Loom-icon fuck12

hes back on haunting the community again, just only privately on utub.
SupervisorWhat happened to chief bazinga?
all of us are mentally ill including you and me on bwitter
frickinfirenah i am not mentally ill

Bitview used to have a circle of people around 2020, now you just dont have that anymore but rather fetuses from collabvm (Dove Liko, Amdnwolf ETC.)
tbh private revivals dont really get better most of the time atleast for my experience, your best bet for roblox revivals is play with friends you know.
jrI agreed up til the private revival part and i now I think you were sent here by TADAH or some shit

your point is?
its prob a shitty flipphone for a boyfriend lol
lol i have smb3 on a physical nes cartridge but oddly makes off pitches. prob because i fucked around with it as a stupid kid back then.
i own a ps triple too! and 2 ps quadtriples, one for my parents room and the other for the living room.
i own a retron 2, a nes/snes thingy. pretty sweet but i dont have that much nes/snes cartridges
i have this odd hobby/phase now where i just love emulating snes/nintendo/genisis roms on ms-dos (emulated on dosbox lol)
v sup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gay thug irony/niggatwerk material right here

let him tweet the best thing in this site, i have hopes for this site being decent when he tweets.
jrwhy do you tweet the weirdest shit man

You must have no sence of humor, do you?
RealOskarLogo2No It's NOT 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

he isnt joking, they aint scary (but fun to read sometimes)
how about you act like it yourself rather then going ape mode over someone making fun out of who you just made fun out of?
and punchy goes, well as himself as usual. besides im 15.
unironically uses uwu lmao get this nigga off the site before he grooms himself in a alt
FrostBlaze@xXRavenSergalXx nm how are you uwu

replying again i gotta point out and love how 2 tamagotchi pfps = A MASS FUCKING FLOOD THAT WILL INFECT BITVIEW INTO MAMEVIEW. exaggerating isnt it?
4TEVENABweetsAgainInfested with Mametchi profile picture users and nostalgiatards since 2017!

unironically shut the fuck up and move back to band class

meh its not really that big of a deal for a small typo unless grammar is that god awful, but does help people out with typos. i dont see why people treat it as someone breaking the law
even funnier when you realize it was on purpose lol. except i couldnt spell acknoledge during the writing sooo.
yaey for ytpyoe fewofoe[fqpd
Punchy207and quote of the day is "why dont dumbass acknolage"

oh yeah and i just finished earthbound, really damn awesome rpg
i mean its infested by nostalgiatards because its built to be 2009 youtube. why dont dumbass acknolage that when its all classic youtube people who pretend its still 2007 and spread it to every fucking video ever? no problem to keeping it to yourself and making it look accurate how ever. (looong)
despite wearing a kuromametchi pfp on that fucking site i felt little insulted by that D8
4TEVENABweetsAgainInfested with Mametchi profile picture users and nostalgiatards since 2017!

ilovemanboobsMEN PENIS CUM CUM CUM!!!

no shit sherlock why else would i bother fucking to "not make out"
why would you care about that i dont speak spanish is that a must-do thing to translate 2 spanish words
sir i dont speak memeshit
mucho texto B)
SantyXP7271The 2016 Spotify design is the best thing I used in my life, Skype Classic is the best that Shitkype 8+, AOL still exists, but this low Yahoo, as well as MSN and Bing. YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook and all social networks have a sensure system as poor as that of Roblox's chat.

yo19801016 is the proof bitview moderation after kuz is nonexistant besides the boycott
i am william william william i like threatening for no reason i am super super retarded i like being a baby
YOU FORGOT THE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luisk9095you are gay a.( )yes b.( )the a c.( )the b

big words for someone who sucks dick in the closet lmao
stereotypeNo. Also, homosexuality is a mental illness, like liberalism or cancer. Will we ever find the cure?