Loom-icon atking

thy kingdom coom, thy will be doom
piΨng rn
tmfw having to give reasons for beliefs "why are you a monarchist?" the aeshetic bitch
i watched 2 thee blackbadger videos and now i'm getting ads for a christan dating app coz he puts bible verses in the description
discussion. does sollux have 4 balls?
•   •       (   `  ×             .       🎀      ¤   × ` (     ¤ •     •      🎀   ( •  ¤      ¤ • spac
gonna hit up some escorts from craigslist to play castle crashers w me
time for every discord servers icon changed to have that stupid fucking fake notification
todays HS got up to act 6 intermission 2
Your ancestors are looking down on you in disgust
SpaceHey raided by 8ch cels gonna need moar captchas... GTFO irrelevant imageboard
windows 11 is so gay
zodiac is so wierd?? like what is this sperm looking thing ♌ who"s born on sperm
if you are feeling like you are stupid, just remember that you will never be as stupid as the eshay who, today on a garbage cleanup crew, opened a small yellow syringe container he found on the ground, and stuck his finger in it
"i'd cut off my finger for komaeda" but would you cut off your legs for tavros?
bluh!!! FL studio is so dumb!! why does it cost 50 bucks to get the default soundfont player when sforzando exist?
should probably remove the twitter on my spacehey that links to kfc
what the fuck are you up to vriska... (just reading some homestuck)
:(( Nuuu thats meany!! except for dylancorona who posted elmo cock to the discord :v
ooh is it time for the monthly board drama
Attn Users! Blips is back online...
hey if we fuck with evolution, selective breeding etc do you think a real life homestuck troll race could exist feasibly in the next 1000 years? it worked with dogs it should work with us
cottage core means no wifi
Nvm it's actually pretty cool
Punchy207doin art

This better not be porn
Punchy207doin art

yo isn't it strange how you constantly remind people via lengthy pop up to sign out on the login screen when YOU AUTOMATICALLY SIGN EVERYONE OUT ANYWAY
faux, additionally homo
not really, imageboards are their own thing and don't really overlap with most of the sites i know
Yoshizin_Gordindo you consider 4chan oic or alt net?

🎗happy Christmas Awareness Day 2022
alt-net being mah term for anything part of the circle e.g. spacehey, neocities, this, bitview/vidlii, & everything yesterweb (excl. THOSE sites a la BitChute)
i think a single website that has board-categorized chatrooms would be cool. use multiple of whatever uses for their guestbook. Altnet style of course
jrdont assume + you fell + i identify with they/them pronouns + i'm a minor + everything you say is a total L + you're 25 and i feel uncomfortable + show respect this is a safe scape + i wanna punch your baby pfp + kill all men

changing PFP . reading homestuck A5A1...
Omg just like the funny movie with johnny depp!!!
Punchy207theres them videos on the internet its like them russian ships bombing their somali pirate crap its badass

this comma makes your text backwards : copy and paste --> ,‮
ࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤ :O
what is omega verse
RubyRovers50Have anyone been on Wattpad yet?

Just saw someone vaccinate themselves on the park bench last night!! ❤💉 Together we can stop the spread.
Do care! Did ask. <3

if anyone who unironically uses "/s" or "/j" in posts joins this site, i am going to / my wrists
I don't think you know what TLDR means?
Yoshizin_GordinTLDR: most "nostalgic boys" are delusional fucks that were born in 2008-2011

no posts 50min .... the silence is defining
hahahahahahahaha hat man
Well you shouldn't be on Bwitter then
Punchy207no because im not insane

hope i wont have to "fight" my shadow-self again :P re if u do it too
Oh shit! Though this might be a good thing? I read their website and they seem capable enough of running the site without fucking it up...
Kemesbitview will be back soon, the owner of vidlii (and bitview) sold both websites to kolyma network so they gotta swap the servers

Ninetndo Erect 😩😖!!
maxpainethere is a nintendo direct today :D

where are mods when you need them....


What's the opposite of a fetish. Because I have that for feet. fuckin gross things.. just remove them!
quote if u shit in the shower and stamp it down with your feet or if you hate racism
I have Retained Position of the title of World's #1 Dirty Man. The demonstration took place in the Local McDonalds. It involved numerous requests for "breast milk", although two Horror Points were deducted due to the cashier being male. Thank you for supporting my quest
WASTE ALL YOUR MONEY on some STUPID BRICK HOLE when you could actually be doing something better. Also, if you are worried about "needing adresses for jobs" here is a tip. List some normie's "home" (make sure there's no doorbell cam) and just check the mail occasionally. WE WILL NOT CONFORM!!! (2/2)
HOUSES ARE A SCAM. Just sleep anywhere! HOUSES suck out all your time and money, they're torture to deal with. Tons of people live fine without them, and you can too. Crash at a friends, sleep behind a dumpster. It's easy. BRAINWASHED SOCIETY LOVERS (Or "normies" as I call them) WANT YOU TO (1/2)
*pushes old guy in wheelchair off a balcony* happy weels
woaw, spacehey is way bigger than just an altnet site O_O
god....wat is wrong wit socmedz lately. they needa catch a break rn =/
so sad dat acid notation didn't get recognised by a big brand or smth... could've gotten really massive in the techno scene, like the beatles of techno
you know iim all about your face bout your face no truble
i wonder how a Strip Conway's Game of Life would work.
Very weird video... what do u think it means??
we need a word for all the ~15ish altvid sites populated by crazy rightwingers who got banned off facebook
honk if you love logic
haha mac has been on vrchat for 5 hours 41 minutes now
iPhone X: It's virtually unbreakable, unless it's broken.
6.5 side polygon. sexagon
Nothing beats late nights sucking at Open Hexagon and reading pirated Warrior Cats PDFs.
you win some, you lose some (lives)
omgg happ birr!!
nauticallyepicHappy birthday to @Kyasadi927, happy Halloween, and happy birthday to me as well because it's also my birthday today

Happ Birr @Kyasadi927
Actually, profile pictures are left over. See (I haven't registered that account yet)
nauticallyepicGood to be back!!

maybe "kill-everything.js" wasn't such a good idea lol
Aaaand we're back!



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