Loom-icon mac

Drinking a Coke.

You people are weird.
Just woke up.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
@ChainS I haven't been there in a while, what was it like?
@AnonCarrot 4chan has always looked the same.
@Marcusverse What model of iPod Touch is it? Do you know the iOS version?
@pixel :/
Just reminding you guys that you should report content that violates the Bwitter rules.
@progectpz56 eyes
@drkowater oh no! that sucks :( sorry to hear
Just another reminder for you guys to not randomly report bweets.
@Morgan If you're able to concretely verify you are who you say you are on other platforms, then you'll probably be verified. Also, happy late birthday.
@Galac worth it.
@AliAlaudiYT_ ewe
@mac HTTP BitView embed test.
I just forgot emojis exist. ❓
Hmm.. You can't embed http BitView links, yet you can't view the https embeds... interesting.
Lol, just found this too. Wondering how this embed code actually works rn:
BitView embeds aren't working for me. Probably because I'm using HTTPS while BitView's HTTPS cert has been dead for a while. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@mac2 Oh, memories...
I might rebweet some of the old bweets I made before the site got wiped...
@Morgan Glad you're enjoying it, Morgan! Welcome to Bwitter.
Finally, it's been changed.
@mysweetpiano That sounds kinda unbearable.
Test bweet, please disregard.
really wishing any other mods were still active
By the way, I may email you from [email protected] about things related to Bwitter.
Thinking about playing VR.
Just made another Big Sleep image.
FulpTube discord just got nuked.
Well this site hasn't changed..
Messing with old iPhones.
Wondering how Witter died but this didn't.
@barackobama How'd you get that?
I think Rufus corrupted my USB stick.
btw please stop clogging up the report system with random bweets that dont violate any rules
im gonna be emailing from [email protected] regarding reports btw
Thinking about this new BitCoin thing. Should I get some?
Thinking about posting on Bwitter a lot more again.
Doing school.
What is a logo kid?
Looking at GameStop stock right now.
Playing Rust once again.
@Nintend0 Stop ban evading.
Currently playing Rust once again.
Playing Rust.
@EthernetBoy2004 has been banned for harassment and excessive spam.
@enterwebs DM me on Discord.
@UnbanNintendo and @Nintendo have been banned. @Nintendo for impersonation, and @UnbanNintendo for ban evasion. Sorry for the inconvenience.
An important message. |
Currently wondering why people keep making so many celebrity accounts.
@cn_ I'm sorry to hear that, I've heard that a lot of social media has messed people up. It's pretty sad to hear.
@cn_ I actually use it to say what I'm doing and/or how I'm feeling.
Just woke up, feeling very tired.
Wondering how this site is still alive.
Thinking about the old YouTube logo.
Sitting in school.
I like bweeting.
Turns out that I do actually have milk in my fridge! I've made myself a small bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to settle down for the night. I'm also gonna go watch some YouTube to enjoy it with. Good night/day, all!
My last bweet was about me talking about how my last bweet was me thinking about eating cereal, and because of that last last bweet I said I was gonna eat cereal in the last bweet. Turns out I had no milk, so I'm gonna go try and eat cereal now. I'll go see if there's milk in my fridge. If not, eh.
Wow, it's been a while since I've been on Bwitter. I see my last bweet as about thinking about eating cereal, so I'm gonna go eat cereal.
Currently thinking about eating cereal.
Sitting at my computer, staring at 4 assignments I haven't done that I should probably do but I'm not doing them because I'm spaced out looking at them and worrying about doing them in my head.
Excited that it's raining.
@enterwebs That's cool, where did you find that out?
I've been working on my website.
@a Yeah.
@b Hey, getting an education is good!
Messing around before school starts.
@iloveoldtech I love old technology too! I have an iPhone 2G and 3G, both of which I use almost daily.
The staff icons are broken, along with the verified icon. Lol!
Playing video games.
@Ryan Please stop reporting your own Bweets.
@brenden7158 Hello!
I made a new website. https://🔧
@enterwebs What happened?
Thinking about the possibility of doing homework, but not actually doing it.
@Metalboy Why are the site developers crybabies?
Clouds (1 hour long) |
They're doing a winter themed video contest, where you can win if you make a winter themed video and tag it with the winter tag.
Is anyone else going to participate in the BitView video contest?
Thinking about what to upload to BitView... I might participate in the winter contest.
Currently doing school stuff and working on mapping and stuff.
Currently doing math schoolwork.
We have officially reached 100 members on Bwitter! Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉
Playing Garry's Mod Murder.
Reading the Bwitter TOS... again.
Currently doing school work.
@vistafan12 Well, I hope you get some rest.
When you delete a Bweet, it says Tweet deleted.
@b What?
@r r
@b What are you even saying..?
I can't wait to be able to delete bweet.
@Coolers101 Fried chicken is tasty.
@b No.
@b I don't shoot up preschools.
Currently doing school stuff.
Working on some logos.
Listening to music.
Currently playing video games.
@b I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your mother gets better soon.
Currently playing video games before Halloween!
Use code "mac"!
Currently messing around in GIMP.
Can confirm, I clicked that link, typed the code in, and now I'm admin.
Thinking about eating something.
Waking up.
Sorry, typo. *It has
It's happened!
Guys, help me get a bunch of comments on this video!
@Metalboy Your reasoning doesn't make sense. Both have their upsides and downsides.
Still waiting to become a mod...
@joell98 pls stop spam
Hey guys, check out this cool site. (There's sound that automatically plays, be warned.)
*Your @Showman You're site looks good, but there's not much CSS. You should customize it a bit more.
Hey guys, what's a good text color to go on top of a blue background? Specific color is #005fd1.
I wish I was a Bwitter admin... :(
Currently playing SCP: Secret Laboratory.
Doing stuff at my computer before school starts.
Currently doing schoolwork.
Did twitter just..... bweet?
Currently watching Ditto from Pokemon do the conga.
Currently in online school.
@oh Probably has to do with the element names or something.
@vikimal19 I agree, it looks cool.
@oh Why? I want hamburger.
Maybe make this the default profile picture?
@oh give
Gonna go get cereal, be right back.
It's for a URL.
I just realized, it's for a web address. Like your website.
@9 No, it's still broken. Either that, or I don't know how to use it.
Hey, I keep getting invalid web when I try to change my web. Any ideas?
@enterwebs hello!
@vikimal19 Well, it can be. But you can also share what you're doing. Like what the label above where I'm typing asks you.
hey guys, when we @ someone, we should include the link to their post at the end of the message.
Hey guys, I'm back.
@lol :)
@joell98 that's a serious thing, your password is being hashed with sha512. change it.
@hoylecake *bweet
@lana777 Sing if you want to! They're your vocal cords.
Lol, it's so funny how many verified accounts there are on here. Also, I will become a moderator once there's a moderation page on Bwitter. @sniped128
Fart sound effect.
I own this page!
@realDonaldTrump doesnt @joell98
@9 admin plz
Haha, if you type in the word t-w-i-t-t-e-r, it changes it to bwitter. LOL!!
@sniped128 Hello!
Dang, I couldn't bweet the Staff symbol... :(
Me too!
Bwitter got a new verified icon.
@cg19 If you go to your profile and click the profile image, it shows you it directly.
I wasn't ever locked out of mac2, fortunately.
I managed to get back into my account.
This is a fat test. A super fat test. The biggest test this world has ever seen! There has never ever been a bigger test then the one I'm conducting at this current moment, or in the future! No test can pass the greatness of this one, and if they even try then they will be destined to fail!
I'm just @testing something right now.
Since that bweet I made got messed up, I now am the only one to have bweeted beyond three hundred characters. Wow!
Lol, this bweet is messed up. Archive if it gets fixed:
I have to switch my password as there's been a new method of encrypting passwords. FFS.
Finally managed to change my Bwitter password.
Just woke up. It's 5:30 AM, and I'm sitting at my computer typing this.
The migration page doesn't even work. :/
@7 I have Virtual Reality.
Does Bwitter hash their passwords with SHA512?
Currently playing SCP: Secret Laboratory.
Eating food with a friend and their family outside.
Currently in a car.
I got verified?!
Doing homework. :/
@vistafan12 I hope you work out your laptop issues successfully.
Currently playing video games before school starts.
Just ate a hot pocket, probably going to bed soon.
Not really doing much right now...
Bios would be a cool feature on Bwitter, I could have a little description for myself!
Eating some left over macaroni with ham. Very tasty.
Currently trying to get the stupid apple touch icon to work on my website.
@jasonoso I haven't had Captain Crunch in a long time! How is it?
I'm going to bed. Goodnight, everyone!
The gamenight was fun, got to play with all my friends!
Currently on my laptop, going to do an online gamenight!
Just drank some milk and water, feeling great!
@lana777 Delicious! What flavor?
Back from peeing.
Oh yea, forgot to mention I had a milkshake with my chicken sandwich. Anyways, I'm gonna go pee.
Finished the shake, but I kinda need to pee.
Currently eating a chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese.
I found the video I was looking for on my computer!
Currently trying to find a video on my computer for a school project.
@0 Nice, food is delicious!
Ate the cereal, it was pretty good.
No, someone got automatically logged into your account due to sessions getting messed up.
Might eat cereal later...
Archive of the site before it got messed up. I got automatically logged into someone else's account, Bittube20078.



Name: Macintosh

Bio: im the mac!!

Location: US