Loom-icon jr

Day 1 of posting until you retards move there
aight i like you bro (you use blips anyways)
S 🥺

i like fucking around with the retards that still use this site, i can't help it
they are not "knockoffs" and almost every revival you listed is problematic as fuck
Kingjc901Heres my list of knockoff versions of popular sites so far (Knockoff Roblox) (Knockoff Discord) (Knockoff Minecraft) (Knockoff Youtube) and finally

I will never make a Bwitpic, because this site is retarded. I will keep Blipspic up, because Blips is great. Peace.
People who legit stay on this site are a whole another species i kinda wish i was istg
and also blips got sms now so lol
anyways blips got 2009 now, this site barely updated since its launch, fuck yall im leaving
make a new account

shut up plzzzz
techsjr a bitch lowkey ill drop the addi...

Hey YoreTuders, late update but the site is back up for the nervous.
anthony giarusso sock spotted
PuffI haven't seen stereotype in a while. I hope she or he will come back to spread cheer to all the souls on bwitter.

test |
Also you have less of a risk of mental retardation
KangRooIt left to get the milk... and never came back. There's which is like Bwitter but with more features.

Apparently school starts tomorrow and not Thursday. Wish me luck, hooligans....
Where are you now, man?

@yurmom2 wait a few hours
I heard about something called Reddit, honestly much doubt it'll have any popularity, and if it does, probably gonna die down quick.
yurmom2and this stupid ass thing called twitter,its never even gonna get popular lmao

yoretude is back lolz
I see anyone that contains a single drop of your blood type a form of evil
is this going to go on for the last months of bwitters existence
I have a feeling you're like a 10 year old
listen i'm not a ✔️ but i'm pretty sure everything
wow, scrolling for search results and i see cyanmaster made a huge rant on me. old drama, but idfc. shit ended a long tiem ago, just thought was hilarious.
it does, bwitter i just basic as fuck and has basically no features. if you want actual 2007 twitter, join
notkantraawish i could follow u but 2007 twitter doesnt have follows yet

1. bad jokes 2. i do a better job of trolling in real life than you
go to my videos in the header and i think its obvious from there
BluePoptartsOfficial@jr how do you remove a video on yoretude?

beetvieeew |

I finally joined YoreTude |

QuentendoI do think 2013 is apart of the older internet cuz it was like the last year before everything was more modern and what not

🤮 but I mean 2014-2016 was actually pretty coo, if you ignore the edgy shit
QuentendoThose people think 2014-2016 was the old internet

bruhmachineshove it up ur fucken ass

Personally as a minority I think SJWs have been going on for a while, sadly they’ve existed for way longer than people like to imagine (also 2014-2016 the only period where it was acceptable to be a fucking edgelord)
UniCosmicCometCornI think they kind of have this glorified view of it like "Oh ya, 2000s internet? That was before the SJWs existed and every1 was as racist as me! <33 Man, I miss it, I remember all the memories I had when I was... 2 in 2015 Q_Q" XDD

most of them never even experienced the 2000s internet, seeing someone that actually used the internet in the 2000s is a rarity
QuentendoI think a lot of the people who run those sites came from the edgier part of the internet in the era that stuff like myspace, twitter, facebook and youtube were just starting to become super popular if you are interested, blips is more positive and more people actually say what they're doing
jrUse Blips

Use Blips
UniCosmicCometCornMight start using dis account 2 actually answer the "What are you doing" question, especially since apparently the 2000s revival community needs some positive vibes, just ignore meh as I post about fandom shit :D XD

Join the YoreTude discord -
The 2000s replicas (or revival as we call it) community is toxic as fuck, SpaceHey just has it different since MySpace was pretty huge back then
UniCosmicCometCornWhy is it always the 2000s replica SMs that have borderline nazis as their owners/community? I thought they'd just be full of scene kids TwT XDD

hey yuki finally fixed the thing
Wrong quote bud
Punchy207the difference is you suck and i dont

You can’t really call it savage either. Savage is basically fucked up but cool. None of this is cool.
I am talking about Kuz in particular who owns Kolyma. He’s a very fucked up man. Also I meant he put a link to gore on the BitView homepage to illustrate “Ukraine is a terrorist state” or whatever bullshit.
Hmmm, i don't know, maybe dating minors, hosting loli boards, posting gore and then putting it on the homepage of your site to spread propaganda, telling someone to kill themselves and openingly ADMITTING to it, hmmm, hmmmm?
the owners are fucking pedos
bzdwhy is new bitview bad

Fuck Kolyma/New BitView |

copy paste my bweet and you'll see
UniCosmicCometCornHow do u respond 2 bweets.... O.o

Also that profile picture is fucking cancer
The_DarkBeanDo any of y'all know who made this website?

bro not with the cursed words
that floor is wrinkler than an 1,000 year old man
sam2000my tenis bal |

Honestly, it's completely fair to complain about Bwitter in my opinion. This whole site reads out like a kid's attempt to make a Twitter revival without actually knowing how it looked like.
bruhmachineall you do is bitch and moan about the site and wonder why no one likes you there lol

Hey everyone - the database of YoreTude stopped being hosted by Jacob and is now being hosted by us now. So if you want your account back, you have to remove your cookies and sign back up.
If you dare make an account on my website i am going to rip your lungs.
yoretude 2008 when? :him: hmmm?
yurmom4but can it play solitaire?

ittle known fact. vista was actually a very fast and reliable operating system and the reason everyone criticized it for being "slow" was because it was so ahead of it's time that the average computer of that era couldn't handle it and so you needed a pretty good pc to be able to experience it.
Ok. Orphanage? Fat mother? These insults are getting hilarious. Honey get the popcorn!
Shit's getting weird.... just ignore the imposter.
i am so happy blips isnt being hit by.... whatever the fuck is happening right now. imposter is claiming to be the real lgkid, the real lgkid keeps on saying he's inferior? Tf
yeah its jus you
you still get it for a whole year and a month though, there's the pros
yurmom4 :(

The whole point of YoreTude is that it progresses through layouts? I can like make a site using YoreTude 2006 src if you want but after 2023 that's over for
yurmom4please stay in 2006,there is so many alternatives that didnt stay with the 2006 style

It's only like 6 months until YoreTude becomes 2006, surprisingly
yurmom4yoretube is kinda close

yurmom4clipnote should just make a site for converting clipnote animations instead of a new app

As a black person, we aren't letting anyone suck on dick. See how you used gay in one of your posts dude LMAO
Fellas, is it gay to drink wine?
I find it weird how PewDiePie wasn't even a decade old when he got the most subs??? The dude got the award in 2013 i believe, but he started in late 2009
he stopped, i guess
you say this after he stopped whining and apologized about it. LMAO
i woke up to 2 bugs in my bedroom LMAO
toudouboufou judst woke up to a nosebleed

he doesn't groom me. hell, we didn't even like each other til a while ago.
fuck12by outside you mean the nsfw furry porn server you groomed him in joining to?

I don't really care about whatever the fuck "counter intelligence" is, but i know intelligence is something you lack.
Blame stereotype. I didn't want to start this shit. Also Twitter is too fucking woke. So no.
fuck12lgkid has a point! politicfags are cancerous and have a slight chance of being groomed by punchy the closeted gay furry.

yeah, like the men that hook up with your mom every night
QuadellDQuanfuck trans rights

its benefical to companies, actually. so yes people do
Punchy207do people legitimately buy stock photos

i'm not left but damn i will take every chance to absolutely roast the fuck out of alt righters. theyre whiny fucks
Kyasadi927 trans rights anthony <3

we're not mind readers or time travelers. that's something to ask your hours ago you
TassLMAOwhy am i here

We will never let ourselves into Trump's millionsome. Happy Gay Envy Month, which only now exists out of spite because you had to say dumb shit.
1. I see you learned not to type like a 2000s emo 2. What the fuck?
xerozhwiMy friend got his computer taken away for simply typing "bisexual" in their bio.

toudouboufou ok

also, they define it weird. to me, it should be any gender other than nonbinary, trans, and male and female.
toudouboufou unpopular opinion: neogenders are invalid

To be fair they're better than fucking neopronouns. Sure, catgender, doggender, there are atleast a few actually sensible neogenders. But neopronouns, when???
toudouboufou unpopular opinion: neogenders are invalid

yeah, they just make me barf
Punchy207i meant neon colors, but seriously its becoming a lot more common nowadays and i dont see why people would like such a brightly colored obnoxious peice of art or website

damn im sorry for that man
Punchy207im sorry that im annoying, you know this is really one of the only social medias i use and to be honest im a very lonely guy so i post a fuckton here cause i like this site and i really dont have anything to do with my life till i go back to school in like 2 weeks and get a job soon

I thought he got banned and then he recreated his account LOL
Punchy207lol i think stereotype actually got wiped, all his bweets are gone except his most recent

Don't listen to that "stereotype" NPC. He is the biggest troll on bwitter.
bruhmachineim starting to doubt that ur just 28. you sounds like a 60 year old alt right bitch lmfao

fuck i wish i could report him so his ass gets banned again
So are we all the biggest trolls on Bwitter, alt right loser?
You're the one writing several statuses about gay people "being stinky" or obsessing over BitChute. Not to mention i can tell you resurrected your account. You're the biggest fucking troll on Bwitter, you're a fucking real life troll. Get a life, please.
YOU are the biggest troll on Bwitter, lmfao
Probably the first Bwitter update in weeks and it's just a slight shade change of those white boxes.
So are you! And you don’t use Blips.
Griffenyou're on bwitter |

Quit trying to fix a bug on a dead site
Griffenfinally messaged the right people about the bitview upload bug maybe it will finally get fixed finally hopefully (please)

Thank god i don't need to use this hellhole.
Blips is back. Fuck yeah.
yoretude. biased jr
WorldOfThingswhat youtube revival should i switch to????????????

apparently an update might be happening. oh well i guess il have to use this hazardous site for the same being
Blips randomly went offline.... FUCK YOU WORLD
stfu what does "commucites" even mean
commucitiesiscoolNew BitView 2009 upgrades! |

Imma leave now, I was just testing if Bwitter worked.
Bwitter is fixed :-)
I find it ironic how Josh Moon himself is ripe of a lolcow himself. He literally lives on his mom's salary.... LMAO
For you, where it's at is a mental asylum.
xerozhwiD0n3 W1th Tw1tt3r, th1s 1s wh3r3 1t's @ ROFLMAO xD

a vagina is no better smelling than a penis man, probably worse
oh hey bwitter works on firefox 1.0.4. too bad blips doesn't. also im bweeting from xp
I thought this was a joke and i actually was gonna make one now... but the person who said it beat me to it. I can see Punchy and his changed avatar. But i'm adding fish to my list.
fishGoodBwitter is out!

Why would i
Punchy207would you consider Whoville as a sanctuary city

he is now trying to force me to watch various shows and has created multiple accounts just to spam my message wall. Poor dude, imagine dedicating hours of your life to spam someone who doesn’t even give a shit
cyan is still throwing his little temper tantrum despite the last I interacted with him was at like 12:30 yesterday
bro that site is in even worse condition than bitview tf you mean
this isnt a hooker site
oh hey the adblock message is back
the fact our sites name is shared with a crypto site
bruhmachineSome creep took a shit outside of the local GameStop

bro? are you fucking okay
xXalleeex5XxmY Mo m ALsooa bouhgt me a XBOx 3 60 consollle!11!

That’s the ordinary size of a 1h movie tf you mean how
novekhow is a 14h recording 1gb

S bwitter

Hi all. My first day of summer vacation 🙂
Reminds me of a comment on a South Park video where it replace gay with G-word which turned into argument on the OPs age in the reply section
fuck12what was the point of cencoring gay when you can say it unless you're under the age of 13

Not a person, an old ROBLOX revival, I said that because it’s private.
S @jr who dafoe is TADAH?

I agreed up til the private revival part and i now I think you were sent here by TADAH or some shit
frickinfirethe oic is one of the worst communities on the internet LOL the only way an old revival can be good if its private which limits the userbase significantly and its sad

who tf are you
why do you tweet the weirdest shit man
sallahKorean Spicy Garlic

HILARIOUS! Creepypasta a la sombra de jeff the killer |

RealOskarLogo2@AnonCarrot Stop Joking!

Is this how gay furries talk?
FrostBlaze@xXRavenSergalXx nm how are you uwu

Yes shiver me Timbers I am so scared from Jeff the Killer 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
RealOskarLogo2@AnonCarrot Stop Joking!

Actually it’s pretty popular when it got revived
Punchy207and used by none

Not at all. Check out, it’s more accurate to old Twitter
iTalkALOTWas twitter really THIS bare bones

For anyone feeling nostalgic, there’s a web channel that plays Toonami shows 24/7 called Toonami Aftermath. Check it out!
I wanna fucking die
wikakasajust fixed tablet that dint turned on for like 6 years feeling good

Because we always need fucking edgelords, eh?
yea same bcuz I got in drama with this “Jame” bitch
tauleakTwitter locked my acc

I’m a pretty avid ship historian and even had a whole fucking conversation with my mom once about how I think the Titanic sank
Punchy207my girlfriend likes victorian era british crap so im trying to do research about it so we have a topic of conversation or something

Punchy207they pulled the plug on nana, i cant believe it but she's gone

I hope you get hacked so you can post more bweets about your proud homosexuality
As a black man, I agree.
lua#AsABlackMan i think that cheeseburgers go well with fries at times

It’s kinda like a ripoff, except it’s more for nostalgia purposes and not money.
The_DarkBeanI just found this website and I'm very confused, is this a twitter offbrand? parody? alternative? someone please help

As a black man, that’s def insulting
Punchy207some black woman just described my hair as an "emo bowl cut" should i be flattered or insulted

BAHAHAHA suxcox is in the porn category on my school filter
today and yesterday is the best day ever since it’s the math test. we mostly waste period 1 explaining the math test and I opted out so I only have to do math sheets or reading. and then after that we get to watch a movie :)
Aw shit Cleber gonna turn Bwitter into 2018 BitView
AstkkkIsso né ideia não boy

And you can’t say anything about me my name is shorter than Mac’s
Ik Jesus Christ
mac how do people register with a username like "DLTNCSDVR547" and think "yeah thats good"

I knew exactly what this was gonna be when I saw the title goddammit
RealOskarLogo2shuric scanjet 5100c |

This did not age well
hwilliams8548@DylanCoronaTV Leaking IPs is immature

also Chainsword blocked me because Punchy said he changed opinion on me
we would accept you if u stop being an emo retard
puppyboy_caedesthis shit seemz so toxic wtf😭😭😭

Please Stfu
SNANZFOXwishing it was 2006 rn

I don’t take kindly to emo retards
Punchy207dont take kindly to haoles in these parts

When my ass bleeds |

@DCTheGamr Uninformed
bro my school is warning bout the least harmless tiktok challenge they can think of . some can actually kill u but nooo its this one orbeez guns. also my friends sang the alphabet and the teacher sad no tiktok songs in the hallways lol. most class friends you can get nowadays like itiktok so dont
my spring break ended today FUCK
Punchy207well im on a 5 day break from school and the weather has been so shitty i havent been able to go out

amylee_alt@jr I think you are very hot because I am a pedo.

i guess that means amylee’s existence knocked some sense into people
Punchy207oh for crying out loud has nobody listened to me since she even started existing

@amylee @amylee @amylee @amylee You’re gay…. quite literally
amylee@dylancoronatv stop calling me a pedo. I have no interest in retarded lil shits. I'm a lesbian

You are probably watching underage women tossing the salad while beet into that
amylee@jr @glitchyzai and @dylancoronablips kneeling in a circle tossing the salad

how do you know? that sounds kinda creepy…
DylanCoronaTVFucking pedo. I'm 13 and I know that Jr is underage. You need to stop fantasizing about kids weirdo.

He’s 5 years older
@amylee @amylee @amylee also the creator of Bwitter tried blips once
Daily reminder that @amylee and her friends are gay!
I could tell by your pfp!
Punchy207watching 12 oz m

Of course you can also go the pure way and just write the whole thing (which I’m sure you’re capable of, but I know most students don’t like it)
I can write a shit lot, I only can’t write that much because I have writers block often But for essasies everything is already gaven to me so
I can do it for you
Punchy207i gotta wrtie a 5 paragraph essay about cocoa production in the Cote D'Ivoire for class

Happy birthday!
RealOskarLogo2Today is my birthday!

Pussy, Sex And Tits
RealOskarLogo2@Punchy207 What is PSAT 0_o?

So true Uses TOS as an excuse to upload gore but can’t handle criticism
Punchy207 anmokn sucks and here's why

I’m still thinking about that one video where that black guy (AJThomas or something) fucking rages over the Moon Man video from literally 2 years ago and he thinks it’s directed at him
Atleast my humor isn’t about getting deadass high
Punchy207i mean seriously if i were to say, compile a list of most unfunny people, you'd be at the wayyyyy bottom, ever unfunnier than Trevor Noah, i mean you know youre unfunny when youre worse than Trevor Noah, everyone knows that

Your IP:
Punchy207you aint gotta apologize, that guys a party pooper

tauleakthis my youtube password

Uhhhh, James A. Kilroy is dead.
Good description
maxpainebitview is over, and amylee ha a mental breakdown... as always

Now I think you’re trolling on Bwitter too because you won’t shut the fuck up about Blips 🙁 Probably one of the only problematic users Blips has ever had
amyleeDaily reminder for people NOT to use Blips admin Jacob banned me for no good reason.

How are y’all still using Bwitter and BitView? Bwitter is down 24/7 and BitView’s owners are pro-Russian fucks (and also these sites have gotten boring)
No, but i've been on it since the start
amyleeAre you admin?

Mad because you can’t reply in the way you’re used to 🤡 stop acting like a mean old lady and we might be friendly to you
amyleeReply works on this site. It does not work on

Bye again
yeeeeeeeeeeegoodbye jr i will be missed!!!!

ROBLOXIgotzz@Punchy207 I think if jr wasn't here, bwitter would be better because he is the one who starts drama

RealOskarLogo2That's the worst idea i ever heard!

Please SOMEBODY register the Twitter account @Disemerge
You can write in English, but cannot understand English
Punchy207you complained about there being twitter revivals when you yourself made one, therefore youre a hypocrite

Ah yes, 1 is too many.
Punchy207still makes you a hypocrite

And if you hate YT you can always use or some shit
If you want a peaceful Twitter clone you can always go to tho
This is way more toxic bud
Yes, but was when there was only Bwitter
Punchy207havent you tried to make twitter revivals before

We already have BLIPS and BWITTER we do not need more revival which by the way has an UNORIGINAL NAME
Kemesits gonna be made with bubble, what a virgin :risitas:

Trying to be an old YouTube, records in fucking 5K….. mkay


Ayyy I like lesbian porn too
Punchy207i've decided to look into this porntube thing and atleast they got what i like: lesbian ass worship

Nintendo Switch. Preferably the 2019 version.
KangRooShould I stick to the Wii U and 3DS or buy a Switch? I've always been an early 2010s person, but I want to play Nintendo's current games.

And if they’re not being harsh about it, take it and try to improve your animations with it. Yes I do animate a lot, just not on BitView.
beriimimi@jr I just made an animation and som1 on the commment says that the music sucks and ask too many questions @_@

Ignore them
beriimimi@jr I just made an animation and som1 on the commment says that the music sucks and ask too many questions @_@

Do not make stereotypical HyperCam videos. You probably are and long time BitViewers hate it. Instead, record a game or do comedy sketch. I record gameplay and I have 40 subs! I do have hate, but it’s more over the things I say.
beriimimiI hate sm,2 much rude ppl fr ;(

Ha dumb fucker
Punchy207i keep tryin to log into vidlii but it says "please fill out the captchas" but there aint none

The world would be a better place if SubRocks were brought back
beriimimiI hate sm,2 much rude ppl fr ;(

Why are we just searching for pages with old layouts of sites now? On that topic:
novekold instagram

Nvm it’s been archived 8,000 times since 2016
jrDon’t bring attention to it or it’ll get patched

Don’t bring attention to it or it’ll get patched
dogeman TWITTER 2011 PAGE
My grandma is 80 and my grandpa is DEAD
Punchy207my grandpa is now 85

You should use BitView and Although only if you want.
smg5MY FIRST BWEET. this is amazing, i have a vidlii channel, so i have 2 social media accounts now!

Are you fucking kidding me rn?
I don’t like when it’s spammed across the whole site, asshole.
ClownishAngerbwitter users HATE other people's opinions

Blips was dead but was revived earlier this week. It’s just another Twitter clone except it actually looks are 2007 Twitter.
myspaceWhat’s blips? Did it shutdown or is it still alive

Bwitter was never friendly. Blips, SubRocks, SpaceHey, only OIC sites I know with a good community.
So, how the hell are there so many revival of a site that we most of didn’t even know what the old version looked like until Bwitter existed???
I’m asexual DUMBASS, doesn’t mean asexuals can’t suck dick, but i haven’t
Punchy207of course youd know a lot about suckin dick wouldnt ya jr

Ubuntu and Windows 11 sucks dick. Windows 10 tops all
Punchy207jokes on you chucklefucks i top allaya with windows 11

No that should be the name for a Mozilla Phoenix fork
KangRooI don't got any logo ideas, but I've got a name: ReviVilla.

2011 is the keyword
AlonsoDoesn't top the one time I bweeted vía a 2011 NOKIA C300.

Nah all pfp were just reset
exclusiveconte2Guys I got banned from twitter23. Idk why and I don't care because it was a boring website. Also it was in russian and we did not understand any of it

Y’all, Blips is back. Go there so we don’t have to deal with Giarusso. He can post all his political shit until he realize he’s getting no attention.
I might make BitView videos again
Someone post this is Zaiaz on BitView? :D
It came back when we needed it most.
Note to admins: Ban anyone who has a bed or ancient shit as a profile picture.
Daymn you approved of that so much you said how 2 times
Punchy207thats how how that works

In denial you’re a bastard

Wait! I think it’s working again. Fuck yeah!
Since my PC fucked up, that’s about 2 million files lost!
When BitViews 2013 all move to NotRealTwitter Old
DylanCoronaTV@LinfoWarz Yay i have your ip

I don’t you goddamn purple man
I don’t even like politics????
Punchy207jr worships trump?

What’s with people uploading full films in YouLiiTube?
I feel like Anthony Giarusso is gonna take this seriously
jrBecause we’d all love to praise orange man 🤑🤑 amirite?

Because we’d all love to praise orange man 🤑🤑 amirite?
Punchy207you people are boring

Kemesrebweet if you think @LindoWarz and @Username should both be ip banned

You seem like a fucking hothead.
transgirlphoebeYeah. For you clown

God, can you guys implement IP bans already?
I’m gonna fucking kill myself if you make more of these
Btw i’m using this on an iPad. My PC says shit about boot error failed and all. Gonna take a long hole to restore my password. It’s just super uncomfortable to make videos on Android or iPad for me. See you, BitViewers!
Might quit BitView cuz computer broke :/
BitView 2009 is literally just 2008 BitView with Herotrap's CSS slapped over it, no joke i could see the 2008 layout for 2 seconds before the 2009 header came back on
got flashpoint wotking :D
More NORMAL people blips ip. fr guys?
just heard a story of this kid who put air freshener in his EARS then had to go to the ER. then this father was questioning why everyone was looking at the TVs and not helping. Surprise surprise, it was actually 9/11.
it's 11:03, already feels like 5:03.
@bwitter, how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp
And then it said i could try a special game mode named "Progressbarella" without any error to unlock a special hq version of the pb theme. I lost but then i did the scan and i won, so i just needed a blue progress and then i won with 5% extra progress. PB loves me today!
And then i also won at Progresssweeper withoyt hitting any red ones. 20% was corrupted but i still won
So in progressball i hit this thing like 4 times and then randomly just won at 100% - whaddaido
It's been gone since January 8????? When was the last time you checked Blips?
TCB94Blips either wasn't working or shutted down, so I came here.

eating cheese fries and pizza. makes me wanna dancceeeeeeee!
Ahhh PB is catching on to me. I'm cheating and opening and setting the date 7 days in a row so i can get 3.14 quick. But it says "Are you living in the future"? Shit
Guys you should try ProgressBar '95. It's fun as fuck and is a bit nostalgic.
Hello, user whom wishes to be called by "Punchy207" I am not really having a stroke. It is all just part of a joke whom you are taking too seriously. I will wish "Punchy207" a good rest of their day.
you have to fill in the web value and put in a valid link (including https:// and www.
why doesnt bwitter look like this
Y'all still going with these insecure ass websites
So..... Clitorizweb died. Goodbye CW.
Bitch are you saying i'm a satanist for having common sense? Fuck y'all
I swear you looked for the perfect time to post that
atking 🎗happy Christmas Awareness Day 2022

neither. it's a big website, most popular image board.
Anyone else remember Mario Paint Composer? That was awesome!
i consider the "a la bitchute" sites alt net and these sites oic
atking alt-net being mah term for anything part of the circle e.g. spacehey, neocities, this, bitview/vidlii, & everything yesterweb (excl. THOSE sites a la BitChute)

I thought you was gonna say no but ok you be you you be a Christian
Did you guys actually respond seriously to rebweeting one of my first bweets?
Punchy207no because nobody with a life CARES

In a few decades, all of this will be long gone and there will be hundreds of websites trying to replicate the look and feel of the OIC websites we have right now
I call it the OIC. The thing i consider "alt-net" is something i don't wanna be associated with.
atking alt-net being mah term for anything part of the circle e.g. spacehey, neocities, this, bitview/vidlii, & everything yesterweb (excl. THOSE sites a la BitChute)

tpp bad bruh, i joined in 2018. i even can show you the profile if you want
Kemescoming from a 2017 brick hill user, why would you join that site? the forum mods find any little reason to ban you, and spacebuilder hypes up some new client that is way better than his current shitty game maker one, but never releases it
i will tewist your yed

Sorry y'all just joined the OIC.
Has anyone considered making a thefacebook clone. I guess @thefuckbook was but that server ain't shit. And any good old Roblox clones? I was on Goodblox but it shut down and Brick Hill changed their layout. Both are viruses(?). Also, Roblonium barely works.
how 2 get windows xp on windows 10 completely free an akurit!!!!!!111!! | it's ab test <iframe style="border: 0px; overflow: hidden;" src="" height="365" width="646"></iframe>
ahhh, not much fights when i was in school
Does God exist? weird site
just uninstalled 1.13 GB. 207 was too less for me is blips for a reference
i saw this dumbass post and i really wanted to reply to it so i made a fake fb account and not even BEFORE MY ACCOUNT'S SETUP IS DONE i'm fucking banned
i wish screech came backkkk
what the fuck im hearin this ring in my ears and it not the normal tinnitus sounds
please relpy
AITEx64 shut up lol

next time wait for his response. .. im not female he was prob gonna say "discord mod+moneky hybrid"
best comeback of 2022
hiew"kill all men" feeling suicidal today mate?

dont assume + you fell + i identify with they/them pronouns + i'm a minor + everything you say is a total L + you're 25 and i feel uncomfortable + show respect this is a safe scape + i wanna punch your baby pfp + kill all men
hiewnot funny + you literally used google translate
i found your yt channel in the comments of the sugar chex commerical compilation and also chex fucking sucks cheerios way better with honey @Punchy207
youre righeth!
oh hey someone registered their name as my old shitty sonic recolor
هذا على الرغم من الإرادة

sorry for swearing just its skewl and its kewl to swar in skwel
bye period ends naw cunts
i think ive sen that before
novekbweeting in 2560 x 1600

bweeting from skewl bitches
And beat Castle Lololo. Kinda hard but worth it.
Already in Castle Lololo! I haven't played this game in long and i love it
So far going great!
Gonna play Kirby's Dreamland (or and 2) on my Pizza Boy COLOR
The fuck?
I mean like a meme from 2008 or such. That's plain nostalgiatarded.
hcgioand my favourite song/album is a super minor 1998 album...

It's not even the real definition of nostalgiatard. As long as your favorite song isn't the fucking Awesome Song, IMO you're not.
Marcus am I a "nostaligatard" if I still use old iPod's for music and video? Sometimes old phones for collecting/as a backup phone?


i think Punchy is heterosexual he keeps talking about gay shit
? the nazi shit or you talking to someone else
Yoshizin_Gordinoh, i apologize for my serious mistake, and hope that one day we can forget such thing and be friends.

who? who are you talking to
I know what i should just step out now. Nothing bad being hated by someone you already hate.
you know you're losing the fight? lmao what are we even doing anymore? i'm not doing anything genuinely bad and opinions exist dumbass
Kemesyou only agree because you know you're losing the fight

click on timestamp of bweet, copy link address, paste at end of your bweet
You just joined
liaaug28Urgently, this "bitching and whining" problem is, STUPID.

Very much agree. Never was this toxic on SubRocks or Blips. I just fucking wanted to experience the old web again, instead of fulfilling this site's intent we're fucking arguing
Kyasadi927 Can people just stop fuckin arguing on this god damn platform? like holy shit. We were treating eachother like humans and now everyone is bitching and whining. Nostalgiatard this. Moderntard this. I just wanted to fucking hang out and talk with people.

The main thing is "audio". Vistaserv doesn't allow that tag. So you will need to probably do the likes of making YT playlist with those songs, and use this method to embed it:
Vistaserv deletes certain code because it thinks it's malicious or will annoy visitors. Can i see the code?
Actually i love early 2010s. I love early 2010s more than i do the 2000s
KangRooI'm more of an early 2010s guy, but I understand where you're coming from.

Neocities is just inspired by Geocities, while VistaServ is actually modeled after how web hosting worked back in the days. Btw, you can make multiple pages. Used to not be able to, but now you have to change the page name and save.
mofeteusAnd u just have a one html,css file. sad.

No, but i mostly dedicated that bweet to you
Punchy207you are a modernttard?

Vistaserv's website is retro-styled and it has a whole another version dedicated to being compatible with old browsers (you sadly cant sign in though)
mofeteuswhat's he better at? mb i can open vistaserv pages on win95? give me answer pls

Vistaserv is better
mofeteushey guys, what u think about neocities do you have own page on that?

You on time freeze drugs? Been up since a week ago.
KangRooVIDLII IS BACK!!!!!!!!

Again, never was talking to you. (I hate that phrase but i had to say it) Do you like faceless people? I don't.
Yoshizin_Gordini've never done this,in fact, my videos are made in wmm, you are just angry because people realized old designs are outdated.

That's the most hilarious way to walk into an argument. Anyways, yes my bweet broke Bwitter. Do i give a shit? No? It is an essay? Not even close. As your people say, "cope and seethe".
Aswell you guys actually ARE moderntards. The definition of a nostalgiatard is someone who forces everyone to think the old things are better. While we accept the fact that people use Discord nowadays and people use modern YouTube. Hell, we even use it. While you guys ATTACK people just cuz WMM vids
More like "Forgetting 2007 and 2008 fucking existed in the first place"
Kemessince when did accepting that itll never be 2008 again make you a "moderntard"??? stop being retarded

i swear to fucking god if you make that you will become another child in my basement and unlike the other children which are alive
CC229i think i may make a like bwitter

It's a fucking Sonic YTP you moderntard
Yoshizin_Gordinwhat did you mean by this, hun?

dazedwoozy trolls acting racist and still isnt banned lol
Punchy207on todays episode of bwitter ball z, jr recounts the many times he was dropped, and how he was banned from omegle from flashing his micropenis to girls who use the site
First, you can get banned for being dropped too much (it implies harrassment), or vice versa (implies you dont wanna commuicate) and also i only use it because of those funny Omegle videos
Yoshizin_GordinYOU use omegle, YOU got banned from omegle, starting to think cfv calling you a nazi wasn't a joke.

Sexual Harassment is Good
You are clearly too speaking like that and not expecting to be bullied
I keep on finding yellow shit in my Mtn Dew
Uhhhhh..... fuck
Yoshizin_Gordinthe dog I got 2 days ago Just had a seizure and died.

I love you! Happy Valentines
proof seen below
they speak like retards all the timr
GuidoAnimations on twitter is actually Guliherme.
I did not say that i meant the website was dead anything
It wasn't of any use anyway, i just had this page saying it shut down and will come back, but i deleted the account. MUAHAHAHAH
Hacked someone today. I'm not a hacker, just some dumbass put their passwords in plain sight.
i swear to fucking god if that is you guliherme
nononono im talking about the little sprout girl on bwitter in it was edited to have orange shirt and more manly hair is still unregistered
Just found out the Blips girl is actually a man
South Park, how about, c'mon down to South Park and meet some bitches tonight!
Could you fit the Switch OS inside a GBA?
I remember there was this site that let you make GB games online
It's freaking IP address for beta you can find it by searching beta tube on Google I DID NOT MAKE IT
hiewTo new site owners: do not share ip links out like this, or you'll get doxxed and possibly ddosed

Says the Genji porn watcher

OOOOH I see now..... Ankha has a expanding pussy and big boob pictures.
treeI have fear that there is someone with porn as their profile picture in the second page and nobody haven't even seen it yet.. Yikes.

RB @Jr: Punchy207 is a shit smearing moderntard who sits his ass on keyboards for a living.
The vlplayer updated to 2007 again....
Not really a fox just the host IP for
Getting interested in throwback drinks lately. Might try Mtn Dew Real Sugar
You put a wildfire as an alternative to a wildfire which are both alternatives to another wildfire betatoob ip
Slit your wristes bitch /j
Got bored, fucked around with macintosh.js and play the Oregon Trail.... Somehow right after everybody but me died i won.
Fr tf is "Kemes" sounds like a drug 1 hour ago
Your actions are fucking disgusting! I've read all about it. I hope you get removed from this website!
Well this fucking sucks. Gone for 2 days in a row.
Don't think because my internet is not working means I read shit on mobile every now and then"
Yoshizin_GordinI Don't fetishize nails, but if i did, i'd be better than jr.

My wifi on is fucking shit so I use mobile rn
We're lucky because BitView aervers got up earlier than VidLii's. But now i know what they mean by "unstable". Tried to upload a video and instead my latest video changed.
@myspace Oops! We accidentally messed up the registration form... again. Sorry. We promise it won't happen again.
I would like my penis sliced, it's not like i'll ever have a wife Not much like MS but it's very similar to MS93
nah but i'd like to imagine bwitter will be once bitview 2011 hits >-<
But i'm not sad i just want money

AbramBenoai'm sad, who wants to give me 500 dollars?

yes blacks can you racist but when you're talking to a black man about the KKK any NORMAL black person would say "you fucking coocoo?"
Kemes@jr blacks can be racist too... hesrd of antifa?

if you're in bv discord its still up and modded by kuz. he said should be up by tomorrow
i'm BLACK dumbass
Punchy207you like the kkk?

kkk - oh wow im so edgy
Spacehey, VistaServ, and here are probably the only OIC sites up at this point
I'm gonna leave every revival community except for the OIC, it's basically life and death in 2 weeks at this point
The Miiverse revival community should be fucking dead now, even the FORGOTTEN websites have shut down now
No it really isn't, you're literally just changing how the computer LOOKS it's not like fucking erasing all your files and degrading all your goddamn features
Punchy207theme is stupid too

Guys let's all play Antique Penguin!
Too fucking far dude, shouldve just got a Win 7 theme, it's not even as hard to imitate as say, XP (and yes, people still use 7, but this dude was intentionally installing it)
brent64Just installed Windows 7 on my PC. Too bad everything's gone.

i have just realized that kuz has done what i wanted to do like 2 years ago
jrKOLYMA? They appear to have IP blocked me (despite not being on the list). Gonna be a hard time getting to BitView...

KOLYMA? They appear to have IP blocked me (despite not being on the list). Gonna be a hard time getting to BitView...
Kemesbitview will be back soon, the owner of vidlii (and bitview) sold both websites to kolyma network so they gotta swap the servers

Bitview is down :(
they were both made by jan, but vista took over bitview a lil while ago
novekare vidlii and bitview by the same person?

does anyone remember a site that allowed you to create webrings? I remember it from 2020
i've honestly ignored it for so long, but you bweet inspired me to GET IT
BLOSCDownloading flashpoint so I can replay Adventures in Ponyville to finally get my goddamn cutie mark lawl!!!

MarkZuckerburgRealunfunny account please delete! free nft mark zuckerburg free real download fake free pro hack generator screenshot! free minecraft game online no download play free download no online download game online nft free download game online ok

Phobia is the opposite of phillia..... Doesnt make much sense but thats what the internet says...
atking What's the opposite of a fetish. Because I have that for feet. fuckin gross things.. just remove them!
jrmodded 2006 yt to have the ourstation logo

modded 2006 yt to have the ourstation logo
hiewyou own a tamagotchi

Beer taste like devil's piss, root beer tastes better
Site that looks near same as it was in 2007
klocowdrinkin' coffee for the first time! it taste like shit, how you adults can drink this garbage?

mid-late 2000s and early 2010s was best time to be alive
AnonCarrot and late 2000s

for someone who actively acts like it's 2009, that confused the F outta me at first
pundoneWatching the new Total Drama episode right now.

nah i'd marry the 2000s and youd marry the 2020s
Punchy207you love the 80's so much, if it was legal to marry a decade, youd marry it i bet

Gamer shits pants |
no it's overrated as all fucking fuck im tired of seeing it same goes for 90s even tho i like the 90s
Punchy207you love the 80s

out sperging out brah
Kemesalso fuck social media this shit retarded as fuck

ok, yes my favorite song is from the 80s. but doesnt mean i like the 80s, in fact it's overrated as fuck.
Punchy207yes you have

i wish but to get someone in the oic to show their face youre gonna have to get them out of the oic
notellayou know instagram from 2010, is there any clones of old instagram

imagine being so NOSTALGIATARDED that your favorite song is a meme song from 2008. Everyone calls me a nostalgiatard but even i haven't reach that level of nostalgiatardation yet
RealOskarLogo2That is My favorite music!!!

no bitch
klocowhey, wanna listen to some tunes?

Ok Anthony Giarusso
atking WASTE ALL YOUR MONEY on some STUPID BRICK HOLE when you could actually be doing something better. Also, if you are worried about "needing adresses for jobs" here is a tip. List some normie's "home" (make sure there's no doorbell cam) and just check the mail occasionally. WE WILL NOT CONFORM!!! (2/2)
Punchy207why are you digging around in the garbage

Don't know, but to be fair i'd do anything for a phone that feels like the early iPhones again.
Так?? Пользуюсь русским сайтом сука. Это свобода слова, сэр!
Kemes@jr speak american not tha jah pah knees pleaaase

Anyone else like using Kuji? Aside from the black dicks that'll call me a nostalgiatard because i'm using old Fuji filters?
Ok guys fuck you good night drama's over
why are you guys getting so snotty over the way i communicate LMAO
Kemes@jr welcome to the internet let us escape from school for once faggot

boohoo bitch you can't handle paragraphs shorter than a fucking bedtime story i hope you're glad there's a 300 char limit
Punchy207this is a weekend, nobody wants to read a paragraph like we in english class

As in to my reasoning, sites such as BitView and VidLii were the inspirations for some of the first OIC sites. Such as one of the first old Twitter clones, It was inspired by VidLii. Hell, there wasn't even such thing as OYC or OIC when BitView started. They called it alt-vid.
and also the oyc is pretty much the whole reason the oic exists sooooo
Kemes@jr NOBODY wants or NEEDS another youtube revival. let the oyc die already, bitview is gonna be next one of these days

when he said "bitview is next" it would imply he is saying vidlii is dead. ofc it could also mean subrocks or smthing but first thing that came to mind
VidLii's not dead, it's just moving due to bad reputation
Kemes@jr NOBODY wants or NEEDS another youtube revival. let the oyc die already, bitview is gonna be next one of these days

Well if you're gonna have that attitude, "nobody' does need another YT revival
jrYour opinons are offically invaild

Your opinons are offically invaild
Punchy207nobody needs another youtube revival

Actually i watched a video about it only a few weeks ago.
DCTheGamrHello guys :D I made a new video called "Stupid Nyquil Chicken Challenge/Trend". I am a bit late to this topic sadly xD. Enjoy the video |

My heart goes out to hating on companies that buy used domains and then resell it for like million dollars. Especially HugeDomains, those black sweaty dicks can kiss my ass.
Heyo yall, anyone with PHP and MySQL experience wanna make a YouTube revival with me? I'm purely saying because of the MySQL and PHP.
"Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." This doesn't mean anything, it just means you haven't set up a 404 page yet
hjjijhjojiuhjuhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuohjhbhjjhkhj LOLCATZ vugjh
The most alt right sentence i have ever heard
Wondering if @myspace is Guliherme's 7th account? Someone report this dude.
its actually 2009 bcuz of bitview lolz
pundoneyoooo, it's 2007, feels like I'm 11, gonna watch some Cartoon Network with some cereal and watch some Foster's Home on the seventh.

Fuck you!
CartoonNetworkUSNew season of chowder coming june 2nd at 8:00pm, part of HAR HAR THARSDAYS, only on CARTOON NETWORK

Currently becoming obbessed with the retro camcorders/camera. Kuji is the best and Tapee is too.
Hallelujah! Electricity's back on! I had to get creative fo had fun, and now i kinda miss it
It's pitch black outside
Finally, the WiFi isnt actimg very weird. 6:20 rn. Holy. I was kinda doubting this is happening but look where i am now.
nvm hotspots back on
dont expect much updates. my power went out but now the hotspot is going on and off.
Anyone else having an outage?
2 drinks, Yogurt, and Pirate Booty. Now that's stacking up!
Stacking up on food before they fuck up.
Everything went out as expected. Bweeting from my hotspot. My's phone's at 35%. We were expecting this from the start
Just found the unluckiest person ever
ClownishAngerITZ FUREEEEEZING. the school still doesn't let us in until 8:30 though..... Not cool guys.

yeah you should because if you dont have it you get 0 viewers
Punchy207i wish i had dedication to 3 viewers like that

your mom
lime360what am i doin?

Doritos 3D
We have frozen rain ^_^ there was no doubt school would be closed
I feel like my new avatar would fit in old Bwitter but in modern Bwitter everyone's avatar is faces lmao so i'm the odd one out
yes i liked the bwitter phto that much
I love Kujikilm
*Bwitter. The palette reminds me of moon grapes.
F***ing around with Kuji cam (Fuji imitation app) and the way Kuji's palette interepted Twitter's palette is so..... aesthetic. Never thought i'd say "aesthetic" before
probably because windows vista os is more space than xp?
novekwhy does a windows vista vm take so much of my disk space but windows xp doesn't

lost your pass that quick?
notellahi its me classic, i try reseting my pass its not working so heres my new account lol
looking for retro web radio stations heres what i got
What is glitter force 😳
Just post about your daily life. Basically what this is, it's Twitter back in the 2000s. So just talk about whatever you like as long as it's 3 characters.
adblock, and then go to filters and block any links that aren't under
classicjr i keep getting porn ads on bitview do you know how to remove these ads

How'z it'z going walnutz ;)
On the way discovered Blips is based on Twitter from May 26, 2007. That one day for a reason i don't know why the gradient from the logo just disappeared, so i'd imagine Blips was based on that (having no gradient in the logo)
I'm thinking of a userstyle that makes all the Bwitter icons into the OG Twitter ones (and make Bwitter look more like Twitter). Like how the people do YT logos for BitView.
It came out Oct. 2020 from my assumptions. Original domain Dunno why Yuki put 2007, Twitter released in 2006 ffs.
classichi when did this website came out, i came from a myspace recreation

2005 youtube porn (kates playground)
A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing? Answer on your phone, ass, or right here on the web!
Tutututu! Tutux2! 2/2/22!
Both Microsoft and Google IMEs are proprietary, and thus are malware. I recommend Fcitx with kkc or any other free/libre input method. No, please! If you already have one, get rid of it. Amazon Swindle is a malicious device designed to handcuff you.
Are you fucking kidding me? Flash doesn't work in Oh well remove the d
discord replica
Kyasadi927 What is this?

RocketSnailBeautiful day in Kelowna. Launching the Box Critters Grad 2009 event while having lunch.

Fuck off GuiSka clone!
LancePriebeRealrsnail vs mark

Anyone remember TrueVHS? Was a really accurate video filter app for VHS. At first it was great, and then the owner became greedy, and now it's gone.
Cool Bwttr links for your Vistaserv idk
currently bitviews hasn't'nt favicon
you some cheating Amish kid? I don't think gym ceilings should have nails that can easily pop a soccer ball
Marcus oops accidently popped a soccer ball because it hit one of the nails on my school gym's ceiling, teacher wasn't too happy

The same person who inventing teeth falling out
maxizavampirewho invented not being able to eat rocks? like bruh i wanna chomp on that

take a shot whenever you see a spanish video in the "related videos" section of bitview. oh yeah, that's dangerous. don't try it at home.
Did you know, Who Let The Dogs Out is the end of an inspiration chain that started with a 1950's sports chant?
Delete it
Punchy207i dont know what to do with my bitview channel

That was literally the first YouTube revival i even knew about lmao
@RobloxianHub fuck off
Alternate universe where FulpTube still exists, the Bwitter DB was never wiped, BitView turned into 2007 in early 2020, and still exists
Just bweetedonWindows31
AnonCarrot Im bweeting on a machine before 98, windows 95

I love when people ask what a phrase means and some dude answers it with a completely twisted meaning that isn't even close.
Just registered Might be useful later
thanks, yuki
! EVACUATE BWITTER IMMEDIATELY ! A BitView troll has finally joined Bwitter
Kemes please do

I finally got the random video thing to work on my revival, now i need to just do the account and video system.
@hiew Do you have a screenshot of
I'm Gonna Host a Bwitter clone
Even the background of the SubRocks account is same as YouTube's! It just had a dumb owner, that's all
It had QuickList, it had Groups, it had everything!
jrTo be completely honest, SubRocks was the best accuracy wise.

To be completely honest, SubRocks was the best accuracy wise.
What the heck? The people on Bwitter Discord are talking about my TOS account but it's from October 5th! If you didn't know, i joined the OIC in late October! So, that's a bug!
AITEx64 Ironically, I barely use bwitter

atleast its not summer
and also the whole drama started because he acted like an asshole to me when i wasn't even trying much to be rude. and now i must stop bweeting about such so i don't get attention
jri didnt even say it was bad lol, just it was inaccurate for just taking later 2005 pages without any research or anything so i said so and now everyone's fucking against me, because of the drama before but tbh hes worse he told us to kill ourselves because we criticized his sites

i didnt even say it was bad lol, just it was inaccurate for just taking later 2005 pages without any research or anything so i said so and now everyone's fucking against me, because of the drama before but tbh hes worse he told us to kill ourselves because we criticized his sites
dont get involved, but i think there should be oic training or some shit to know how unapologetic the oic is, the "test" video is literally just my bitview pfp giving the middle finger because i said its inaccurate lol
Kyasadi927 My proudest moment.

If you want an example of how time flie, Bitview is already 4 years old
holy shit fuck off little edgelord
g0tekikill yourself

tired as fuck
Fun fact: BitView's most viewed video is less than the first ever YouTube contest winner.
Chocka ca-ca (cadny)
did cfv join bwitter or smthin
Bro use BitView not VidLii
ITZREBHERE07YO, REB here. This is my first post!! just wanted to say, "Hi!" Links:

This was made using Bwitter's share page
thats what i started doing october 2021. i still use modern sites but i normally style them to look like their old versions.
zacherymustdiejust dropped all modern media!! something abt early 2000s internet just fascinates me. give me some sites to explore? :)

On my BitView hobbies section " Playing and hanging out on the computer" a little dust make it look like b so " Playing and banging out on the computer "
Fun fact: Every copy of the default YouTube avatar is personalized. If you look at multiple users that still have the 2005-2009 default avatar, they all vary with the grey shades.
yeah i was thinking about that a while ago
nauticallyepicSo I'm back to working on that project I mentioned ages ago where it's a info/hub site for old web revival stuff. If yall got any cool logo ideas, I need 'em.

No, a April 2005 revival
hiewlmao you're making a 2005 layout too?

For anyone who gets page error 200, do a factory reset
I don't think the 2005 layout is broken. All of the archived images for it are from 2006 so some might have been updated over all that time. Also, the site seems to break a bit on some archiving services.
Holy shit that's aggressive.
TarePandyGive me a link to facebook old websites and You have to do it

I heard that in a comment section... I searched up and it's a real channel from 2005 that's deleted.....
The first YT channel is actually tunafat? Learning so much trying to make a faithful recreation of 2005 YouTube
I'm still wondering what the 2005 "Welcome to YouTube" video looked like.
feels like a fucking torndao
Fakebook is still down for me.
fakebook Updated discord links and trying to outline how friends should work in thefakebook ..

the rights were passed down and the line is still going.
novekits not from hyperionics

Thinking about a Twitter clone that relys on RSS
Na but in my city power outages will be expected for some households
I believe Goodblox was supposed to be the evolution of Roblox like BitView for YouTube. In 2018 it was 2007, then 2019 its 2008, then 2020-21 it's 2009..... Btw here's 2008 era Goodblox
Florida man
One time on Witter someone posted a link to a whole fucking working clone of Discord like exactly Discord and it was made by "ziad87". Now it's gone. To this day dunno how the hell he did that
Fun Fact: Ever wonder what Twitter layout Bwitter is? It's 2008! Well, someone said that in early Bwitter and the layout slightly matches 2008 Twitter. So....
For me it's nearing 9 PM.
Marcus good night, it's currently 01:00

can we get a gackamogy even stink would say that stinks you me, 4 and my words of this. 0:55 *that elf is bathing in a tub of blood*
man thats a fartridge in my favorite part: 0:58 man thats a fart farty fart i was only 4 and a minute of my words of content needed for reindeers the bath the house i watched this video bc the fat lady farts which is the end is this. why did jibjab write this? i hate dark side of fartmas
poor snowman the fart fart boom
Nicovideo credentials turned incorrect. Google didn't work. Twitter did somehow
No Goodblox but found my Neopets and Niconico
I'm gonna go find my Goodblox account because i'm really curious about it's username. kby
Did you know that my BitView profile picture is based off my old VidLii channel's profile picture? Aswell, the BitView PFP is actually an edit of the SubRocks default avatar and not the BitView one? Compare this to my BitView avatar:
imagine your first bweet sounding like fking master oogway *laughs then sobs quietly in a corner*
Kyasadi927 Ay! And you can see my pfp that took fucking ages to load!

I also find that in the early version of Bwitter the logo was slightly different as the b pasted on the old Twitter logo was more clear. not only is the b bigger there's visible crappy spacing between the b and the w. T
And also there are multiple Bwitter archives that are logged in to ian's account what the fuck
I wish Bwitter didn't get it's database fucked up. There's a LOT of interesting shit on the old Bwitter database
Or my very last guess, AtGames Genesis and the music sounding very different from Sonic 1 but you KNOW it's Sonic 1 and what level it is
jrNo the joke is AtGames Genesis

No the joke is AtGames Genesis
TwoTailedNeppywonder if anyone would get the joke of this video if i didnt explain it

nvm i looked a the video description either it used sonic plushes before it was released or the ost is near identical to sonic 1 despite being early
TwoTailedNeppywonder if anyone would get the joke of this video if i didnt explain it

TwoTailedNeppywonder if anyone would get the joke of this video if i didnt explain it

Found my first first bweets and @exclusiveconte2 same
bitview hasnt been 2005 style since 2018 and none of other alternatives are 2005, dumb*ss
Fun Bwitter Fact: Theres a secret redeem page for trolling ( it was planned if you typed out SITEMODERATION in the bar and pressed redeem and that stuff you would be led to a google page about trash. since then it got removed
and you just found this and knew it was old twitter? you didnt come from bitview or smthing? holy shit youre one of the only people who actually used old twitter (assumedly)
all the revivals have mre characters, i believe it's only blips with the original character limit because it was a faithful recreation of 2007 twitter. these revivals aren't as accurate as blips
TwoTailedNeppybased on classic styled twitter AND more characters available? sign me up please!

you made guiskia?
KangRoowhich ones

i wonder what was the first youtube video i watched
you too
Punchy207you just make things deader

who tf are you ashleyfan2012
Inakafinal message Im leaving the old youtube revival and old twitter revival it's toxic

to be fair, i just came back from trying wrapper online (goanimate revival)
Punchy207so is goanimate

I wish all your fucking spam accounts were deleted
they are both part of the windows operating system family of products owned by microsoft, inc
novekwhat do windows 8 and windows 11 have in common?

Did i forget to say i'm not a programmer? Yeah i did. But i'll TRY to do this.
Yeah, probably will. The funny thing is i assumed it was open source because of IE but it wasn't at the time, but the source code got released in 2010.
jrI actually considered that because one time i saw IE was based off Mosiac. But just like Phoenix, getting the source is near impossible. Maybe i'll do it

I actually considered that because one time i saw IE was based off Mosiac. But just like Phoenix, getting the source is near impossible. Maybe i'll do it
AnonCarrot id do mosiac 1 and 2 for everyday browsing

And it is still hard to FIND the sources. All the crap i'm finding is the installers but i found one..... only one build of "Firebird" that has the source. Not only is it FIREBIRD, it's also in tar.bz2. So this will take a good while
jrRemember when i said i'd make Phoenix usable for everyday browsing? Well i never did it..... until now. It was hard to find Phoenix's source by a simple google search and then i found this: and i changedit to phoenix and firebird, it worked

Remember when i said i'd make Phoenix usable for everyday browsing? Well i never did it..... until now. It was hard to find Phoenix's source by a simple google search and then i found this: and i changedit to phoenix and firebird, it worked
First up, i'm scared of these "horseheads" that are all over the beach, so i hate the beach. Secondly, i also hate summer because it has bugs and is so freaking hot, and also bragging douches are not my friend.
Back in like 2019 it wouldve been VidLii, but now BitView is so much better in accuracy terms
MitchellStudIoswhich is better vidlii or bitview

Bitview was probably the only way half of the universe knew what 2005/06 YouTube was like
my dude, doubt it's even real. probably some fake ass urls out of boredom
toudouboufou Why does it give me an error when i go to the site? Have you even set up the website?

Bubble doesn't even work on Pale Moon lmao. And it does look hard. It looks like it's some codleless version of MySQL like how Scratch is literally just an ordinary programming language with blocks.
toudouboufou I tried making 10st on a web builder called Bubble - it didn't work out pretty well though

It ain't accurate either. It doesn't even have the fucking header!
Punchy207no because people are greatful for what they have and dont try to replace what aint broke

Is there anyone else willing to make an ACCURATE Twitter revival? Twitter23 is pretty Russian!
This page was last updated in 2018, so maybe this page gave it attention. Aswell, i never said "nothing about it on the internet"
hiew"Nothing about it on the internet" sure:

Second Twitter revival with backgrounds! Donno how to change the language, but i love it!
Defenders082009 Twitter parody :3

This is a whole page for descriptions of a show lost to time. It's odd how much of these are on the internet.
Actually, just learned fish meat comes from inside the fish and not the whole thing
exclusiveconte2Just finished a test. I had to do 56 questions. Scores will be posted in a rebweet. Tell me if I did good and stay smart everybody

like 9:25 on december 31, 2021
KingKuru477very happy to see bitview get a 2009 theme. not sure when this was released (featured video says december, but i visited a short while after and it was still 2007-styled for a bit) videos now in widescreen too

Then quit WHINING and tell "totheark"
idea: a (somewhat) accurate twitter revival that simulates the twitter evolution from 2006-2014. which i actually am going to try to make.
Devilmonkey667@Xenseer @Twig2021 Covid19 is a real thing and not a scam

FYI, there was another Twitter revival named Blips and it returns a blank page now, showing it's shutdown.
FoodyWhat happened?

Page loaded in 0.011235 seconds - Screech version 0.9.1
@jacob, do you know why you named it "Blips"? or was it some random thought in your mind?
Ok, i will reboot Blips
jacobhere's the github page for blips. thanks for the support.

I was actually gonna do a tour of Blips and also favorite a bleep and friend a person for first time ever on Blips (doesnt work on pale moon) for the closure..... but it was just too late.
It's a fucking revival. We don't export some old ass version of a site into our site and then give it servers
Stoovellapparently it was another old twitter emulator. I didnt know myself until i looked it up

It's a Twitter revival similar to this one, except it's a faithful recreation of early 2007 which made it special.
Punchy207what the hell is blips

i'll make a faithful twitter revival!
ZaiazBye I think it's a shame that it's gone, and in general I won't be in bwitter user anyway, so bye

And also when you think about it, Blips went in the way of it's inspiration. Fucking ouch.
Do you know what i learned today? It might sound cliche, but everything that is good either comes to an end quick or stays forever and turns into the worst. That's all. In light of the news, i think i finally have enough motivation to make a Twitter revival.
Y'know, everyone acted like i was gonna overreact when Witter shut down. Thing is, i left way before it shut down. However, i stuck with Blips from when the trailer was uploaded to now. It's a bit more sad to me, it felt wonderful. R.I.P Blips 2021-2022 too much pressure.
This loud ass EAS just turned on and scared the shit out of me. Didn't seem like anything important was going to broadcasted and the voice sounded like a serious SpongeBob trying to use a megaphone
I wonder if making the WMM Reloaded file compatible with XP will make it stop crashing?
next time bwitter whiteouts we're fucked ;_;
my bro these are very common names in terms of websites like this. they're pretty big so idk why but yeah
Conclusion of the first ever article of YouTube: "I suspect YouTube will be quickly acquired and/or duplicated. We love it. "
Personally though, in terms of layout, i think Blips deserves more attention. Bwitter is great and all, although the layout feels like they took a Wayback Machine Twitter archive and made it usable.
it's startting to slow down, but look at blips. probably like 12 bleeps..... in a week
week too late to the party, there was thefakebook but seems to have shut down
im no coder but i wonder if i could take one of Firefox prototypes (Firebird/Phoniex) and then make them usable for modern everyday browsing. Would be cool af going to fucking YouTube on Phoniex and brag about it. I'm gonna actually try this by
EliTheKitsuneim in my 2nd block class its boring :/

when you think about it, people were too busy archiving the first versions of youtube than uploading videos to youtube, like they knew they're experiencing history but don't give a shit about contributing to it
any old twitter clone to me is more addictive than instagram
atlwast a fake 2005 client sounds cooler than what is probably a fucking barely touched 2016 client if you know the mizshor guy.... tell him i was at 2 levels before the end ^_^
san0sman Xscape client wasn't a RAT man, the fake 2005 client what seven sended to some people was a rat. So shut the fuck up.

Bishes be liek: oic, orc, oyc, ocpc, omsc, otc
shut the fuck up
Punchy207as long as theyre not annoying like you bring em in

and not those decentralized shit people, i mean like real oic members, the ones interested in bring back the old internets charm
i wish there were more people in the oic, that way, we could have more revivals ^_^ this hosting site talks about habbo retros lel
lion panties

its 2022 there better be a new fucking episode of kamp korsl
not even a day into 2022 and i kinda wanna go back to december 31st, 2021
my whole bitview title is nostalgiatard..... i dont fear being called it :D
conneathbecause you are

i know you probably wouldn't like it being called 2009.... but atleast that makes somewhat sense due to bitview's new layout
Punchy207they always say its some other crazy ass year for no reason

I just got hacked on Twitter because this dude who follows me thought it was a legit Twitter Stalk and it started send all the people DMs to the fake thing and i fell for it (i was curious since it was just an insta link) but.... shit
I have more views than the videos i've watched - good start to 2009 >_<
Happy TRUE New Year!
the dude on the program "2021 was a bad year so lets recap on 2009"
its a trademark lelll
I wonder if Bwitter went down just for it to fucking say "© 2007-2022 Bwitter"
happy neue year-bold.otf
second bwitter since bwitter back up..... sad no update
theres probably another twitter revival out there, but nobody talks about it
i remember when i first decorated my bitview profile and couldnt find the tile button.... good times
I wish there was a site like BitView for Twitter, that it's a faithful recreation of old Twitter and the year progresses each year. 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009....
"It all boils down to the question: was there a year 0? Let's first assume that year BCE 0 existed. This would mean that:" No, the fucking question is whether 1000 or 1001 started the first millennium. Obviously there is no year zero.
var<b>Bold text</b><h1>Header</h1><script>alert('xss')</script>

i thought it was a joke about the previous bweet but holy shit you where right
Punchy207porn ads on bitview

it turns out the ads are just ones that haven't reached the filter list, GLADLY.
logging on to bitview WITH adblock and getting bombarded with ridiclous ads...... is has virus?
couldve literally just installed adblock latitude
So the people at the Client Search taught me that characters from 2006 will behave like the client it's put in. No hope currently for disabling jumps. On the good side i got a JANUARY 2006 humanoid....
this is what happened when i referred a imageboard to Blips
so it is arial
i'm gonna make a twitter clone, early 2006 style. i can barely code so wish me luck
i just playing with lovelylemony on antique penugin lol
so you knew about date manipulation ey?
SegaSoniclook at my doodle jump high score! im going to beat it soon i hope

Today i had a dream that i was going to bed, and i took so long it was nearing the bug's hour, and then when i almost went to bed it begin turning sunny as hell outside so i just stayed up. I swear i touched everything to make sure it wasn't a dream, and then it randomly just poofed. Then i awoke.
Your typing speed is 38WPM, accuracy 84%, It is better than 70.48% of all users. Beat it neckbeard
DCTheGamrWelcome back @Xwyrick and @jr literally nobody cares about your speed. That's average. I am on Reddit all day and type faster.

ohhh whatever its ios not androd
I Type 46 Words Per Minute has RSS and try this (bwitter still runs the same before the corruption just different DB)
Omega chad moment, this Panfu revival something got advantage of the original Panfu domain. And it looks the exact same too. Imagine all those poor people thinking original Panfu is still up -
Omega chad moment, this Panfu revival something got advantage of the original Panfu domain
ill vax and pay my taxes when its.. 1984444
I just realized, the 2009 header in the BitView support banner means that helping them supports development of the 2009 layout
Probably he was looking for cheap domains and "rocks" seemed like a good fit. I believe that's where the "Rocks" in "SubRocks" came from, it ultimately meaning "Subscription Rocks".
you're delusional
Also you're supposed to put the link at the end of the post not the start
TarePandy okay

No! I just heard about that and kinda believe it
TarePandy so your telling me that goodblox will be back in jan 2 2022?

Wdym with make the website about old roblox revival? It's at Sadly there's like no good or keyless revivals at the time aside from mine. Some people say Goodblox will be back by 2022 but i doubt it.
TarePandy your welcome but i was going to play it anyways we need to find any old roblox revivals or make the website about old roblox revival

It's at but it shutdown anyways. (Also thanks for the compliment!)
TarePandyMetuex is cool and what happen to timeblox i cant find the link to the website

trying to make roblox revival man not jump
Today marks the 30th anniversary of the first web page, apparently.
I got a new gaming chair and another desk!
it's christmasss
So you know that Roblox revival i have? Metuex? Well i did the super chad move and registered a .com domain for it at It'll be up in a day or two, and the old domain will be still available.
I only just realized
accidentally found this
So i've always been wishing BitView looked like 2007 YT, and then i find this....
I found a mountain that looks exactly like Bliss after getting the vaccine
Well i got a COVID vaccine today and then right after i find out i'm quarantined and i was exposed. With all the people i'm around everyday, total oops moment. That's like 40 more people quarantined or something.
I just play on the other revivals for the cool 2000s Roblox aesthetic
jrI already know about idk16, i tried to register and saw the invite key thingie and was like "NOPE". Although, would be the only revival that gives me nostalgia as i joined in late 2016.

I already know about idk16, i tried to register and saw the invite key thingie and was like "NOPE". Although, would be the only revival that gives me nostalgia as i joined in late 2016.
dailybwitters@jr May be stupid but idk16 is actually very accurate. It looks like late 2016 but however registrations are closed on idk16. I luckily registered as Windows95.

Holy shit, RETROSTUDIO is exactly how i remember ROBLOX! The latest client is late 2015 but i swear it's exactly like late 2016 (when i joined) and im having a nostalgia attack. And the studio is fucking similar too! Help....... :D
FlexibleBanjo's WayBack Machine is really cool
I know alot about how MySpace looked back in the day, and i have a REAL domain with Dreamhost, but i can only code as far as HTML and Batch, if i knew how to code in PHP and properly use MySQL databases i'd straight up do it.
exclusiveconte2@jr I've wanted to do it since MS93 shut down but I'd have to look at archives and screenshots from 2004, work on it for months, and host it somewhere for free since I have no money

Is anyone ever gonna make a Myspace 2004 clone, with the authenic player and all that stuff? Not like MS93, REAL 2004 MySpace. Been wishing for it for a long time.
WHAT????? At least fakebook will be up???
hiewmight be quitting the oic. bye!

if anyone looking for old reddit revival, try saidit or notabug. Notabug has a different backend, but looks more like old Reddit than Saidit and the community is less toxi- i mean political
I could tell by the name "Navigator"
I could tell by the name "Navigator"
When a 5.0 MB executable takes more time to upload than a whole fucking social media script :P
Well, Metuex is now ready to be released in the wild! Check out the
Metuex so far
Editing textures, then will do a few more additions, patch the installer and make the website
Gladly most of the rest of my work is just modifying textures and crap
so roblox is deciding to cooperate with me now after hours of fucking around. i put in the eras font from a fake client and it FUCKING WORKS! Finally! I'll have to keep some 2007 features because i believe that was why it fucked around in the first place.
well, its not that, its that this modern ass roblox player doesnt know about 2006 roblox is gets confused when roblox works in her birth year. the robloxian education system has failed us
AnonCarrot shitmino already found about old roblox? oh fuck

Yes i know. Maybe i'm getting my hopes up but if there's none i like i make my own.
I also made a Blips for my revival (cus Bwitter signup is broken.)
If this becomes successful and i get DCMA'd i'll just ask if i can make an ORIGINAL client that acts and looks like old Roblox
Oh yeah true, the ORC is pretty destructive. You could make an ultimately fact checked replica of the 2006 Roblox client and then a exact replica of the 2009 Roblox site and then get booed for not getting a patched client.
AnonCarrot making a old roblox revival is truly hard, i once tried making one and i got insulted in 0 seconds

Holy crap. So i FINALLY got my custom character working. Turns out for whatever goddamned reason changing color makes ROBLOX crash. So i just changed only the shirt and it finally WORKED. New fresh folder, same app. Gonna change the font, this gonna be a willdddd ride...
it doesn't take as long as most people do if you have the freetime, but it takes true dedication
AnonCarrot making a old roblox revival is truly hard, i once tried making one and i got insulted in 0 seconds

Lmao signup page is broken. I guess no more user for now lol
I am about to throw this FUCKING revival out the window. Motherfucking pieces of satan shits at ROBLOX fucking hardcoded the goddamn CLIENTS so they can't be goddamn modified any fucking more than the app icon. God fucking jesus satanfuckers. Fuck ROBLOX clients. And fuck invite revivals.
nah miraheze is not a software its mediawiki and it has all the cool features, so does shoutwiki. wikia is where the wimpy loners are
AnonCarrot nice wiki, but why miraheze? its a shit software

And then when i replace with THE ORIGINAL from another client, it still fucking crashes. Thank the lord the March 2007 client has alot of 2006 features or i shouldve gave up the first day.
But seriously i'm making a ROBLOX revival and i'm changing up the fonts and the character model yaknow and every time i open ROBLOX after changing that i load a game and it FUCKING crashes although it probably can read the WHOLE FUCKING THING
ROBLOX 2007 client: Detects very small change ROBLOX 2007 client: Oops! ROBLOX has crashed! Now go fuck yourself!
Fun fact: The OG roblox face has never been used on actual players except for items like BigHead. Also, the old face that WAS used was just a stretched version of the unused face. Before i couldn't prove this, but i found the player model is face.png today so.....
Lord thanks the god

I never told you guys but i made a revival wiki
MarkoczekTVor maybe not

great to know
MarkoczekTVwitter will go back online soon

Thanks, will save that for if anything happens later
Testaccount893Gun shooting at yangom 9:13

For all the people who complain about BitView compressing their videos to 360p

1,500 views on BitView and counting
i was looking for clothes for Christmas for Mom and i find this sweater with a elf suit image with open boobs with the nipples ornaments. What the hell
oh...... well i removed my css and nothing but the palette and welcome page changed at all
Oh mah gawd. I didn't know MySpace even changed to MEB. But the layout looks way cooler, and i like how it has an original name now. seems revival worthy
mofeteuswe still don't have a recreation of the old twitch? yea?

i didn't even know that twitch even looked any different back in the day, so that's part of the problem
mofeteuswe still don't have a recreation of the old twitch? yea?

Just upload often! I uploaded often on YouTube and hundred thousands of views, i upload alot on BitView and i have more views than the 3rd channel with the most videos on BitView!
exclusiveconte2I just switched to SubRocks and now I have 128 video views. I want to be SubRocks famous one day but I don't know how.

Just upload often! I uploaded often on YouTube and hundred thousands of views, i upload alot on BitView and i have more views than the 3rd channel with the most videos on BitView!
Right click the timestamp of the bweet, copy the link, and put it at the end of your bweet.
higgorgao1how do i reply to someone like with the mention thing how do i explain

i'm making a roblox revival, a faithful recreation 2006 roblox. Itll be a site with official servers bcuz i cant code like goodblox can
So this fucking green panda avatar has been haunting me for YEARS and i finally found it. It's from old Xbox.
Marko replaced the Minttube player and now its fucked up. How convenient :D
People are still fucking around with the Goodblox client. I wonder if that's all coming around to a freaking revival of a revival.
God, 2018 was THE YEAR for nostalgia. 2018 was BitView's peak,'s launch, Goodblox's launch, CPR's peak, and so damn more. Meanwhile, i was making shitty videos on VidLii over all that excitement.
A Florida man was caught this Thursday evening, armed with a handgun and drugs while attempting to cross a busy Port of Miami roadway.
because i can
A year ago i made an old r/lounge replica lmao
Well..... He got banned again... Maybe that's why we friended on Discord.
jrI also said for him to stop bullying kids (what got us into the mess in the first place) and delete the video about me ill delete the video about him. Give him a couple days and see out it turns out....

I also said for him to stop bullying kids (what got us into the mess in the first place) and delete the video about me ill delete the video about him. Give him a couple days and see out it turns out....
jrWell earlier he said if i wanted a truce and i responded yes and he said it's a trick. He had this big message sent to me while he thinks i am funny, its good he doesn't wish anything bad on me. Then we literally friended on discord.

Well earlier he said if i wanted a truce and i responded yes and he said it's a trick. He had this big message sent to me while he thinks i am funny, its good he doesn't wish anything bad on me. Then we literally friended on discord.
Punchy207dude he did that all the time to me back when he was killer199, hes just tricking you

Nevermind! He said he wanted to apologize because the whole fight is making him uncomfortable now and decided to be friends! How did assholry turn into such a beautiful relationship?
Punchy207i reported him... well an image violation but whatever

And now we're getting in a huge fight ever BitView messages. Please tell me this is how the YouTube community acted back then, because if not then it's just not worth dealing with a talking dick.
jrHOLY SHIT. I missed SubRocks. And for a reason. This fucking troll "k19" has been bothering me for months, right? Well he was banned yesterday, so i made a video about it. And now he fucking came back with my username in it. Little shit.

HOLY SHIT. I missed SubRocks. And for a reason. This fucking troll "k19" has been bothering me for months, right? Well he was banned yesterday, so i made a video about it. And now he fucking came back with my username in it. Little shit.
That's weird. I used Windows XP on CollabVM and BitView had no issues, just the video not loading if you upload from XP.
I've had errors like that on Tracle and VidLii Remade, but never SubRocks. Weird.
exclusiveconte2Here's the error I get when I play a video: Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

Rain just randomly bursted in a few seconds ago
Enter your note herme...
Duck. They'll think it's like chicken.
i just found out vista's cancelled oldtube thing is literally just wordpress
Yo my time is 2006 rn
Fakebook works with 2007 date but it shows account made 2021 when you register :(
Myspace was made, [thefacebook] was a MySpace clone, VK was a [thefacebook] clone, and
didnt work at all. other options lets see, im fucking losing hope. And yes it's my brithday!
if this works i will be bombing the internet with revivals
....and then i found this thing called BlueBoxPHP which lets you drag and drop your own PHP social network. Try it and see how it goes....
Well i set it up but they have their own fucking stupid theme aswell as most pages just a white screen
I also found this which was totally expected (MyOwnTube)
I found this and i'm super excited to set it up
Gah, i was most looking forward to research Pwitter. But no information on it at all. Not even web archives.
didnt find any new sites but i found mine (sgp) as well as some dead sites i might look into
There are so many great things in Ian's github
i got banned from all heyuri boards except for oekaki and i barely did anything >_<
what the fuck
bitview already says its my birthday LOL
and yes i have a domain that i could make a subdomain of. the website will just be hosted on your webservers. and i don't care if nobody accepts lol. it was just a cool thought.
can someone work on a myspace clone with me? they can do the database and php (the backend) and i can do the artwork, the adminstration, the html only pages and the css. (or most of the frontend). because i want a 2003 myspace clone so bad
actually it wont even create a forum but still cool. i saw another site that looked exactly like it from 2007 called foroomy, i hosted a forum on it. but sadly it's dead now.
This site is from 2006 and hosts forums running on a beta of PhpBB 3. It's still up. is the WORST place to upload shit, because it does this slow ass download on its servers before it transfers to YOUR computer. Meaning, if your browser download speeds are slow enough, Mega will make it slower by a day.
my birthday is tomorrow
nah thatd be too much too. But i'll modify the play button on the studio to run the code
Forgot to say, itll probably be a launcher because if i made it a site id want user submission and im shit at PHP. So none of that's likely gonna happen
toudouboufou hope it doesnt die like all the others

im thinking of making a revival called InteraBlocks, which will combine features of early Roblox (2006, DynaBlocks, GoBlocks, IP, 2003) with an early Roblox client, which will currently be August 2007. It'll likely have a launcher where you can play preinstalled places, user places, and servers.
why does everyone associate me with this website? I loved it back but now Blips is better
enmanuelgaiming2020do not tell jr

So you know that Cyanmaster Twitter clone i was always talking about? Well i finally fucking found it.
found this goldmine
Oh yeah. Can't tell you how many times i've clearly checked the "Remember Me" box before being signed out automatically just a few hours later.
Wonder-tonic had a few criticisms about my site's accuracy
Go check out ClassiCube too. Full blown old Minecraft remake with servers. But use the servers only because the singleplayer is boring...
Why do all the ROBLOX revivals with cool concepts always end up drowning. TimeBlox, R-EVOL, LOLBLOX.... Game Maker, the child stealing program!
saw both coming

I found a random site that is literally just but the domain is a IP
had to delete a previous post because my local wifi kept detecting it as 𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐧 and blocking my page. now i know how it feels to be in afghanistan with the taliban over ur shoulder
Fun fact: BitView's slogan is actually taken from YouTube's 2005 slogan
I wish there was a 2000 deviantART revival
No internet end today. Woohoo
Dude. I know about that. It's existed for about a year now.
StoovellThere's Tracle but I don't think it has much features yet.

And i was gonna post that on Goodblox Wiki forums because i found from Discord. Now we'll have to be forced to use Brick Hill, offline revivals, wait 10 years for upcoming revivals, make our own, or just quit searching.
Well i didn't like how they still called their currency ROBUX. I discovered Goodblox when i came back to VidLii.
nauticallyepicGoodBlox was as accurate as it got, in terms of both the client website and community. Funny enough I just logged onto here to say I just found out GoodBlox isn't coming back anymore :(

The most accurate roblox revival website was LOLBLOX's
I wish there was a site that was more faithful to old YouTube than VidLii but also has a lot of modern features like; live streaming, like and dislike button (will be paired with star ratings), video player that adjusts to aspect ratio, polls, and so much more.
Donnie748south park should be rated e for everyone

End of internet is tomorrow. Sounds stupid but just in case.
Gmail notified me about Nickelodeon's birthday today, so happy birthday Nik-a-lik-dik!
tbh i should've joined bitview sooner... because honestly, even though 2006's header is awful, it also looked really cool. Aswell, why didn't vista do the 2007 theme? Would've been a lifesaver.
legit found this;
Now, Leopets applications are finally open!
I know the link to a website for YouTube's 5TH birthday.Still up somehow.
Technically, but in one day. lmao. Also my b day is Dec 9th so yeah..

Just learned about Xenobots. Not only wanna own one, but it sounds like crazy shit
What's two URL modes? Does it mean you'll be able to use pre-Yahoo style URLS (Neighborhood and ID) or post-Yahoo URLs (Just sitename)?
goom Still working on cqxcities

im battling with bitview uploader rn trying to upload a fricking video
Exactly, although the only revival crap i was into back then was VidLii.
Rn i'm reviving Idk how the database will go about but thesite should work
I honestly like the concept of what was. It was as faithful as possible while also being their own original thing.
First bweet -
I remember a few years ago i trolled a stream on Mixer because it said it was family friendly, and i kept on purposely cursing and bringing up inappropriate shit. I got banned from the stream. Now i wonder if he actually deserved it.
Then use it the way you want. The 2009 video style is just a stereotype for what YouTube newbs posted back then. There could've been newbs with professional videos back then.
KingKuru477i just feel like i want to break free of the ironic "stuck in 2009" videomaking style, but i don't want to abandon it entirely. i should make whatever i want wherever, but i lack the time to do so thanks to university

and then i put a troll on LMAO. Sorry anyone who played Retroblox.... Youre free to get mad at me lol
IDK WTF odd redirects Freenom has but the whole Bwitter site is in one page on lmao. Maybe we'll fool some people, who knows. Atleast some asshat didn't register it.
wait wtf LMAO Bwitter is on this is hilarious
I registered the old Bwitter domain and redirected it to here, your welcome
MarkoczekTVim searching for jr from witter

Everyone has nostalgia for old Roblox, but anyone have nostalgia for old Brick Hill? It was basically 2008 Roblox without the Comic Sans.
Today i found a group of people who thinks there is no Earth at all.
Image of the Bwitter incident
Thinking about it, the Bwitter database corruption was just Screech 2.0 but with a good ending
Oops, i mean SearchGoggloPlexia.
nauticallyepic@jr Will do! @AnonCarrot Nice.

I remember it now you mention it. Add SeaechGoggloPlexia to the revival list please?
nauticallyepicIDK if anyone remembers me talking about making a site dedicated to the old web and documenting revival sites but I can confirm that development on that project has started

God damn, look at that 16:9 player. Why can't we have that on the actual site?
maxpaineSonic Xtreme SXU gameplay |

burger craving
fun fact: you see in 16:9. Also, you can directly touch your eyes, but you can only do it gently.
im making my own roblox revival. 2006 style. I already have a client, and i asked this dude offering to make a revival site so i contacted him and he agreed. now gotta wait for a reply and get this crap started!
SegaSonictoday i found a bbc microcomputer in one of my schools rooms and i thought that was cool

am thankful for having a mom good enough to take care of me to this point. what are u thankful for???
k19s mom is the biggest bitch biggest bitch in da whole wide world lalalala bitch bitch bitch bitch bi-bi-bitch
that was from fucking days ago
AnonCarrot its back, DESU

of course u dont
do u remember
rip their guts out
SegaSonicthe kids at school make fun of me for having a wii only they say its for little girls fiang fiang fiao fiao xiao xiao
Punchy207did u know bwitter is available in china check it out

i used windowblinds for it. it took a long time to figure how to get the perfect font.
KingKuru477i used to use windowblinds, although after resetting my pc i doubt i'll use it again because it messed up some settings regarding color (it gets some values wrong) and also my ocd really doesn't help when i see modern elements mixed with xp's

i remember cyanfucker had a twitter revival, anyone know it's name?
there are some traces of segoe ui and inaccuracy here and there, but i don't really care. it would fool the naked eye.
nauticallyepicThat's more convincing than anything I've seen so far! I just repaired a free older PC I got, installed XP on it, and it's gonna become one of my daily drivers from now on probably

Thanks! Took me like a month or two to do
nauticallyepicThat's more convincing than anything I've seen so far! I just repaired a free older PC I got, installed XP on it, and it's gonna become one of my daily drivers from now on probably

Cookie yes!

my computer looks and sounds almost exactly like windows xp. seriously, want me to show an image?
i got a new avatar inspired by spirit of christmas art style
That's great! Logged in and no more snoops.By the way, did you fix the "USER ID DOES NOT MATCH GET ID" thing when you try to edit the profile?
fakebook Made the sidebar not show the login box when you're logged in:

Yea i know, if you download it from the official website it has a free license for worldwide usage :P
BLOSCHaha, fun fact, Hypercam doesn't even have a watermark anymore xD

yea, with marshmellows a good thanksgiving dinner
Punchy207sweet potatoes are awesome Me: Now who in the right mind would- *sees date* Me: Of course. The same people who tried to remove HyperCam's watermark for free.
i put in a new song for my friendproject profile and it is 80s music lol
Punchy207why am i being dragged back into liking 80's music

after today is thanksgiving break til monday Yea same result, dont think ian has bought the domain yet.
bloxcandyIt redirects me to a werid ass unsafe site.

I found a Club Penguin Private Server called Antique Penguin. It's very fun and based on very early CP. You guys should try it!
daymn google homework helper
Haunted Mansion - RBX2007 |
snapple43bitview > vidlii

BAHAHAHA the font
this- why? the 2006 one is 2007, the 2007 one is 2008, and the tuffled Twitter didn't even EXIST until 2010!
I feel like the technology being an asshole is a curse this week, because this week technology seems to be an ass to everyone.
@marblehornets Technology has been acting like an ass to me this week. This is a retro search engine i made that imitates the layout of old Google (mostly 2001 and 2002). All the searches are from a curated list, i think the normal search has like 395 sites. Also, it has lots of services, which makes up for being a copy-paste.
friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation
same, i search iphone 2 and thats what came up
SegaSonici thought there was an iphone 2 all this time

"Did you know that there isn't an iPhone 2? After Apple created the first generation iPhone, the one that came after that was all about 3G internet connectivity, so the iPhone 2 was skipped." I'm surprised there's even a iPhone 3, because people barely talk about it.
@goom well, i wish you best of luck in making cqxcities.
Cqxcities? Actually doesn't sound so bad.

i wouldn't focus on "the perfect name" of course you should make sure your revival name doesn't sound ridiculous, or has some crappy troll name. But i'm fine with having to find the perfect name, as long as it doesn't take so long you never start to develop the revival
yeah i know. thats why i said "make a site like old geocities again" instead of saying "make a noncities revival". perhaps retrocities, oldcities, seocities, funcities?
goom probably i could do that again but i probably might not think about using fopen again since i remember a few of those security problems or if it was used carefully + if i was gonna make it, i would need a new name instead of noncities

make a site like old geocities again! i swear to gosh since that thing was dead even vistaserv won't completely satisfy me!!! also, maybe more ideas could be like old google clone, or old myspace clone, whatever youre willing
goom getting some ideas

will anyone ever BOTHER to make a geocities clone similar to noncities? I mean, Vistaserv is great, but it has only one page you can make and you can't even play audio on your site!!!!!!!!!!
k19 is a shithead
i saw this and i just had to check the website...
my favroite old youtube theme |
YOU? Holy crap
@fakebook very, very broken at the moment! :P
It has the new logo! Although all the bugs from beta may be there. Lemme check.... But anyways, i'm the 5th user! Yay!
fakebook Thefakebook is officially launched! . We still need a new domain and a ton of rebranding but otherwise welcome!

heyuri is down again ;-;
i'm eating mac and cheese with extra cheese rn. so freaking gooey
WHY!!!!!! PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST ROBLOX REVIVALS HAS THE WORST NAME EVER!!!!,%203D%20Environments,%20and%20Physics.html
when you think a domain you found would be really cool but you want your domain to look like every other site ""
very cool! but it shows this sign in with my password and stuff on every page and its still thefuckbook wtf?
you guys should check out G3D-Fun. It's a recreation of 2005 Roblox, although you can't do much with it because the site is closed. But there is a level upon load
i wished it was gonna come back, but ok. i have a vistaserv anyways, although it doesn't have audio, multiple pages, and stuff. Clitorizweb's design is cool. Like a flashback to the 2000s.
goom rn its been used for clitorizweb and other things

fakebook A beta of thefakebook is coming really soon....

oh found the link. looks retro. can barely do anything on it but it's cool.
goom rn its been used for clitorizweb and other things

ah ok. that's sad. also wtf is clitorizweb
goom rn its been used for clitorizweb and other things

fuck this sgit ima out |

A rare of someone playing along.
same. bitview and blips are pretty faithful.
nauticallyepicOh yeah and one problem I got with there being several revivals for one old site, which I never really see talked about, is that it means each revival is never really active or can grow. I always hope that people can find one, good accurate revival for each platform so it can stay alive n prosper

yea idm the scene kids and goths although i just there was more of my community on those sites (btw i got a friendproject yesterday)
nauticallyepicTo be fair, goths and scene kids were a pretty big demographic on the original myspace which is why they're flocking to places like friendproject and spacehey lol. I don't mind seeing it if it's kinda accurate.

goom I may not have any more ideas for revivals at all

Same! Only 2 days to go!
Nah, i'd call it more of a site inspired by the aesthetic of old Twitter, like how Zippcast was only inspired by old YouTube's aesthetic. This site only 40% looks like any of the old Twitter versions i've seen.
DCTheGamrIdk honestly. I wish it did. Granted it’s a recreation of like late-2006 Twitter

i wish there was another myspace revival. i mean i love spacehey but i'm feeling adventurous. especially with a community i relate to, spacemy had mostly people interested in old site revivals (which is my interest) rather than darkass goths
gosh they was just asking for suggestions how the hell did i turn this into a freaking rant
also, it's ok to complain about big companies sometimes if they did anything actually WRONG, but complaining about them all the fucking time will not get you into that small ass gang at your school!
i mean, i'm not saying you should stray away from smaller websites and not make them a part of your lifestyle but fucking complaining about any necessarily "big" websites all the time is someone you dialed your own freaking number for. Sorry for the excessive swears.
@atkingThat's all they are. Rightwing fucks who whine about how the internet is "hEaViLy CeNsOrEd" while search up "gab", what's the first result. those alternative sites are the mutated babies of those fucks because they used to use all big company but their mind corrupted and now "big company bad"
@atking suggestion, free speech fucks
you broke the fucking hour chain
First ever bweet was by @9: first
@MarkoczekTV witter freaking broken rn :(
ok good
The owner said Blips was DMCA'd, idk if it was a joke or something but the site is still up. he's brave. But if that crap is real and it shuts down holy noo lmao imagine Twitter closing down their whole platform due to losing a deathmatch
Ok, so what's the new URL?
fuckbookAfter an existential crisis and a ton of shit going on we've decided to rename the site to thefakebook.
Earliest snapshot (lmao the icons a fucking fatass): And the apparent old domain: only a few days apart, wow.
Yahoo Japan is like a blast from the past. It has the old logo, it kept Geocities until 2019, and it has an old layout.
Wait 7 days, and then maybe I'll answer this post. You see, I am going away in seven days, and you will not hear from me again. Sep 4, 2001 4+7=11
Sounds cool!
Getting my hair cut by Susan. Learning frm Cathy that Ev looks great in his tux , getting ready for a marriage.
How does NFTs effect the enviroment? And cryptos? Excuse me because the only thing i've done relating to crypto is make a cryptocurrency online, but wouldn't credit cards be enviromentally dangerous by that logic? Can anyone help me on how NFTs harm more things than your money
I wish someone could make a YouTube alternative using the dating site layout (aka pre release YouTube). I wish that would atleast be BitView's layout on it's launch day.
I've just deleted the first site out of 338 URLs in my SearchGoggloPlexia search engine:
hmmm, thefakebook, thecoolbook, thevintagebook, themashbook, thegoodtimesbook, thesharebook, the socialbook? It would be cool to have a Facemash clone along with the website's rerelease.
fuckbookAlright, thefuckbook is launching on Friday, November 19. This will give me some time to fix the site a bit and set up cloudflare argo tunnel. Also considering a name change, reply with what name you guys would like!

eating some freaking good pumpkin spice muffins
when was the last time you used bwitter? because the database was corrupted weeks ago
dudewiththe101its nice how my account got deleted i really don't know why

Is that a joke or is that real? If so.... what the hell
hiewNotice: Undefined variable: get_sex in /Users/pixdoet/Code/html/fuckbook/profile.php on line 383

It is "", right?
fuckbookAlright, thefuckbook is launching on Friday, November 19. This will give me some time to fix the site a bit and set up cloudflare argo tunnel. Also considering a name change, reply with what name you guys would like!

I knew there would be an update about this! Thank god!
fuckbookAlright, thefuckbook is launching on Friday, November 19. This will give me some time to fix the site a bit and set up cloudflare argo tunnel. Also considering a name change, reply with what name you guys would like!

Dude. Don't you fucking dare try to make the name more embarassing. I ain't putting "Tigshitterbook" in my bookmarks.
bloxcandyI would recommend the name TigShitterbook

And seethe
CHA1NEDSWORDERthat sounds like cope.

fun fact: falcons are sometimes called "wind fuckers"
@Cookie what? spacehey?
@nauticallyepic yeah. idk why people like naming their revivals with swears. Like they obviously aren't gonna go anywhere, they don't sound serious, and they give horrible impressions (someone thought the fuckbook's a porn site)
@hiew yay kewl
@exclusiveconte2 I don't know either. But i REALLY hope it's a old facebook revival because i've been wishing for this in a longgggg time.
i had to change from that ugly ass default avatar some way lmao
does anyone know why all the vidlii users hate sutubo? i tried sutub (new sutubo i guess????) once and it was pretty good, although the thumbnails were broken.
Y know i find it weird how every old Twitter clone has one feature more than modern Twitter. Bwitter has a 300 CHARACTER LIMIT, Witter lets you edit posts, and even Blips has badges coming soon. They're trying to imitate your old version too, that's so embarassing
W.T.F Spacehey has not and will NEVER overtake Twitter. I mean Spacehey has likely overtaken MySpace. Maybe its because i was thinking about Bwitter having overtaken Twitter someday (although will never happen)
I'm betting SpaceHey has already overtaken Twitter. Seeing everyone talk about Myspace, it feels like the site closed after its gold era. If someone talks about Myspace it's the old MySpace and if someone talks about new MySpace it's just a rant on it
At the same time more are coming, there are also a lot of them DYING as well :(
DCTheGamrYeah there is Neocities and BitView as well. Though I think Bwitter, SubRocks, SpaceHey, and CloneMii+ are the main ones at least for now. Hope more recreations of old sites come around. Even if they never overtake the main ones.

there was also noncities. it looks alot like 1996 geocities (before it was bought by yahoo) and it was so better than neocities, in terms of authenticity. sadly it seems to be in this server update thats taking super long. maybe if it comes back ill show my site if it's even still there?
also, you should try blips. its an faithful recreation of 2007 twitter, bwitter is just part of different old layouts smushed together to make a consistent layout flow like vidlii. Same with BitView, made by the same as VidLii, but looks exactly like old YouTube.
@BLOSC same. i'm always looking for sites like this genre because its so interesting to be able to interact with some old sites layout and do your daily life on there, and not just some boring screenshot of something back in the day.
@nauticallyepic friendproject is only similar by a foot. There is also SpaceHey. It does have a few differences, but it was intended to be like MySpace and looks way more like Myspace back in the day (id say like.... 2008). Check it out and bweet your thoughts to me.
The meme depicts a kid in a hoodie. I really have to put these in my head. This is a picture of me with my head up, face down, chest up, and legs down. Some generated memes from
The meme depicts you as a clown. The meme will not only get people to do their work but will also get you fired for this meme. This is a new meme This is a new meme! this is a new meme!!! The meme depicts a kid in a hoodie. I really have to put these in my head.
The meme depicts a man who is actually a man. The meme is funny. HILLARY GOT A BONER INSTEAD OF DONALD TRUMP IN 2012... SHE GOT A BONER INSTEAD OF DONALD TRUMP IN 2020.
@nauticallyepic people like me actually care about how authentic the site is to the one its replicating, thats why i moved to blips
@nauticallyepic Also, this site is basically just some modernized version of old Twitter that doesn't have a default PFP from Twitter however Blips is designed to look and feel EXACTLY like 2007 Twitter... even the profile picture!
@nauticallyepic DOOOO ITTTTT i'm trying to find more retro sites every second i swear
was it? i honestly never got to sign up for it and it looks so cool i wanted it back ;-;
you mean spacehey dont cha. for a second i was excited
like seriously, have i been missing out on something? spacemy has been dead for almost a year
I'm surprised you even have spacemy
Punchy207i have 1 friend on spacemy

I hope when it comes back all the site will be back because i do NOT wanna make another site all over again
@AnonCarrot ah ok
saying this again, anyone know what happened to it used to be like a copy of geocities, but now it just has some page "ubuntu apache 2.0 server page". are they updating to a new server? and i better get answers this time.
@AnonCarrot yeah the description above the "What are you doing text" is similar to 2006 Twitter but otherwise its inspired by 2009 Twitter
@DCTheGamr yeah theres not much twitter alts but the only other 2 i know are wayyyy bettter than this. check out
yea it is
@Actually i bet the comments still there
DCTheGamr@jr oooooh, thats what happened. Ok

@DCTheGamr yea and i was so sad because that was the only old twitter revival i knew before it came back up
@vikimal19 the database was corrupted a day after bwitters birthday. i saw it live, i was going to bweet and i just saw a white screen so i keep on commenting at subrocks and then someone answered "yuki fucked the database" and "yuki made bwitter just for money"
Yo anyone know what happened to I hope some a**hat didnt register it over gooms, because then id have to use neocities. theres nothing wrong with it, but noncities actually LOOKED like old geocities, thats the thing.
yep :P
i finally found out how to reply... will this work?
nauticallyepicRight click on the little timestamp on someone's bweet (says something like "X hours ago" or "XX minutes ago") and click copy link. Then put the link at the very end of your bweet to reply to it :P

@cryptonomica im interested in any site thats a recreation of a site's old layout. watcha talking about?
@s vista commented on my profile, it's a problem with the server and since they don't host it there's not much they can do.
u k
Must've beeen a signal of defective internet, because a bit after the internet went out,but now it came back on. Let me check BitView.
and now i got 403'd again after editing my profile. WTF BitView?
I came back to the site and now it let me login. Why does that happen?
So right now i'm getting a 403 forbidden error on BitView. I searched and seems im ip banned. However "jr" is my first account and ive been getting this even way before i signed up. Any suggestions?
@marblehornet man if i saw something super disturbing to me i would delete it as fast as i can and there is you trying to upload that asap. You a creepy s**t hunter or smthin?
@marblehornet what the f**k
euuuuuuugh boreeeeeeed
My First Reaction to GoodBlox (A Very Accurate Roblox 2007 Site) |

@snapple43 -\ o_O /-
FINALLY, ITS BACK! And seems to be in much better hands now. Expect whoever made the login page. They fucking suck at it.



Name: Jr

Bio: I kinda left, normally I will stay if there is some good layout to equate to a toxic community, but this isn't the case. I'm moving to Blips.