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@Purple_Plant ok shit we have competition now (jk welcome to bwitter!)

Do i make a chinese version of thefuckbook and piss off the government of china for letting their citizens get facebook clones :troll:
Thefuckbook is back up!
Ah shit, apparently our server's ip got resetted yesterday night(yesternight?). Thefuckbook should be back up shortly.
Friendly reminder, don't search up for "fuckbook" on google YET...unless :)
The Fuckbook Servers have been upgraded to PHP 8! It should be more secure and fast(I think)
@MisterPyro We're sorry to hear that. Please email us at [email protected] to recover your password.
Sorry for the brief interruption on a few minutes back. We're making some optimisations to the server and it's back up again.
Working on pfps right ready! FUCK its nighttime time for bed goodnight
After ROL V3 is released, ROL V2(the current one) will be open sourced and released under a free license. New ROL updates come from this account too(I guess)
Holy shit we verified noice
$w4g custom tor link: http://fbookcl5wo5o6bgbvaor435wpuvbxgcse6s2kprxl3yddexoqyhcz2ad.onion/
ROL is getting a revamp: . More info will be posted in a blog post later.
dear bwitter users please stop being retarded
Also, we finally fixed htaccess, so now proper 404 pages exist! We are working on statuses now
@xlstasy Holy shit
@xlstasy What did you see lmao
Thefuckbook is finally back online: . Re-register for cool stuff, including signing into Class Omelette(secret!)
How do I get verified as a "company" account? I mean this is the real fuckbook but how do I get verified like this.
This summer, prepare for a total revamp of affc! Affc will be updating its design to version 3 very soon. Also, no, thefuckbook is still maintained, it's not dead! :D
@SMG10 I thought we had a monopoly :(
If you need support or wanna report a bug, email us at [email protected] You can also join our Discord server: and Guilded: ROL is open because thefuckbook's server is down
The SQL Database is still not fixed. We are trying hard to fix the issue. In the meantime ROL will be open for the losses . Sorry for the inconvinience
Amen yes we broke the SQL database again -ian
We are pleased to announce that our sister project, affc, has reached 100 posts on /g and /c:
thefuckbook will be down on May 26 as Nycrite has some stuff to do. Expected downtime for a day
Due to some issues with the database, thefuckbook has been down for a while. We expect to reopen it soon after fixing the database, which shouldn't take a long time.
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