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i have an ayashii world revival site for you guys its from 5/25 and suprisingly it still exists just comment what you want on it I don't really care for it that much
Use Katyusha Rockets instead.
yunikystarlolwhat does it feel like to stab

susctopus hi

School isn't really all that except their free days/snow days and the small ass pizzas like it was the Great Depression with a shot of coca cola in the pizza parties
bruhmachineI hate going back to school but I got a pretty good adidas hoodie out of it so its worth it i guess

Looks okay to me. I wonder if niggas will actually take it for granted or leave it to rot like a gay 12 year old's jschan imageboard, but only time will tell for this site.
TheHillBillnew revival site i found but its facebook so take it or leave it

Delete your shitty failed troll account and get lost retarded cum taster
IgkidFuck. I need to take my schizo meds again, and maybe delete my lgkid alt so this stops happening.

Drawing with your cum then tasting your own jizz, when I was talking about jacking off I wasn’t like this shit. Weird but not to this point.
IgkidWho else likes jizz?

We only hath 5 more months to complete before the yearly gay deadly sins months period are over!
How many people here play stepmania?
Developers Developers Developers Developers, Developers Developers Developers Developers,
Im not gonna give the imposter any attention, probably one of the gay people on the site are trying so hard on their keyboard rite now. Stroking my dick to one of the huge cocksuckers here. Thx peace ❤️
Pants down draws down chilling with my cock out talking to the cops that prolly took pac out
You need to learn the difference between the real thing and an imposter account.
bruhmachinetake ur meds schizo

It.. already exists.
IgkidSomeone should make the concept of watermelon juice. It sounds cool.

Wasp stole my grapefruit juice: AGAIN!!
I’m going to take a small break so watch as my homosexual and white clone blabbers and copy pastes the gayest bullshit you guys will ever hear. BRB
IgkidApparently 400 times i fucked your sister, aunt, brother, sister, father, and mother. I killed them all and salvaged the bike out of there pancreas as lube for the next victim; you.

Autocorrect had fucked up “bile” for me shitty IPhone
Apparently 200 times I fucked your sister, your aunt, and your mom. I killed them all and salvaged the bike out of there pancreas as lube for the next victim; you.
IgkidApparently 23729218 nuts he can suck. He showed a large smile doing that.

V The result of child support money that wasn’t well spent
Igkidlgkid is known as the best nut sucker. But how many nuts, can he suck in 24 hours?

But you are sucking your gay dads dick as you smile gulping on every hot stinking spoonful
IgkidEveryone on this platform sucks serious nuts, especially whoever hacked me.

Have a thought this post wouldn’t exist if you dad actually cared about you.
IgkidHave a thought how this post wouldn't exist if your dad got a different job.

Think about how a small 2x2 inch rubber could have prevented this post.
IgkidI'm talking about you, not your dad....

You spelled “gay pornstar” wrong buddy 😑
IgkidAnyways, since i think the hacker is gone, who else is proud to be a keyboard warrior?

You look up “insults and roasts” on google, you’re so butthurt 🤣🤣🤣
Off the internet my ass. You’re getting tighter than your mother in bed.
Cry me a fucking river, and pedal a kayak away to your fat mother. Probably one of the homosexual white Alfredo cheese motherfuckers are you. You got some serious issues dawg and you need to get off the internet.
IgkidYou're embarassing, this is not how i am. You're saying i'm imposter? Maybe you're just very inferior.

I mean it’s clown week. Expect crazy shit to happen.
jri am so happy blips isnt being hit by.... whatever the fuck is happening right now. imposter is claiming to be the real lgkid, the real lgkid keeps on saying he's inferior? Tf

The fight between me and an imposter who’s trying his best to embarrass me but only ends up being a cocksucker.
yurmom4what the fuck is going on

Lgkid rule #2: never dickride
IgkidYeah hacker, i'm sorry, i'm just really building up right now. That's right! Igkid never speaks in all caps! But fuck you for hacking my account!

Eat shit.

Real lgkid never speaks in all caps. Only bitch made suckers would do that.

Says the fat Twinkie lover child fucker who falls after stepping on one arrow on Dance Dance Revolution
IgkidI will beat your ass motherfucker. Also I'm not gay.

Ignore this son of a bitch he’s not the real lgkid. charcoal motherfucker likes men.
IgkidDude, the past is the past, dont bring it back. It sucks anyways

Hackers can suck their own dick and bust the low quality nut in their mouths (It’s clear that these faggots are jealous of inability to accept defeat)
Lmfao angry pussy hacker didn’t touch freshly cut grass today and was Burt hurt of my opinions, get a life mate instead of shoving the keyboard up your unwashed asshole
IgkidI want to come out of the closet to my family but i don't know if i should. I have my boyfriend with me and i want to hide him. Opinions?

Pen for chickens
yurmom4ithought it was the pe-

20$ for a motherfucking full course meal at 7-Eleven, inflation is a douchebag. I would have my dick blown out for like 20$ and that would have been a better way to spend my money but none of that exists in my area; have to go to the ghetto for that
Bruhmachine touched me in a no no spot when I was 5 years old 😢 #metoo
Lmao then do it again faggot
bruhmachineoops i missed😭

Inside a chicken.
yurmom4if bed bugs go on bds,where do cockroaches go?

You sound like you’re sucking on your own dick without realizing it
jrAs a black person, we aren't letting anyone suck on dick. See how you used gay in one of your posts dude LMAO

Tell me one time that I ever fucking said that you and you army are not people. You might have short term memory loss or some shit but I can excuse that.
Yet another tranny spotted trying to enforce their made up beliefs onto other people. Some people are sucking fat black dick on this site to be honest with you, especially this post.
Kyasadi927 sooo, since you don't believe in trans rights and all, doesn't that make you weak?

Sorry to say this but these messages you been posting lately have been reeking of 4chan statements tossed and turned In a mixer, eaten and then manually pulled out of the ass. Come back when you’re not shitty.
stereotypeIt is queer to drink a beer.

Two of you are also kind of whiny people, no offense.
Punchy207kind of ironic considering jr probably went outside more today than you ever have in your entire life

Shoot yourself with a gun and you better not fucking miss
bruhmachinebetter than talking about how jacking off should be a sport lmao

If you're going to bring gay shit gay that into your shitty conversations then you might as well use normal twitter because we damn sure we do not want your bitch ass whining about politics
jri'm not left but damn i will take every chance to absolutely roast the fuck out of alt righters. theyre whiny fucks

Somebody motherfucking explain to me, what in the fuck is Blips?
The fuck up. You must be shit stupid or something to think I have a motherfucking Bitview or some shit
bruhmachinebetter than posting your gay ass bitview links

This vidlii link posting is not wanted.
Punchy207 cookie monster is wild about hell and Kermit is a cow and a pogo stick

Bwitter was down damn I thought it was just me
Empanadas are kind of an underrated food to be honest with you.
I saw exactly 1.09441 square inches of a girls shoulder today, I immediately fell to my knees, as the rush of dopamine signaling my impending, earth shattering orgasm started making me moan loud enough to deafen EVERYONE in the immediate vicinity.
I'll wait. I'll wait. I'll wait.
fck12yea i aint clicking on that link its prob softcore gay porn

DokePokeyYo what up

I only joined like 3-4 days ago who the fuck is Punchy?
fishAlso if you have an issue with me adding Punchy to the automatic mute list..... That's kinda not my problem. I'm going to go play Blockate now, have fun <3

Bwitter in 2025: Look guys we added a Upvote/Downvote feature
fishQuiet mode will be added to GoodBwitter soon, meaning that you never have to look at anyone's Bweets again. Merry Chris-chan

That’s how we gonna play my nigga? All because I said some weird shit to fucking joke around? Alright I see how that bullshit goes
They added me as a hidden user smh this the fucking worst
fck12NERD RAGE!!!!

What is the best thrift shop chain to go to guys?
But no worries if my righty can Jack then my lefty still can. Lefty reverse just feels better for absolutely some reason.
You can gain an injury from golf, fishing and jacking off. If golf and fishing is a sport than jacking off is. You can’t change my mind here.
Good fucking morning guys I'm going to a KFC
Bitch, stop lying. Everybody does this shit, okay? So please miss me with that bullshit, nigga, and go preach that shit to somebody who fucking is actually gonna listen to you, okay?
If ANYTHING can be a sport, then Jacking Off can. The shit's a sport. Fuck it.
Maybe not that painful as I described it but still if you can label something as unathletic as fishing or golf as a sport, then you might as well label anything as a sport.
When I jack off my hand starts to tense up and shit. Its like giving your hand a real exercise. What the fuck are you really doing athletically, my nigga, in fishing? All you’re doing is that you’re sitting your bitch ass up in a boat. You can say the same for golf.
Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport? I don't know about you motherfuckers but I consider that shit to be a sport, okay? If people can sit back and label goddamn golf, which is the boringest fucking sport in the world, you can damn well label jacking off a sport okay
Unfortunately you better stop with the popcorn mess of the butter so you can have it for a movie theater actually as soon as you can drink a soda and then eat a candy belch excuse me eat popcorn so i was in a movie theater and then i eat popcorn with a seasoning cheese and then i drank a cherry spri
I fucking love dance dance revolution
@GreenmasterYT for the love of god please shut up
we can just go on vidlii
Bukkake Mushrooms



Name: lg

Bio: I am planning some shit that I cannot say because the haters will sabotage me, but I got some bullshit currently in the works.