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Update: Nothing happened lol
Yoshizin_Gordinwatch vidlii have the same uploader bug that bitview currently has after this server change
you better get ready, because the only option is migrating to bitchute!
Punchy207oh dear god

watch vidlii have the same uploader bug that bitview currently has after this server change
mkae suer 2 vsiet muh liofvid
is bitview dead yet?
just ordered another internet on the vinyl
my video count on bitview currently is the same as my subscriber count, and it will probably stay that way for sum time.
i'm eating a salad right now, it's pretty tasty.
The more i play cs The More i realize how boring goldsrc realism is
Robot Jones Wuz The Target Of Multiple Mechanophilia Groups
Punchy207whatever happened to robot jones? I miss the little fella

why is bwitter so good when jr is fucking dead
bestest of wishes to yo nana, punchy.
oh hey, just when i was talking about living through shit in revival sites!

aren't all famous youtubers dorks?
Punchy207vidlii's already goin to hell with some famous youtuber dork makin a vid about it, now its got over half a million users and its all fnf videos and 13 year old boy crap

i think i favorited the goatse video, lol.
AnonCarrot not only gay black porn, but also goatse

i hope i get to see more shit, but who knows, maybe the entirety of the revival scene will crash and burn before june.
i only lived through the day that anthonymoose uploaded 2 minutes of gay porn.
Punchy207i remember the day bitview was flooded with scat porn and a live beheading video

why did you post the link to a real video of the war on terror?
ROBLOXIgotzz[another video] Retro Reviewer -- Blox Wars: Desert Attack |

Today, i learned something: The Leaked Doom 3 Build From E3 2002 Takes 2 Hours And 35 Minutes To Download On Brazilian Internet.
Bitview is back, but no uploader fix
Yo i just heard a loud boom outside my house, is new york alright?
regular shit, site does not work for concerning amount of time, barely comes back and then stops workin' again.
toudouboufou LOL, wtf happened to BV?

Bitview really did a liveleak move and blocked logging in.
shut the fuck up about anthony giarusso, and begin talking about some anthony giarussy
gee i sure love old-styled websites with friendly communities that rarely discuss stuff like politics, i hope 2 simple bans don't begin a shitstorm of alts :D
finally got irc
it's a subreddit.
DylanCoronaTVThose sites still fucking exist, sad.

backdoorgore2 is fucking flooded with war videos rn
what kink is this
Punchy207i splashed water on my brother and he kicked me in the chest, felt good

my biggest possesion is a gameboy-ish thing that has 400 nes games in it.
turbo nerds like me and jr.
Punchy207cause who cares

it's called the alt net cuz all it's members have a lot of alts in the net haha m i roit
you goin' jerky with sum beef?
Punchy207bought a ton of beef jerky

Ohio Happened in ohio.
i, myself, think some boards are oic, and some boards are 100% alt net.
do you consider 4chan oic or alt net?
jri consider the "a la bitchute" sites alt net and these sites oic

All My DC's, Have DM3's
just made the 6.1 cs beta work on my pc and holy shit the average pixel count of some textures is like 31
memberin' the day i was a kid and saw a bird completely still in the air
Just installed mypal, and, i gotta admit, i fucking love it.
i can't understand people who want pre-2015 memes to come back, everyone saw what happened to trollface, then expect everything to come back normally?
Finally, a Rapper that doesn't mumble!
jri saw this dumbass post and i really wanted to reply to it so i made a fake fb account and not even BEFORE MY ACCOUNT'S SETUP IS DONE i'm fucking banned

shit's so rainy here in brazil i can't even see outside my windows lawl
me vistaserv n' shit

it must've been pretty cheap.
Punchy207so thats what happens to people when they get a full frontal lobotomy

update: i am now awoken, and eating, still confused but not dazed.
goed to sleep at 7 PM, i am now awoken, dazed AND confused
how the fuck did you figure out how to actually use mac?
Kyasadi927 It really doesn’t. Like, I collect old computers and phones and try to use them in place of my normal shit not because it’s better, but because it’s just plain ol fun. Like, I was glued to my iMac when I got that thing.

I'm bweeting from a fucking samsung y'all
not even good water, it tastes like warm water with a shitload of salt.
how can people like piss?, i tasted some of my piss and it just tastes like water with a shitload of salt.
the popular half life mod known as "cry of fear" is a horror game based on living in eastern europe
jr? the nazi shit or you talking to someone else

hannah montana
jrwho? who are you talking to

oh, i apologize for my serious mistake, and hope that one day we can forget such thing and be friends.
ok, how the FUCK did you do this.
atking ࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤࣘࣙࣚࣛࣜࣝࣞࣟ࣠࣡࣢ࣣࣤ :O

I don't like faceless people, in fact, they are greatly disturbing.
jrAgain, never was talking to you. (I hate that phrase but i had to say it) Do you like faceless people? I don't.

i've never done this,in fact, my videos are made in wmm, you are just angry because people realized old designs are outdated.
jrAswell you guys actually ARE moderntards. The definition of a nostalgiatard is someone who forces everyone to think the old things are better. While we accept the fact that people use Discord nowadays and people use modern YouTube. Hell, we even use it. While you guys ATTACK people just cuz WMM vids

warm coca cola tastes like cold tea.
TCG683warm coca cola is good

what did you mean by this, hun?
jrSexual Harassment is Good

YOU use omegle, YOU got banned from omegle, starting to think cfv calling you a nazi wasn't a joke.

you probably know a lot about bullying too, considering that you don't hide yer porn folder.
You CLEARLY Are Very New To The Revival Community
CC229bruh i didnt raid the website now fuck off before i snap

the dog I got 2 days ago Just had a seizure and died.
i wonder if this black screen thing is related to me trying to upload shit to bitview while the server change
someone's trying to make a day of defeat: source mod that attempts at being a completely new game, it's called day of defeat: Vietnam, despite this name, the mod has none of the weapons, uniforms, or anything that looks like Vietnam, for that matter, it's literally just re-shadered dod;s
Punchy207why do you talk about this guliherme guy so much, is he your boyfriend

ahh shit #jrgotaids
jrJust found out the Blips girl is actually a man

betatoob? more like, like, betaboob
my dog just came out of his bed and peed on the living room ohmygod
says the genji
jrSays the Genji porn watcher

the second you buy an nft, the cryptodrone22 comes to your house, and infects you with the coinminer virus, that destroys your brain so much you begin having caveman-ish behaviors, and that's why every cryptofag talks and thinks the same.
you CLEARLY like that picture, too bad it doesn't have fingernails.
jrOOOOH I see now..... Ankha has a expanding pussy and big boob pictures.

i fucking love COW EVOLUTION, i could spend a whole day playing COW EVOLUTION, COW EVOLUTION is better than anything ever uploaded to the playstore, play COW EVOLUTION.
oh fuck, i thought it was only happening because i live far,far away from where the new servers are located, guess i'll just wait and see what happens.
Punchy207all the ones i've tried uploading have done that

anyone else's bitview videos coming out as black screens when uploaded? also sorry for all of that random rambling
TLDR: most "nostalgic boys" are delusional fucks that were born in 2008-2011
klocowayyy mypal is awesome browser for nostalgic boys B)

save yourself and become a motivational CEO quotes account.
Punchy207you may think she's an open book but you dont know which page to turn to

I Don't fetishize nails, but if i did, i'd be better than jr.
uploaded a video 9 in the morning, it hasn't shown up on my channel yet. gotta love server changes
i feel like i've lived this before
AnonCarrot I have a simple question: Mac, linux, bsd or windows

it's a fucking cat, ever seen a cat's teeth? who would want that shit on their dick?
Ben_doveragain why a little anime girl isn't that perveted

man, fuck modern first person shooters, i want to feel like Xx_R4nG4r_-S8P4r--K1ll4r_xX not like john, american soldier who is going to die in his 20s
code monkey is the most tragic figure of the 21st century.
it doesn't snow here in brazil, ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
kaikannibalit needs to stop snowing.

just finished postal 3's fourth mission, well, "finished", the game crashed during a cutscene, i love russian devs who claim to have big teams :)
sometimes i feel like the guymovies are movies, that have a guy
SometingRandom98new video; guymovie

just burnt my tongue, having fucking cappucino
eh, it was better before the nuke, I liked finding machine guns in stores and gasoline in houses.
TwoTailedNeppyboth wrong, south sucks as someone who lives here. colder stuff is better and also Florida's "paradise" is such fake shit.

paradise,arizona is better.
does anybody know what made bitview user x1extreme1x randomly change his content and the way he talks? he used to have some pretty edgy videos and then he randomly decided to delete all of them and act like the average kid in 2008 youtube. m confuse



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