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Welp, can't play Brawl right now because I accidentally scratched my SSBB disc. :'(
Update: IOS249 has told me that, some hackers gonna visit my town, and corrupt it by placing too many seeds. If you want to visit my town, just message me on AIM as long as you're a close friend with us.
About my Animal Crossing blog, I accidentally set the year to be 2011 when today is 2010. Sorry about that!
Animal Crossing: Wild World Review: (Too late to tweet this, sorry about that!)
Lost again, but, still gained some BRs so.
...and I lost at the Battle mode.
My Mario Kart Wii friend code: 4601-6309-6719
Just installed Windows 7 on my PC. Too bad everything's gone.
Finished setting up my blog:
Just played some Halo 2 on my PC. Very good game by the way.
Exploring the ROBLOX HQ:

I tried to play Mario Kart 64 on an emulator:



Name: Brent Collins

Bio: Hey guys, my name is Brent, and I love archiving some Ultra 64 stuffs.

Location: United States