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@9 can i have my original bwitter account reactivated sorry for when i raided bwitter with bmf that time
hi everyone at school typing this
hello guys i still talk on bwitter
hi everyone talking today from internet explorer 6
This is my last video to the internet

hi everyone talking from mozilla firefox 3.5
if you want a HTML5 internet watch the video and join my bitview group we can defeat this together

sometime this week i might record a fifa 07 video what shall it be about
hi everyone
one of my favs:

hello guys
hi guys just checking in on my windows xp
who here likes the band blur or ocean colour scene
@enterwebs hello
hello everyone
@p4rkr what computer have you got
@p4rkr sorry XDXDXDXDXDXD
@Victor i don't have an iphone i am dedicated to that 2000s life lol NOKIA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am very sorry for my latest behavior all round i have been having mental health problems all round cause of lockdown its quite difficult im staying off discord i am just gonna be going on bitview or bwitter to talk to people due to it brought me down a little thanks for reading XD.
Thanks For Fixing The Flash Problem Bitview |

Listen To Me Im Not The Problem Or Neither Is Anyone Else |

look at this
hi guys had to go to bed with tooth ache well its 6:30 where im at right now felling better how are you guys
@TrashStudioz cool i got an ipod 5th generation with everything on it
what about this one Beautiful Ones - Suede
this ones a classic Lucky You - The Lightning Seeds
@TrashStudioz what type of ipod is it and what type of 90s and 2000s music do you have on you ipod im intrested
@sir hi @kde082 hi also
@Punchy207 hi
@LegendaryDOS found andkon when i was using internet explorer 6 great site funs games indeed the best one for me is sonic flash heres another one
@LegendaryDOS have you heard of a website called
escargot just doesn't work lol im just gonna stick to bwitter please tell me if anything else better comes alone for xp chat wise
@LegendaryDOS i have done this and still can't log into escargot it keeps telling me my email doesn't exist when i signed up to the site
or if you are using an older browser
by the way everyone this is a great search engine
@LegendaryDOS windows xp
@kde082 that google sites really cool
@LegendaryDOS i have seemed to make an account an got msn messenger 5.5 installed via the escargot well it just doesn't work i don't know why
@windows98 how do you get on escargot
@enterwebs im quite enjoying my 2000s tech when im not doing school on zoom
i told you @iknowitsyou
well i made this account and cut my ties with bmf he lied to me
@iknowitsyou i was spamming you know when me and bmf were working together against fulptube
@enterwebs last time i had a food fight was 2015
@iknowitsyou again what do you want
@iknowitsyou what do you want
just getting a macdonalds XD
@kde082 yu make good videos XD
@everyone who likes fifa here
bitviews crashed
@MisterPyro cool im on my windows xp so many memory's from when that os was kinda new still brilliant
@MisterPyro that would be amazing my ds can fully become a tablet its good viewing it via the web browser but someway of getting a bwitter app on nintendo ds would be cool
we are sometimes you know working on something
i do have an idea of trying to create a website like bitview when it started with flash and the 2006 layout as i miss it i wouldn't know where to get started
how many of you guys want to see the flash player back on bitview it does work also in 2021 you just download the version without the timer on it
hi everyone im bweeting from internet explorer 8 quite cool flash seems to work better on this browser
@SegaSonic lol just don't use it whilst your local police officer is walking about



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