this platform. Thanks alot for advice.
still waiting for old twitch recreation
I love the vibe of old websites, after being on "modern" pages for a long time, I get bored.
what's he better at? mb i can open vistaserv pages on win95? give me answer pls
didn't know about vistaserv :v
hey guys, what u think about neocities do you have own page on that?
i don't using discord, telegram the best solution for my low spec pc
hi from Russia
we still don't have a recreation of the old twitch? yea?



Name: Mofet

Bio: Making music, living in Russia