Loom-icon gerkel

fuck YEA!!!
thoughtful night
3:14 am over here luv
be mad (๛˘ ³˘)

sounds like double AIDS for ya yesirrrrrrr:3 <3 <3 <3
fuck12nah im BISEXUAL BITCH

how dare i not you're gay as they come yesirrrrrrr
RealOskarLogo2SHUT UP How DARE You!

too late now you're full gay

salutations you're gay
prob gon go somwhere in space , I hope tht at least
dude i'm sorry if you put crystal castles i'm wildin !!!!!
getting into movies, any recs ?
books are not useless ok???
wtf omg i love books they're useful ok ? ? ? useful !!!!
ok what the f come on man be disciplined !!!!
I swear something is going on w me !!!!
what is up with the world, what' s up w me ???
i'm not neurotic i swear!!
ever had that relief when you find an album that feels nice to you ?? yeeaa
but in the good sense
gonna be a really static night :-0
i'm actually @r luv, can't change my username yet haha so i made it for fcks sake rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
S wait, there's an R? @r also, there's 131 S's on my page as of right now

time to sleep and reconciliate w my dam thoughts sirrrr
cant smell no incense with my stuffy nose (lookin careful at you pollen)
hehe fight me
my nose can't breathe bc of allergies ¿¿¿¿
S 12:23

what if apples
favorite books?
holi q tal ¿
kinda wanna change my username lel
Tutoring Spanish is fun luv, learnin math is the hard part darlin i don't know what ta do :<
feelin the blues carrying me away away
Punchy207well youll be my friend now i'll take you under my wing

sorry, i'm like completely idiotic lmao
Punchy207no shit

thanks luv, like this right?
exclusiveconte2@gerkel just copy the link of the bweet you want to use and paste it into the end of your bweet

anyways, just got some sunscreen to start taking care of my skin luv hope i dont get burn with this ferocious sun ykwim?
how do i quote others darlin ? any0ne knowz?
is this one of those free speech websites because fuck I hope not
how do you even use this thing



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