Loom-icon Victor

I made a roblox cake!

Hamburgers or sandwiches? I prefer sandwiches!
Anyone play monster hunter 2?
Yawn Good morning Everyone! How's your day today?
@Punchy207 I feel cold when I'm finished in the shower
@Toudouboufou But the problem is the player doesn't load on bitview.
@Punchy207 God damn bitview doesn't let me play videos and it gives me an error when I visit the bitview website.
Help, I can't get on to bitview!
@enterwebs those shell shaped cookies from france.
have you all tried eating madeleine cookies? They're delicious! :D
@Marcusverse Red and Yellow apples!
also I like the madeleine cookies
What's your favorite type of cookies? I like gingerbread man.
@doop I already follow u XD
What's your favorite drink? I like soda!
Have you all played ovenbreak infinity on your iphone?
I love my Ipod touch that I brought also I got 2 of them!
What you all dreamed last night?
Hey Everyone, I'm new to bwitter! :D



Name: Victor