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i had to @ 9 on discord

fuck you my penis is average sized
@Chainsw0rd not in a fucking pandemic retard. my area is literally in lockdown
oh look you invited your fuck-buddies over, how cute. when are you having a threesome you fucking faggots
That's besides the fucking point you maple syrup piece of shit. How come your native language is English, yet you can't fucking come up with insults other than "wahhh this guy raped my cat"
whatever fag, most of your contributions to ha fav are reposts because you're mentally incapable of making content that isn't intentionally meant to look like it's from 2007
at least i didn't run a shitty twitter meme account lmao
idk you started with the fucked your mom shit
i fucked yours waaay before you did
hey chainsword have you been harassing people for liking something you don't lately?
i was having a good day until i was reminded of chainsword's existence
fucking baby ass 13 yr old LMAO go back to roblox or something i could kick your balls and they would desintegrate instantly
suck my dick chainsword you a fag
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
ummm bitch sorry for being internet famous (/ ̄ー ̄)/~~☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆
post-verified lifestyle: everyone wants me dead
it took me a week to realize that punchy is holding a coffee mug :)
man i kinda wanna open an internet radio now
there's something really appealing about web radio stations and i don't know why
@Punchy207 a lot of great artists (birds fear death, khalil blu, chicano batman) don't get the attention they deserve :( (rephrased that better)
they're gonna open up the us borders for international flights from and to some countries, including mine! oh boy!!
IMPORTANT NATION-WIDE ALERT: i'm listening to hyperpop again
i’m listening to harsh noise music wassup
that’s definitely not chipflake
i’m stuck between rap and hyperpop what do i do
@enterwebs i’m ok now thanks
the headache and coughing stopped but i still feel like shit
fuck i've got a headache and now i'm starting to cough i'm fucked
@lua sorry man, it has my full name and i'm paranoid about ppl leaking shit
everything besides my profile picture and connections were lost to time. sad
the best part is that i had a buddypoke profile picture
i forgot i had to produce music ahahah
like how did i not notice he's like one of my favorite artists
i just realized there was a new deaton chris anthony album... that he released 3 months ago.
@Punchy207 i meant like.. it feels so pointless. like i felt unwelcome on twitter but not youtube.
why am i joining these old youtube alternatives
@enterwebs prove what
@enterwebs what do you mean verify myself?
@NotNintendo i don't know how to get verified but i don't think spamming "verify me pls" will get you anywhere
@mac thank you
@infiltrator these accusations are being made by absolute retards there's no way they're real
@infiltrator well i literally grew up with mid 2010's youtube i love that layout. wait who's the owner?
but i literally just made a fulptube account aggghhhh
@enterwebs their service with like 3 users on it lol
@Punchy207 :)
@EthernetBoy2004 because you keep accusing people of random shit like a total fucking retard
this ethernetboy guy has left a bad impression on me since the start
@EthernetBoy2004 what fucking truth you're always accusing people for the most dumbass reasons
@TurkeyBurkey i like to think youtube was really that way in 2008
@Nintendo lapcat more like cat lap dance ehehehhehe >:>
@enterwebs a fight indeed lmao like "kiddy fiddlers" where did that come from
fulptube is just gonna blow up like vidlii and become a toxic wasteland
the fuck was that
i'm hungry
twitter pretty much fucked me up
at least this site doesn't deterioate my mental health
imagine using websites that mimic old versions of social media to sound cool
pocket crocodile! hold him in your hands!



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