Loom-icon bruhmachine

Stop acting like you get any pussy.
stereotypeYou are missing out buddy!
Ow the edge.
Punchy207yeah fuck you too

Man you're just kind of a bitch in general
stereotypeThey wont like me in Columbia beacuse I'm anti-gay and anti-socailism.

stereotypeMore than 400 people in this amazing fan club!

Hello dead site
Out of touch old fuck thinks being homophobic is top tier comedy.
Don't acknowledge that weird foot guy. He's probably a troll.
TheSevenGamerI Think its safe to leave bwitter now.

Im outta this shit hole
Go tie your fucking dick in a knot
Idk something about feet
Who do you think.
Better than liking feet :/
Dude sounds like a mentallt unstable perosn
Nobody cares about yo stupid ass binary code. Just use English characters
Are you all mentally unstable?
What is with this fucking site? Either it's butthurt cunts or people who like feet. Wtf?
I think I logged into this dump at a bad time
Yeah so get tf off.
Dream is old news
Does everyone in this godforsaken site have the patience of a fucking toddler?
Bruh give it a damn minute. Or for the love of God just go to YouTube.
My guy ur 28
You dont even go to school wtf
hello bwitter people



Name: Dylan M. Corona