Loom-icon bruhmachine

yurmom try not to be an npc challenge
people have been bitching about this sorry excuse of a community since it came back in late 2021
no lol
Punchy207remember when people didnt bitch about bwitter

remember when bwitter was fun to use
bwitter servers when someone trys to do literally anything
the joke is its a slur get it (laughing crying emoji here)
Punchy207a mexican than uses blips, probably

blips is kicking bwitters ass
shove it up ur fucken ass
he watches beluga, how old do you think he is
all you do is bitch and moan about the site and wonder why no one likes you there lol
no your just mad that everyone there hates you lol
just beat gta 5
damn bwitter dead rn
Making eyefind but fully functional
I hate going back to school but I got a pretty good adidas hoodie out of it so its worth it i guess
looks like my uncle is in the fucking hospital
take ur meds schizo
sometin stupid i made
just act like a sane human being lmfao
oops i missed😭
Are you that insecure about your sexual preference lol
better than talking about how jacking off should be a sport lmao
Do you know what that means lol. It's not top tier comedy bud.
yeah i used to be really annoying on here too
Punchy207im sorry that im annoying, you know this is really one of the only social medias i use and to be honest im a very lonely guy so i post a fuckton here cause i like this site and i really dont have anything to do with my life till i go back to school in like 2 weeks and get a job soon

im starting to doubt that ur just 28. you sounds like a 60 year old alt right bitch lmfao
I dedicate this song to cheif bazinga
you and that other guy from blips are just being hostile for the sake of being hostile lmfao
why do you give a shit lol
WorldOfThings@Stray is on blips and here too.. wtf man

ohmygod im sorry bro😢
better than posting your gay ass bitview links
after like 2 months i finnaly got my laptop fixed
(28 year old can't learn to coexist)
God forbid just ignore them
fishGoodBwitter now removes Punchy's tweets

I've always wanted an Audi Spyder
These fucking boneheads don't shut up
Well don't
Go back to doxxing kids lmao
CJSL2O18Miku's boobs be looking real milky rn

Why are you still sucking off bitview, it's a site that will never be fixed and wasn't ever that good in the first place.
It literally rained all day in New Orleans
I seem to have spotted the most sane Bitview user
TherealkanyewestYeah I'm not gonna lie, I love talking to minors. Put me in jail I do not CARE! Just something about

@Griffen Have you ever heard of this thing called turn off your fucking caps lock.
Some creep took a shit outside of the local GameStop
Sorry I don't speak dweeb.
ⁿᵒ ᵒⁿᵉ ᶜᵃʳᵉˢ :⁽
I've gotten back into GTA 4
I fucking hate Roman why do I have to go bowling every five seconds.
Oh good Lord.

I love getting on my PC and going to, it's such a relaxing place to unwind and have fun with the wonderfull community🥰🥰
Bwitter drama, not twitter drama, get it right.
I think it's pretty obvious
Punchy207idk why youre looking ate men's cocks but ok then

I prefer the skin of dead hookers but ok.
Cool I left a bomb under your carpet.
Stupid bitch
Doesn't change the fact that your family disowns you
Stop acting like you get any pussy.
Ow the edge.
Punchy207yeah fuck you too

Man you're just kind of a bitch in general
Hello dead site
Out of touch old fuck thinks being homophobic is top tier comedy.
Don't acknowledge that weird foot guy. He's probably a troll.
TheSevenGamerI Think its safe to leave bwitter now.

Im outta this shit hole
Go tie your fucking dick in a knot
Idk something about feet
Who do you think.
Better than liking feet :/
Dude sounds like a mentallt unstable perosn
Nobody cares about yo stupid ass binary code. Just use English characters
Are you all mentally unstable?
What is with this fucking site? Either it's butthurt cunts or people who like feet. Wtf?
I think I logged into this dump at a bad time
Yeah so get tf off.
Dream is old news
Does everyone in this godforsaken site have the patience of a fucking toddler?
Bruh give it a damn minute. Or for the love of God just go to YouTube.
My guy ur 28
You dont even go to school wtf
hello bwitter people



Name: Dylan