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Beginning to lose track of days now. Decided to return to the house Wednesday.
Going back this week.
Returning to the house yet again seems to be the only option. Going in the daytime no matter what.
totheark responds twice:

Have been trying to sleep for a while. No luck.
I don't like the fact that it says "us" in the video.
totheark responds:

Beginning to think the only choice I have is going back to the house.
Not sure why totheark has been so quiet. I may be on my own for a while.
Still waiting to see if totheark does anything.
Quick reminder to please refrain from contacting me via AIM. It's too hectic. Trying to keep everyone as updated as I can with bwitter.
Entry #22:

Don't want to upload the footage. But it needs to be somewhere in case something happens to the tape. Or me.
I'll be posting the tape, in its entirety, later tonight.
The footage on this tape is too much for me right now. I have to go to bed.
Just noticed the "jBdzj!zö&&+555n?21" update. It originally said "found something". No idea what happened to it.
Something important has to be on this tape. I just have the feeling I won't like it.
Entry #21:

Uploading video now.
Will be posting Entry #21 tonight.
Back to the car. Couldn't remember the way back for a moment.
Have a good signal again. Almost back to my car I think.
Walking back to my car. Getting dark fast.
Phone signal almost gone. Have to cross a small creek and I'm at the tower. Filming when I get across.
Cell phone camera is getting interference. Video camera is alright for now.
At the beginning of the trail. Getting my camera ready.
Cell phone signal is coming and going. Still walking on the road to the trail.
Road to the trail is fenced off. Guess I'm walking.
Almost there.
Kind of strange seeing other people.
Leaving now.
Going to the red tower tomorrow.
Caused some confusion with the last update. Not going to the red tower NOW. Probably in a couple of days.
Going to the red tower asap.
Most have probably already noticed, but totheark responds:

It's very difficult to tell who's operating the camera in #20. Alex would probably make do with whoever he had, so it could be anyone.
Entry #20:

Found what may be the last of the clips from the tapes. Will post Entry #20 later today.
I've decided to go to that red tower. In the daytime, of course. Not sure when, though. I'm running out of food here.
Found it.
I think I remember where the tower is located. Going to try and find it on a satellite map soon.
A lot of people are thinking "the tower" could be the red tower both Alex and I saw during Entry #5. That's the most solid lead so far.
Entry #19.5 will be posted sometime today.
Found something. So tired though.
Still haven't left the house. Running out of tapes to look through.
No, that was the first time I was at the house when totheark made that response. All of my memories are getting completely mixed up now.
The response has to be during entry 19. I wasn't wearing those clothes the last time I was at the house:

totheark responds:

Also, for some reason I keep getting asked my real name. It's Jay. You've all been right from the beginning.
Still holed up here.
Entry #19:

I have Entry #19. It should be on youtube tomorrow unless something happens. Which it could. I don't really know anymore.
This past week has been bad.
totheark usually responds by now
Entry #18:

Next entry will be up in about 30 minutes.
Just got back. Going to try and get some sleep then I'll put the video on youtube.
Going back to the house tomorrow.
The general consensus is that I should go back to the house. So I'm trying to work out a day to go. Another doctor appointment soon.
Starting to reconsider going back to that house.
totheark responds:

Going to try and get some sleep now. But I doubt that will happen after all I've seen today.
Entry #17:

Found something very disturbing for me in the tapes today. Posting it to youtube as soon as I can.
Been out of it all week. Trying to look through more videos.



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