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how do people register with a username like "DLTNCSDVR547" and think "yeah thats good"
RealOskarLogo2i will give a shout out to DLTNCSDVR547 |
Bruh I doing spring break didn't end
Punchy207all i hear is a lot of wishing but not a lot of doing

Having friends is nice.
Been wanting to get my hands on a Miracle Musical hat for a while now...
Punchy207well everyone here is but theres some variety you know

Fancy seeing you here.
AITEx64 `

been thinking about copying Discord's backend structure for something, don't think I could do VoIP tho
type "secks" instead or something
Punchy207tried uploading Sex Type Thing onto vidlii but it wont upload cause it has sex in the title

literal cycle path
Punchy207i keep track of a lot of shit if you havent noticed

they're not idiots, they're just not depressed like you
Punchy207im surrounded by idiots

its a computer you can install anything on and the blockbuster thing is funny
Punchy207its crappy software plus a gift you cant actually use

whats good
It was, it's just that all of that's gone due to the database wipe. (at least imo)
jrBwitter was never friendly. Blips, SubRocks, SpaceHey, only OIC sites I know with a good community.

Stop coming back.
if you discuss extremist political views im banning you. im tired of this
Nah dw, I'm dealing with it. Slowly, but surely.
jrY’all, Blips is back. Go there so we don’t have to deal with Giarusso. He can post all his political shit until he realize he’s getting no attention.

Seriously, I'm tired of seeing this shit on here. Go schizo post on Facebook or somewhere else that isn't here
If I see an account post a link, you're gone.
Note to users: hnfnhngnnfhngnh *drools*
jrNote to admins: Ban anyone who has a bed or ancient shit as a profile picture.

LinfoWarz has been suspended for: Ban Evasion
Twig2021 and WhitePeople have been suspended for: Purposefully spreading misinformation that could harm others
I'm still alive, just working on personal projects.
DB Wipe.
Jacobwfor some reason bwitter deleted my account. i don't know what i did wrong

It's nice to see the site's still alive.
Oh, Bwitter. My old friend...
Yea what's up
AITEx64 beans

Not really feeling a lot of motivation to bweet.
Okay, so let me check. So far, I've experienced... two database wipes. Cool.
don't know, i think legoshi is a translation error or smth
calls me a furry but knows who legosi is, curious
Back to square one.



Name: Macintosh Plus

Bio: im the mac!!

Location: US