Loom-icon hiew

just left subrocks' discord, idk what to say tbh

@enterwebs probably east malaysia only
someone make purple plant header or i reuse old assets from thefuckbook :troll:
just did the flagpole glitch in SMB1 with AISSON code multiple times
trying to make a bitview downloader....the video names are randomised unfortunately, cant get them right
thefuckbook is still in development... i'm trying to add status/posting/that thing!!! and friends. *proceeds to steal friends code from subrocks /s
am i the only person that thinks pit from kid icarus is cute
thefuckbook is at @Toudouboufou @Ahmed24ali
playing minecraft with my sister
sorry i had a stroke the downloader is at
Subrocks downloader:
@Grimance Yeah, basically any franchise that lasts for at least 2 years is gonna get toxic
@enterwebs actually, i mean "developing country"
@enterwebs malaysia is still a 3rd world country by international standards iirc
Joking about people living in mud houses and using 8088 computers get a brain lol do you really think Discord can run on a 8088? Joking at others being poor/no source of money just because they live in a third world country? Get the fuck off because you obviously dont know anything about people here
Not only is it extremely immature to do so, but that means you're either spoiled af or you have no life. Shaming people is one of the worst things that a person can do, and it costs nothing because you can't be punished for shaming people.
If you don't wanna make the server cracked, fine, it's your server after all. Just don't shame people when they ask for a cracked server. I wish someone talked some sense to these people that shame others just for a video game. If you don't wanna make a cracked server, say it politely, we understand
Besides, it's not that "insecure" to start a cracked Minecraft server. Add authme and it's basically done. I've seen some "purists" saying that they won't join a server just because it's CRACKED. Like, cmon, if that server has authme or something you won't have to worry at all with a strong password
I'm so tired of being treated like trash just because I don't own Minecraft. It's literally a hundred bucks here in Malaysia, which is A LOT considering most parents don't even buy their children games and are saving for themselves because of the fucking pandemic
Jesus Christ I wish people would stop poor shaming those who don't own Minecraft. Like, everyone is thinking that the United States Dollar is the sole currency of the world, which, spoiler alert, is NOT the case.
bwitter ded lmao
@MrBoats admin panel doesnt exist yet
@Wave64 Hello is full of bloat now :(
@Grimance imo they started to dry after the discontinuation of the 3DS, killing a line that lasted almost 20 years (2004-2020)
@xlstasy Can you send a link to alwaysclassic?
ROL Revamp is now ROL V3! Also the first wave of betas are out to specific users, but it'll be modeled something like this:
sanic the hadgehork
@Grimance i scanned it onto a pdf, some links are broken tho. I'll post it on my website and update you guys on bwitter
@Grimance i actually have a list of those, but its inside a book. I'll probably post it here after some cleanup
I will start work on ROL revamp
happy independence day for americans i guess
subrocks general be funnying rn
bwitter chinese, cry about it:
man i forgot about the bwitter api i made almost 2 months ago, time flies real fast lol
Anyways gonna install Arch Linux brb
f ff f fff and thats basically it  funny
opera 12 or DIE
@JohnR and im on the lynx browser!
Almost heaveeeen west virginiaaaa Blue Ridge Mountaaaaains Shenandoah Riveeerrrr Life is oooold therrrree, older than theeeee treees Younger than the mountains, growin' like a breeze
country roaddds take me hoooome to the plaaaace i belooooong west virginiaaaaa mountain mamaaaaaa take me hooooome country rooaaaaads
@Loquerndero666 Actually its quite easy to get yourself verified, you just have to join the discord and ask for it. Btw working on ROL revamped :troll:
real new bwitter user omfg welcome to bwitter @Loquendero666
the fulptube/subrocks community can be retarded sometimes
so quiet.... like, so. quiet
@ChainS 你真的是对所有人都有意见
@ChainS nak jawapan pergi ke china banyak jawapan untuk soalan kamu di situ
@jerd i pun tak suka kau
@ChainS 笑死,一个人对着整群军队还想开战🤣
我们最近被告知贝特,它需要被关闭。它允许自由言论,而我们不喜欢这样。 如果你不关闭它,我们会处决它的拥有者,并夺走他所有的社会信用。 祝你有个糟糕的一天 -中国政府
>looks at chat >dies of cringe
@shirus29 Ok
quick question if your crush has a twin does that mean you like 2 people at the same time
FUCK i forgot to switch accounts
anyways i be down for some rol development go check out @fuckbook for discord link
bwitter be a hot pile of burning shit rn
im probably high on math or something...math
and yes, i SPECIFICALLY spell "Windows" as "Windos"
idk, i can only think of not having a graphical interface scaring off windos users
seriously, what's wrong with using arch linux
im am funny
You're welcome @SMG10 !
a bwitter logged in archive:
@Marcusverse wrong account lmfao
You've been TROLLED. Bweeting from lynx browser btw
i have open source thefuckbook good luck finding it
why has life been good @ChainS
FulpTube has been shut down:
xcode 7 :hot_face:
http://imubb2oywi3z6ajvqgfoumnit6iatxkayc3byqaqzd2sby5lxbh24jyd.onion on Tor! Also add /fuckbook at the end for fuckbook on tor(im lazy for vhosts)
see what suits you then @ChainS
fulptube new domain: .net DOMAIN!
im planning to replace the front panel of my ipad 2's touch screen
is bwitter dead i dont think so
not a day without ChainS bweets taking up the screen
Hello i is posting on bwitter again
this is like discord except you need to refresh for new messages and there's a 1 minute cooldown
@Marcusverse i think my first bweet is something about the android mobile app lol
most bwitter users i talked to when i first joined are ded lol
@ChainS that wiki was not intended to be taken seriously
oops it's
thsi wikipage i made:
@Biew you are one letter away from my username lol
so many people are leaving the oic
<iframe src=""></iframe>
why is everything around me going apeshit
Fuck it Samsung girl is cute I’m switching now
reddit, quora, twitch and many other sites are down:
new macos ios ipados watchos and tvos like what
ajax is like...what
i wanna sneeze but i cant sneeze that's the worst feeling ever
hey developers who compile for windows and linux but not mac, make your code open source or find a mac and compile it #compileformac
gaming! also #compileformac
天青色等烟雨 而我在等你 is up again after a storm yesterday
who tf raided the site lmfao
@Marcusverse arent you living in the UK rn
@ChainS I grew up in that era too. The thing is just out those stuff behind and find a new community?
@wakaba yeah, but to be fair you can write shit code anywhere. It’s just the design and user base of php makes it much easier to write shitcode
Good question what is fteam?
ew new firefox :vomit:
unpopular opinion: php is the easiest language for a beginner to learn
@ChainS taken*
@wakaba same, im a lazy ass and js is driving me nuts. Why cant i use python for frontend programming aaah
When replying to a bwitter post give the link if possible, just saying
@maxpaine congrats! how did you brick it tho
it seems to work well!
posting from the lynx browser, hope this works well!
i am discord mod on ft now :troll:
fulptube might be rebranding to oldtube
@enterwebs dont you?
enter to the bin of music!
@PlainZero idk we wait until nycrite comes back from his mining adventure i guess
@enterwebs the weathergirl in most of the videos here
btw why am i simping over a weathergirl
shit i messed up bwitter with twitter and typed into the browser
its 6pm here in gmt +8 where i usually call troll time
To maintain compatibility with older browsers, i have a strict no js policy on my website
bweeting from new 3ds xl, seems fine to me!
@JapaneseKoreanTV welcome to bwitter!
rol is fixed (again)
i feel bad for compiling a racist os :(
i like how in this day and age old gmail still exists i make firefox buttons for your 90s website pleasure, combined with modern fonts and images
@Kirby speaking english wow
Amen bweeting from mobile data
I can’t stop this feeling deep inside of me
should i make an image hostnig site for bwitter?
yeah i regret adding login into pybweet, seems like
what happens if you bweet with no username almao
hello yes im bweeting from windows 8.1
i am rocking on fulptube 2013(it's finally fixed):
@mysweetpiano idk
hello @didiaoyuwo !
@mysweetpiano a site I made for ranting.
ROL has been shut down. Thank you for using ROL, and we’ll see you soon.
just presented to me. Thank you for your understanding, and learn how to shut up in the future.
Cool, I guess? But what does that have to do with my life, or my dog? If I didn't know that would I lose a bone? There are subtle differences between must know knowledge and useless knowledge, which in this case, is useless. I'd quite be happy to know more about GNU/Linux than the knowledge you have
@Javimaster you get dislikes from angry people of 2018 rewind
@javimaster you get dislikes from angry people of 2018 rewind
Yes it's true I made @fuckbook
it's 12 pm here and im fucking doing nothing
i is boring
ROL Shutting Down:
Apparently you have to delete EVERY partition of the hard drive to install vista. Stupid vista
installing windows vista, wish me luck. is online now
what happens if i get cancelled
why is it when i post on bwitter fuckbook is offline
@Osis try this
yo vista usb takes forever to make ievan polkka in 2021!
Make this video the most 1 star rated on BitView :) | Cats in me area :D
A little thing Nycrite, goom and I made: . It's already out of beta, don't worry! More features will be coming soon.
xbox os:
what did you guys do when bwitter was down?
I have installed windows neptune
Bwitter loads better in Windows 2000. Amen
virtually broken®
msn messenger: [email protected]
bweeting from windows 2000, hope it works well!
fuckbook edit_profile works :)
fuckbook progress is well. Accounts are done and profile pages are almost. Now to work on the profile edit and some other stuff
imma go do some trolling
@collabvm Imma mine bitcoin with it gl(obviously joking). Also ROL is back now:
RIP Risitas(kekw guy)
did 4chan users raid this website
twitter is unusable on opera 12
@enterwebs @goom what is the link for pwitter?
@Mac I sent you an email
@ChainS chill
I sometimes do not understand much of the Internet
@goom gl
they should sell the first bweet for money
@f screw you
scraped ft messaging api, now working on python lib for fulptube videos api
@succulent64 good luck, although its quite easy imo. Just add htmlspecialchars to everything that outputs stuff from php
making ft messaging api, releasing it on tue/wed
staying off most of the internet because it has made me more toxic than I want myself to be. Still on ROL tho
Unlike some sites we don't have xss vulnerabilities :)
@succulent64 yee, I also forgot about noobtube
does bwitter run doom?
@enterwebs ok imma try, thx in advance
@enterwebs to who should I verify that I am me
Remember me is such a great song
@succulent64 have some rest
Spiral staircases suck
muscle pain after typing html for 3 hours straight
when e man says d you know something is going wrong
e. Posting from a Windows xp vm with ffox 60
@SkaIsntDead Welcome!
@SkaIsntDead yeah, i think more websites should allow a minimalist/lightweight design for slower pcs. AFAIK only facebook has it:
one thing i like about bwitter is that it works VERY WELL on older browsers
posting this from opera 12.16!
@god has joined bwitter underated prequel to Numa Numa
@BAW beef. Also my kool rant site:
twitter intelligence is lower than the entire of zoos in the united states
FulpTube chinese(proudly made by me):
im gae
downgrading my iPhone to iOS 9.3. Wish me luck
@succulent64 maybe make NoobTube support mov files?
i updated the name btw: . Install with pip3 install bwitterapi
The first post made by a script that uses the better bt api
I uploaded bwitter-api to PyPi - . Install with pip3 install bwitter-api
i made the bwitter_api as an module, download link soon
making GUI for bwitter-poster, will be done before june(hopefully)
@enterwebs whatever you do, try not to get too fustrated on that lmao. 45% of the time it doesn't work
i love windows 7, especially on netbooks. Surprisingly my netbook from 2012 still has awesome battery life despite not replaced
I stumbled upon an old build of noobtube while testing the flash player. Lmao
im starting to go to fulptube more than bitview. Seems like I prefer the 2013 look more
@succulent64 The flash player's mute button is inverted. When unmuted it shows the muted icon. Hmm
@Rexed lmao u posted 8 times in a row
@enterwebs good luck. AFAIK xp can’t USB boot, but I might be wrong
@enterwebs portable usb?
@johnshedletsky it rocks
cats in my area are missing. might search for them as fast as I can
lmao I have a test next week so no dev until 20 April :(
And another one for the bitview poster: Godzilla/5.0 (SmortPC; Microsoft Linux 95_0_1) HiewsAwesomeKit/1.0.0 (CustomHTML, like Lizard) Version/0.0.1 bitview-poster/0.0.1
Lmao I made a custom user-agent for bt poster: Mozilla/5.0 (SmortPC; Microsoft Linux 95_0_1) HiewsAwesomeKit/1.0.10 (KHTML, like Lizard) Version/6.9.0 bwitter-poster/69.69.69
Malaysian politics in a nutshell |
@BAW chillax
@succulent64 yay imma upload myself singing XD
I remember noobtub's first video was "test", second was Foody's and third was mine
There isn’t much people on Noobtube. go please :)
@SonyViewer hello!
I find that 90% of the time when I upload/download my computer overheats. What do you think is happening?
For some weird reason my friend was touching me at school and it actually felt nice :/
@succulent64 comments :)
im in the process of making a bitview poster. Yes, a BitView poster. Work will be continued at tomorrow 6pm
@succulent64 k thanks :) Imma try it again
Singing again :) | I'm so bored today that I literally sang
@succulent64 just go to on any browser
Jesus Christ I made a glitched video AGAIN
vidlii is ded ngl
I sure am too bored
@succulent64 thanks. The template for the video page in noobtube is this btw:
apparently you can upload an empty glitched video onto noobtube.
@succulent64 ok thanks :D
@succulent64 how can I see it tho, when I go to results.php it shows nothing :?
@Foody yes :)
yay my vid got featured :)
@succulent64 thanks :) now I'm a poster on Noobtube I guess
@succulent64 it works now. Where can I view my videos?
@succulent64 it just gets stuck on my_videos_upload.php with a white screen. and @Foody yes im logged in
the upload on noobtube doesn't seem to work :(
@succulent64 tagging is case sensitive here, so @Foody instead of @foody
actually what year is noob tube based on
@succulent64 remember to post the link here :)
Apparently you can subscribe to yourself on Fulptube
@Supervisor It's a handheld only version of the Switch
@realnintendo wii music is my favourite ngl
Also the main source for images on Quora is "Google" for some reason. Pinterest and Shutterstock and other stuff don't exist on Quora :)
Reasons to not use Quora: >People have no fixed opinion >Everyone is too patriotic >A bunch of pedos >It's apparently wrong to be good looking on Quora >If you use other social media you commit crime >BNBR that doesn't work I'm just maxing out the character count don't mind me :P
@Rexed hmm ok maybe I'll sub you
@Rexed you have bitview?
@realnintendo my favourite console is the PlayStation classic :). For Nintendo consoles it’s the DS and 3DS family
@Rexed yeah:
@Rexed bwitter-poster is a desktop app I made for posting to bwitter
i compiled binaries of bwitter-poster for macos
@johnshedletsky ok lol cool
@enterwebs thanks for the video :)
@enterwebs apparently I have cool text on my history. Didn't see that coming tho
I suddenly feel like a clown in the middle of my friends ;-;
@Rexed at first glance yes tbh
@Rexed Welcome! Bwitter is a recreation of twitter in 2006 I think
@johnshedletsky jokes on you my fulptube is ian:
@johnshedletsky what's your fulptube
is there a list of verified users on bwitter lmao
one thing that im not so happy about some video sites is that they MANUALLY approve vids, which is gonna take forever
@SupeGanes2 thanks to you I found out about fulptube :)
the loop is working now
@enterwebs because there is no loop :(
@enterwebs glad it works!!
@skinet201 Who isn't a weirdo lmao
@enterwebs Thanks for the share :)
Bwitter poster - It works! |
so yeah. the bwitter poster now works completely. Gonna post a bitview vid of it :)
turned out i was a doofus. I put an additional / on the link and it didn't work
the chat has become weird
Why are there so many people with generic names lmfao
Doing the YMCA on a hill |
no idea how to make bitview poop lmao. Gonna skip this month's contest
Bitview's api had an update I think. Maybe I'll try coding something with it lol
@Punchy Vidlii is more broken than Bitview is. At least on Bitview you can still upload lmfao
@enterwebs how bout I email you or something lmao
man the login system is so hard to write
@enterwebs the keep me logged in check doesn’t seem to work. Hmm
@enterwebs lol
@enterwebs lmao everyone bwibbles
@TalalQ8 yes it is.
@enterwebs Maybe start by looking at how the feed works, then scraping the feed with code
@enterwebs Good luck on your project! I'm planning on a terminal-based app that can run without graphical displays.
@enterwebs I posted it on GitHub!
I made a Bwitter poster! | The Bwitter poster script working I guess :)
yeah tbh
I made @hiewsalt for a video explaining the api on BitView. Should be up soon
@enterwebs Python. I think I'll post it to Github after some clean up
posting this from a self made script
@ExDeeXD can you fuck other people tho :)
@Punchy gta sa is the best imo
do you sometimes just think about random stuff when you eat or sleep lol
@Shelldos you just join the chat
@Punchy I guess you'll receive electricity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Punchy lemme get you some lava
@Punchy I'd take it if it's chocolate milk
@enterwebs I don't quite understand lol
Would you rather not shower for 2 days or not play video games for 2 days
not really sure whats that about but seems cool
yes mmrrmmphtt
good luck @vikimal19 , and yes, math tests do suck, as @TrashStudioz said
idk why but most "remember me" buttons in my browser don't work. Anyone know why that is?
did he got banned?
@BwitCOIN wtf get some help man. You need some help
@Marcusverse hyped :)
@Marcusverse Maybe create the web client and add an API, just so that in the future app devs can use the API to make an Android app. Heck, maybe even make iOS and desktop clients
Bweeter is launching on mobile! Nice :)



Name: Ian Hiew

Bio: Hello! Its Ian.

Location: Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia