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Hi everyone! Check out my awesome retrobook page and my awesome DameDaNeSpace profile here: A new blog comes out tomorrow so don't miss it. Bye Bye!
Study hall is for nerds anyways. Most people don’t even do any actual studying in study hall unless they have homework and even that is boring enough
stereotypeYou don't have a study hall? Holy crap.

You have study hall? I don't
stereotypeYou don't have a study hall? Holy crap.

I have to back on the 9th so here's my 10th grade schedule: Art Drawing 2, Algebra 2 Honors, US History Dual Credit, Businesss Info Management 2, Chemistry Honors, Computer Science 1, English 2 Honors, and Money Matters. Tomorrow is the Open House at my school
Hello. Yesterday was my birthday party. I like my birthday:) Anyways, everybody we invited showed up and I got presents and money from a lot of people
I think I’m the only sane person in this website since I saw what people keep saying about the rest of this website on other social media websites
Hello guys. I'm on my super old iPad that I've had since I was 5-6 which was in 2013. How have you guys been doing?
Hi guys! My dad saw me listening to Take Over The World by Your Favorite Martian in the living room and just stared at tv weirdly when I said it was a good song. It got awkward so now I'm just watching El Chavo del 8 on YouTube. Anyways, Bye Bye!
Hi guys. I turned the screen rotation of my kindle 3 and now I'm typing on a sideways keyboard. It looks like I'm on a laptop. I also like the way bwitter looks this. Bye Bye!
Hi guys! People are shooting fireworks for 4th of July by my house so my mom told me to get out and see them. They're cool but the police want to shut them down. Have a goold night everyone. Bye Bye! :)
Hi guys! I'm going to play dots and boxes on my kindle right now. EA Solitare is fun but it isn't something I would play every day all day.
What are you guys doing?
I'm still awake even though it's 12:33 AM right now where I live. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow but it will probably be very boring. Night Night Everyone!
Hello! My new kindle is getting boring so I might be putting it in a drawer. I also got a new bed
Hi guys! Blockly wants to reach 1,000 subscribers so I'm here to spread the news. You can unsubscribe whenever you want:
Yeah you did it right
gerkelthanks luv, like this right?

@gerkel just copy the link of the bweet you want to use and paste it into the end of your bweet
I got a better kindle today at the thrift store because I wanted to see if it works. My old kindle 3 is still #1. Also, I'm having a lot of typos with the keyboard
I got home today at 6 AM because I visited my grandma for a week. Have a great summer break everyone. Yes, even if you're still in school
I'm on my kindle listening to some music and posting on here. Tomorrow I have to go to my friend's quinceanera but I don't want to go because I don't like the way my friend acts. Also, I think she tried skipping class today
Hi guys! You know that bweeting on the kindle works but did you know you can use Facebook on a kinde as well? It's not that great but at least I can see new memes on it
I'm going to take a test right now but these teachers are taking forever to start instructions. My phone got taken up at exactly 9:00. I'm so bored. Wish me luck on this test everyone
Congratulations and I hope everything goes well with the 2 of you
Punchy207the date went GREAT, i took her out to eat, got ice cream, went to petsmart to look at the animals, bought some stuff at five below and hung out like them couples in late 90's high school movies

Why are you mad? If you don't want your account, why don't you just stop using it?
NightlyFox64DELETE MY ACCOUNT NOW, BWITTER! I am sick of waiting! I need to delete my account NOW, but contacting you just gives me an error message!!!!! >:O

I'm at the ballpark watching a baseball game. It's kind of boring though and my team is losing.
To all the new members, I welcome you all but please don't get involved in conflicts revolving politics because at this point, I'm 100% sure that all the OG bwitter members are not coming back due to the recent conflict that occured here. Also, join this website: Bye Bye!
Guys I got banned from twitter23. Idk why and I don't care because it was a boring website. Also it was in russian and we did not understand any of it
What happened to bwitter? Where is the good bwitter where everyone would just talk about their lives? Sorry to say it but y'all became toxic when these hateful accounts popped out. We need normal people here
Hi guys! I got to school late because the windows froze so my mom couldn't see a thing and then another mom dropped me off at the door and I walked into class at 9:04. This day has been bad so far. What do you all think?
Today at school we have a ping pong tournament. Yeah, I go to a cool school. Anyways, a lot of people are excited about it. What do you guys think?
Hi everyone. Have a good night. Bye Bye!
Thank you
OK so my mom had the bright idea to force me to be a dama (think of a bridesmaid) for my friend's quinceañera (she turns 15) but I don't want to. How do I convince her to not force me to do it?
I go to a magnet high school with kids from other parts of my city and these popular kids that enrolled from my middle school formed a clique of 10-15 people because they can't stand not being popular anymore. What do you all think?
01/21/22 SourceCode-API-IDE-Compiler 0 0.00 0 out of 100. She promised us all a 70 at most because we didn't check Google Classroom and did CodeHS instead. Thanks to her petty issues, I'm failing with a 72 and mom and dad won't be proud. My teacher is the worst
So my teacher told us to finish our work before class ended but I didn't so I'll do it in art class so I don't have to in the evening
It's 11:17 AM and I'm at home due to the snow. I have homework for AP Human Geography and Biology notes that I don't want to do
My teacher let us collaborate but my friend didn't sit with me so I'm alone
Sometimes I feel like no one ever really sees me. It's like people just assume they know everything about me. The only ones who ever really see me are my friends online or offline. What do I do?
I'm at school and out of nowhere the tv outside started making noise from the video playing on it
You went to school? I didn't
SegaSonicTweeting on my way to school this is gonna be so cool

Hmm... Your post is similar to mine. I'll let it slide though
SometingRandom98hi.SometingRandom98 here. I made a YouTube series, guymovie where I post asdf videos for 1 year. or something else

Hi. Mercedes Powers here. I made the YouTube series, 365 Days Online where I post daily videos for 1 year. What else should I post besides this series? Gaming, vlogs, commentary, DIY, or something else?
Good morning. Uh school got cancelled for me on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the rise in COVID-19 cases at our school. Yesterday 8 people tested positive and they don't want more cases but we have to make up those days at the end of the year
It was a math test I took just to see how good I am. I take geometry in 9th grade even though it's a 10th grade class and this test evaluated us with math for 6th grade and above.
DCTheGamrNoice. Idk much about the test so I assume that's pretty good :D

Overall score: 235 Numerical representation and probability:250, range: 243-257 Computations and Algebraic Relationships: 230, range: 224-236 Geometry and Measurement: 227, range: 221-233 Data Analysis: 233, range: 227-239
exclusiveconte2Just finished a test. I had to do 56 questions. Scores will be posted in a rebweet. Tell me if I did good and stay smart everybody

Just finished a test. I had to do 56 questions. Scores will be posted in a rebweet. Tell me if I did good and stay smart everybody
I use 12 hour time since it's easier to and it's what I know how to use well
Marcus Poll: Do you use 24 hour time, or 12 hour time? I personally use 24 hour time because I was taught that in school.

Bruh I'm in AP Human Geography class and the teacher is having us do 2 edpuzzles but they're boring
Hi. My friend Redzilla Studios will do a face reveal if he gets 250-300 subscribers. Please subscribe to his channel so this happens. You can unsubscribe whenever you want:
So blips is gone. At least I have a backup of my stuff. My profile, some settings, the timeline, and the Terms Of Service
I’m learning about excel in BIM class
I'm bored in class
Today I get out of school early. It's the best day ever
I'll be back with a brand new video on YouTube about an awful YouTuber named alfie chat. I know I said I was leaving YouTube but I'm back. Please subscribe:
Hi. I’m praying on Christmas Eve. It’s so boring here
Did you find out because I told bwitter or did you already know because your post is confusing me?
DCTheGamrMan. SubRocks shut down. RIP SubRocks. I was banned on Dec 4. anyways because of uploading 2 whole Eminem Albums. We will miss it :(

@yeeeeeeeeeee fulptube is dead and @novek subrocks shutdown and the discord server got deleted. Read about it here:
@jr I've wanted to do it since MS93 shut down but I'd have to look at archives and screenshots from 2004, work on it for months, and host it somewhere for free since I have no money
jrIs anyone ever gonna make a Myspace 2004 clone, with the authenic player and all that stuff? Not like MS93, REAL 2004 MySpace. Been wishing for it for a long time.

I had a nightmare about this kid who likes me where he was looking for me while I hid around my house and I'm in class with him. What do I do?
I just switched to SubRocks and now I have 128 video views. I want to be SubRocks famous one day but I don't know how.
I can't sleep. My mom shuffled my bedsheets
I'm exempt from all my semester exams except for Geometry and that's a problem because I don't understand anything from that class. Yeah, my parents will be dissapointed. What do I do?
Good night everyone
Here's the error I get when I play a video: Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.
exclusiveconte2Hi everyone! What video player does subrocks use? I'm asking because whenever I try to watch a video on my phone I get an error about the video player being unsupported and this never happened before. BTW, I have an iPhone

Hi everyone! What video player does subrocks use? I'm asking because whenever I try to watch a video on my phone I get an error about the video player being unsupported and this never happened before. BTW, I have an iPhone
I brought my ipad 3 to school for a class
So bored. We have to cook with dutch ovens during PE on Friday and they let us grab our phones so I'm bweeting while we plan. We're making spaghetti
Yeah that's true. I started watching when I was 12. I'm 14 and I still watch it
Donnie748south park should be rated e for everyone

Hi. I'm gonna take a test soon for AP Human Geography. Wish me luck. Bye Bye!
I have to delete my YouTube channel because I think I was doxxed. I don't want to do it though. I moght switvh to subrocks or bitview since I have accounts for those
I'm bored. What do I do?
Dad's roomba is terrorizing the house. I know I'm being dramatic but it nearly went into my room. IDK where it is but it's making me scared and I don't want to see it.
I'm at the store doing Black Friday shopping. Dad wants a roomba vacuum and I won't be saying what I want because I don't want to seem like I want to bragg
I'm grateful for having my parents still around and also for being surrounded by everybody on bwitter
jram thankful for having a mom good enough to take care of me to this point. what are u thankful for???

Happy thanksgiving everybody! What are you all grateful for?
@Snapple43 copy the link of the bweet ok. Hope it helps. Bye Bye!
At the laundromat with my parents. My phone is at 3 percent and I'm so bored
I'm live on twitch:
Hi. I'm going to look at a 2021 Ford Escape for my uncle at a car dealer 1 and 1/2 hours away. How do I stop myself from being bored on the way there?
My phone's at 8 percent. I'm posting from my watch. Just wanted to post this. Bye Bye!
At least you don't have to go school on Thanksgiving. I hope you celebrate. Anyways, what's everyone doing on Thanksgiving? My parents are going to host a family dinner.
Punchy207i dont get the whole week off for thanks giving this sucks but i get out wednesday at 1:00 and then got thurs and friday off so thats ok

Hi. School's out for a week so that means I can post a lot more. Have a good thanksgiving break everyone. Bye Bye!
@Cookie what is Thefuckbook because I really want to know what it is?
Wait. Can someone tell me what this is because I don't know?
fuckbookThefuckbook will be relaunched with Cloudflare's Argo tunnel VERY VERY SOON!

Hi. My computer science teacher was angry today. She gave most of the class tutoring just becase they don't practice coding for homework and she says they don't code well. I didn't have to go but tell me what you think. Bye Bye!
My mom picked me up from school this morning because of my head cold. I have to go back tomorrow though and I don't know if I'll be better. Let's hope I feel better tomorrow. Bye
Well, I've got a runny nose today. Dad says I might have a head cold. Let's hope I get better. Also, I saw my old english teachers at my high school
I'm so bored in my geometry class right now. Why does everything at school seem boring or dull?
Hi. Mom made me cream cheese bagels for breakfast. Today I have school and my computer science teacher will be angry as usual.
Hi. Just woke up. My legs still hurt from PE class yesterday. I'm going to heat up a chicken maruchan soup in the microwave. Thanks for reading my morning update. Bye Bye!
I fixed my kindle. I was posting on here and the screen froze for like a month. I can use it again because I had to restart and it is great.
Mom had me filling out a form about my interests but IDK the answers to anything so I agree to anything she said because I didn't want to do it. Also, @nauticallyepic and @Marcus the XBOX 360 didn't work so I might get it fixed but IDK yet
I bought something that might not work. What is that? It's an XBOX 360 in black from January 2010 that I found at the thrift store with the cables but no controller. Should I keep it?
I ate so much after I got home from my blood test that now my stomach hurts and I can't eat more. Mom was going to get me nuggets with buffalo sauce but I told her to get me some Taco Bell since I haven't eaten there in months
I'm getting a blood test at 4:15 PM but I'm not sure if I should fast or not so I have to call my doctor so I know if I have to fast or not because that was the only appointment for today and I don't want to change it
Hi. I don't have school tomorrow or Tuesday so I'll post 2 YouTube videos. Please tell me something you remember from your childhood and I'll mention it in my childhood video. Also, I'm doing a video on Family channels and why they aren't good. Bye Bye!
So I'm bored. I have to pray in a bit and can't escape or trick or treat after this.Yesterday's costume party sucked. Have fun today and post something cool for me. Also, happy birthday @Kyasadi927 and @nauticallyepic. Bye Bye!
What are you doing? I'm at a costume party dressed as a pirate. Everybody I talk to is being mean today and want me gone but I can't since this is my little cousin's party. What do I do?
I got the bwitter app on my phone. Use iCustom on iPhone to get make the app and then use the imgur url to download the bwitter app icon. iCustom url: bwitter app icon:
Hi. Today I’m gonna tribute my 1st bweet. What’s my favorite food? It’s toast, especially the toast at IHOP but without jelly since I hate jelly. The bad thing is it leaves crumbs everywhere. So, what’s your favorite food? Rebweet me with a response. Bye Bye!
I’m the YouTuber Mercedes Powers and I was also a bweeter on here before the old database got corrupted
Bwitter’s back online! I’m so excited about being able to bweet again. I want to make some friends on here. Anyways, I’m near my school. Bye for now.



Name: Mercedes Powers

Bio: I’m the YouTuber Mercedes Powers and I like clones of old websites, playing Microsoft Jewel and Sweet Shuffle on Zone MSN, and being alive. Same username on Witter

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