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Still haven't left the house. Running out of tapes to look through.
No, that was the first time I was at the house when totheark made that response. All of my memories are getting completely mixed up now.
The response has to be during entry 19. I wasn't wearing those clothes the last time I was at the house:

totheark responds:

Also, for some reason I keep getting asked my real name. It's Jay. You've all been right from the beginning.
Still holed up here.
Entry #19:

I have Entry #19. It should be on youtube tomorrow unless something happens. Which it could. I don't really know anymore.
This past week has been bad.
totheark usually responds by now
Entry #18:

Next entry will be up in about 30 minutes.
Just got back. Going to try and get some sleep then I'll put the video on youtube.
Going back to the house tomorrow.
The general consensus is that I should go back to the house. So I'm trying to work out a day to go. Another doctor appointment soon.
Starting to reconsider going back to that house.
totheark responds:

Going to try and get some sleep now. But I doubt that will happen after all I've seen today.
Entry #17:

Found something very disturbing for me in the tapes today. Posting it to youtube as soon as I can.
Been out of it all week. Trying to look through more videos.



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