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xXRavenSergalXxDoes anyone else hate these captcha things?
Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Motocycle Showcase And Download Link

yo! someone is streaming dnf 2001 go here!
Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Weapons Showcase

iTalkALOTWas twitter really THIS bare bones

Duke Nukem Forever 2001 gameplay leak

There was one of Locomotion but I think it no longer works
jrFor anyone feeling nostalgic, there’s a web channel that plays Toonami shows 24/7 called Toonami Aftermath. Check it out!

woo this is really cool!
jrFor anyone feeling nostalgic, there’s a web channel that plays Toonami shows 24/7 called Toonami Aftermath. Check it out!

What is your favorite title of the battlefield saga: Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3
Loquendero666Hola ¿alguien habla españon? xd

Kemeswhat's so bad about the best video on bitview it's inspiring and motivational

oh... is CFV that dude is toxic as hell

Battlefield 3 is cool!
wtf is going on here?
wtf is this
CJSL2018BW@S The drama that CC229 has been raiding and attacking us in Yesterday

Why @amylee still here???
luisk9095alguien de aqui habla español?

Checking out Dark souls 2
stereotypeYou might like to try this website.

Punchy207 oh boy

Happy Birthday for you!
RealOskarLogo2Today is my birthday!

thats great!
SantyXP7271BetaCast Will Arrive Soon... The new version of BetaTube.

this is true all of it.
Punchy207 anmokn sucks and here's why

Got battlefield 3
Happy Birthday!
S It's my birthday 🎂

novekshould i install linux on my computer

well you suck too
amyleeThis site sucks and all of you suck

then stop spamming.
amylee@maxpaine leave me alone

You are annoying
amyleeSo you banned me for being annoying?! Now aren;t you glad isn't as big as Twitter. You'd be banning people all day and night

Stop... please
amyleeDaily reminder NOT to use Jacob and his minions are working overtime to do damage control after banning me for no good reason

bitview is over, and amylee ha a mental breakdown... as always
Kyasadi927 Jesus Christ what happened while I was gone

SantyXP7271IM BACK GUYS!!!!! Whats Up?

bitview is over
Punchy207the Hispanos are starting to depart, we just lost Miguel and Anticris

Regoon69I have two sides |

Rexolrguys the wii is the best console

puedes pero la gran mayoria de aqui hablan en ingles.
SwoshHablo español?

ClassicCube(Minecraft clasico) April fools en el servidor New Blood

SRB2 Demo 4.32 gameplay completo |

same thing movavi, is in steam xD
novekwhy is sharex and obs a game on steam

well i tried linux mint debian edition on my laptop, and is slow as hell but that has to be my laptop
ROBLOXIgotzznew video..

well i think my laptop can't handle linux, my laptop only has a Intel atom and 2gb of ram
COME WITH ME - Special D |

again with the old creepy videos on bitview.....
Toto - Hold The Line (Official Video) |

Sunbeam - Outside World |

is not that easy...
ROBLOXIgotzzim thinking of making a 2010 yt revival but idk

Warcraft 3 con el mod Warforged

i tried to play wolfenstein youngblood but for some reason it crash every 25 minutes....
bitview is still bugged.....
Windows Vista is fine if you have the service pack 2 update
Cat Fortress 2 |

well my monitor is dead....
wtf is happening again in bitview?
And there is porn being uploaded to bitview right now....
it seems that ELANTICRISIS2007 has been hacked again :S
Its 2022 and i still have a GTX660 on my main PC xD
well my ps3 controller didn´t work, i think that the wii is incompatible with fake ps3 controller
My wii doesn't recognize my ps3 controller, i was planning to use it on snes9x RX
bitview is broken...
I cant log in bitview...
Duke Nukem Forever was kinda mediocre......
oh cool Blips is back :D
Elden ring is here but, I can´t play it :S
Red Dead Redemption 2 is 116gb??!!! WHAT.
Man SRB2Kart is really great, one of the best racing games.!
there is a nintendo direct today :D
some good news for bitview and vidlii :D
Grabación De La Interfaz De BitView 2022 - By Raykano |
So.... Vidlii is going read-only...
yo Old'aVista is really great!
Sadly my internet is currently down....
Super Mario 64 B3313, Ultimo Gameplay del año |

Anyway... Happy New Year everybody!
what happen here...?
new update for bitview!!
WTF are those uploads in bitview....
Meme Navideño |

Merry christmas!
its christmas!
Vidlii News #2 | El Regreso! |
Guys go check this hack for Super Mario 64 is really cool
Christmas is coming!
@jr: do not bother with k19, that has always been a toxic in bitview when he had the name of killer199 and they suspended his account for numerous reports, he returned with his k19 account just to do the same as before...
TGA 2021 was meh...
going to check out Mineonline
SRB2Kart Replay Online

dunno man but i think for me the best versions of call of duty were the wii ones, like cod4,blackops
I will say it again. NFT SUCKS!
Sonic Xtreme SXU gameplay |

subrocks is cool but, i was never fan of the 2012 youtube look and, that the sites load too slow, maybe is my internet.....
Sonic Adventure 2 Escape From The City |

Metroid Other M was a cool game.
My internet is sooo slowwww........
NFT sucks.
Yo! Alan wake is really good!
I can't believe they ruined those games....
What the hell is Rockstar thinking with GTA Trilogy???
the wii is one of the best consoles i have ever owned
gmod multiplayer |

What do you think of Call of duty 3? , I think it's a good game
in december the steam deck is going to launch, it look like is going to be really good console (portable pc)
Super Mario 64 PC Port. Big Boo's Haunt Level |

Happy Halloween!!
@Kyasadi927: Happy birthday :D
Halo 3 MCC. Coop en modo Cine 1/2 |

Halo 3 MCC. Coop en modo Cine 2/2 |

bwitter is back :D



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