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Only trolls hate Florida! Come visit the #1 state in the U.S.A.!!!!
TwoTailedNeppyboth wrong, south sucks as someone who lives here. colder stuff is better and also Florida's "paradise" is such fake shit.
It is likely your grandparents were victims of nanoparticle foods and drinks because it was commonplace in Europe, Africa, and Asia, back in the 1950s!
Marcus but I don't live in america

Particle beam weapons destroy cars and boats!
Dangerous nanoparticles found in your food!
Enjoying the warm tropical beach. No snow or ice. I'm not even on vacation because I live in warm sunny Florida! Are you all jealous that I have summer fun all year long?
Corrupt FBI and CIA!
Car trend watchers predict 2022 will be a popular year for crossovers and SUVs!
No Covid19 where I am at. I am so glad to be worry free.
Windscreen wipers are going up in price do to inflation of cost of production.
EARRAPE: By Military Aircrafts
Big News! Saleen S1 asking price is now $20,000 more than original asking price a few years ago!
Learn the conservative art math! You have the answer or answers. No fake liberal bs answers are ever allowed like in English class; yuck!
Until it all comes crashing down. LOL
Kyasadi927 jenga

Mr. AG Integrity video Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2
Where did Mr. AG rent cars for racing? Right here!
The Covid19 Parody! How funny is the Covid19? Some say funnier than a circus clown.
The most epic opening to a video:
Verified: Tyson Air Fried Chicken Strips sealed with toxic black mold contaminates!
Verified: Applebee's Bar & Grill has a broccoli shortage!
Relax with some herbal tea and sugar.
People are talking about a possible Salmonella outbreak.
The anime is called DearS. It has a capitol S at the end. You can watch it for free here.
Kyasadi927 I don't. The cat thing reminds me of Neco Arc though.

I pray for the people of the world with cough, congestion, and/or breathing problems may they all have a safe and healthy recovery. Amen. Apparently a lot of people are ill right now.
Do people remember this anime? I remembered in Las Vegas there was a wall in a room that had art of this anime in it.
I've only played Sonic Riders for the Nintendo Wii, but no other Sonic games.
LakittorWhat do you guys think of Sonic Unleashed? This game is so awesome!

Pay for parking and sit in traffic. Cities are becoming annoying fast.
Kyasadi927 Guys what are your opinions on cities?

The hottest hit single of the year 2022!
Key Lime Pie for breakfast! Mmmmmmm!
Really cool and maximum online fun in this BitView video!
BitView Is getting trendy!

From Tracle TV
FYI: New Italian Racecar Now Available from Pagani!
Maybe tell your friends this...
Texting is so last decade! Let's handwrite notes to each other!
Yes today on the east coast at 6:00PM!
Special New Hampshire Premiere: 12-26-2021 at 6:00PM EST
This lady caught a bad case of feminism and won't be be able to attend Christmas dinner because my Dad cooked everything.
I think George Soros is a conspiracy theorist!
Christmas Cards!
Special New Hampshire Premieres: 1st at 1:00 PM EST Christmas Eve 2nd: 12-26-2021 at 6:00PM EST
Special Maine Premieres: 2nd:at 6:00 PM 12-22-2021 EST 3rd:at 6:00 PM 12-23-2021 EST 4th:at 10:00AM ChritmasEve EST
Premiere on YouTube @ 7:15 AM EST 12-22-2021 Today!
Wow a brand new video!
Can't stop laughing!
How does this video have so few views? Evidence possibly of ghost communication.
I am eating boiled borcolii in olive oil with red wine vinigar and galilc while watching Sonic X from the 2000's on the TV during Sunday breakfast time.
I am proud to be weird!
I like you, I love you, I think wonderful things are about to come! Get your fair share of love today! Play, play, play!
Donating to charity is so sweet and loving as long as they are the excellent pro-human charities!
3 reasons you suffer...Explained!
Fast drying Towels are amazing! Now i want to learn Calculus math.
Joe Biden memes are gaining all time high attention!
This video popped up fast with 160 views!
Why are novek and jr talking too themselves on bwitter. It is so weird!
Don't join the metaverse! It is a virtual prison!
Which is better, newswars or infowars ?
Which food with a face should you consume with a stranger together in the swamp-lands out of the following choices: Alligator, Bunny, Deer, or Duck?
Whoa! is this going viral on Vidlii? look at all the comments!
Which is better a sister or a brother?
Which is better, a Sony PS5 or a Nintendo Switch?
Which do you think is better, Buick or Cadillac?
What a dream!
I gave money to the homeless. I feel like a good person.
This is making people laugh.
This is a great Car Slideshow!
I think I'm going to shop for Chritmas gifts.
EVP Paranormal phone call!
I think I just found it. It's not the original song, it was a techno remix.
Right click the underlined words "seconds, Minutes, or Hours ago" then click "Copy Link Address" Then paste in comment.
Can I only embed one video from BitView at a time? I'm not sure why I could do it on my first try, but now I can't?
That was a good song. What was it?
<iframe id="embedplayer" src="" width="427" height="343" allowfullscreen scrolling="off" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Some people love the hottest dance hits on!
I remember FulpTube.Rocks. Why is it .rocks? Rocks that look like a dot or because it rocks?
This song got blocked on YouTube! Enjoy!
This hot track had the best ending of all time!
Are there aliens in the government or maybe an alien non-human government in existence? Some might say "Yes!"
I love Rolex for motorsports and udersea submarine adventures. Maybe I should get a rosegold watch.
What gift should I get for a billionaire for Christmas? Any suggestions?
Yay Math!
Oh La La!
Happy Thanksgiving USA people!
I'm thinking of riding a unicycle while delivering empty pizza boxes to the recycling center. Maybe I should use a bicycle instead.
I never realized a friend joined! Maybe I should join too. I'll ask my friends if I should.
Oh, pretty music!
iphones? Oh, please. Get something better like a Western Electric model 500 telephone!
Can't believe this was real! LMAO
Made the news twice in India! 1: 2:
This song could be on the top 100 songs of the year!
Me too! We have something in common!
vikimal19i ate rice for lunch today

This was amazing! The COVID19 Was Amazing!
Amazing School Podcast!
Are there evil things to come in the future or are we all safe?
Disney Loki Miss Minutes Song:
Whoa! These fighter jets are soooooo cool yo!
Popular comedy video.
Disney Marvel Loki Nightcore Song!



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