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@Sniped IT WORKED!!!!!!! but now i'm dying help
frogtube is a 2011 youtube revival. it used to be one of the best 2012 revivals but the hard drive died and there was no backup so they had to reset
punchy on his way to attempt to "spy" on the fulptube discord because "i bet those bastards aret alking aboutm e!!!!!!!!!" despite the fact nobody cares about him punchy on his way to claim his will to live is making shitty ms paint animal crossing furry porn
Da Evil Bawlz are attacking Robloxia!!!!1!!!1!1!
i keep forgetting shift+enter doesn't work in here
bweeting from palemoon, feeling pretty good today also a friend of mine gifted me gmod recently my fulptube video (it is a gmod video.)
gmod 9 is so fun
nothing. bmf and ethernetboy are just retards
also, mind also providing that proof here or is it cOnFiDeNtIaL
nope, i ain't banned bro try again
ethernetboy really do be sounding like the ramblings of a schizophrenic man right now
keeping what kids safe? bazinga never even hurt a single kid. provide proof of it if you want absolutely anybody to believe you buddy
i'd recommend you dipped ethernetboy, this isn't turning out well for you or your rep
what truth??? chief provided proof of you blackmailing him alongside other things in a fulptube video and you still haven't bothered to provide proof that what you say is the truth. IF YOU WERE ABLE TO PROVE IT, I'D BE ON YOUR SIDE.
@EthernetBoy2004 LOL where did that even come from
@enterwebs bitview is owned by complete retards and it's had a toxic community of people just accusing bazinga of pedophilia for no reason, it's fucked up
ethernetboy finally dipped. guess he realized this is a fight he can't win lol. anyways dump bitview and use fulptube or framebit!!!!!!!!!!!
you aren't ready for the internet yet kiddy, go back to playing with the little alphabetical blocks
if you have nothing to provide to the table but childish insults, it's probably best that you leave this convo
where's the proof
LOL YOU MADE A RETARDED FAKE ACCOUNT AND FAKED BANNING ME I'M DEAD anyways where's the proof of me touching kids? stop beating around the bush and just spit it out
btw do you have proof of fulptube being spyware or harming kids? stop beating around the bush retard, come out with actual proof and then maybe i'll listen
to prove if it's legal or not you need.... proof???? IT'S IN THE FUCKING WORD. IT AIN'T CALLED PROVE FOR NOTHING BUDDY
i even made my own shitty inspect elemented proof of chif bazinguh being a pedophile before you retards, cmon speed up
yeah...... and where's the proof of metalboy being a kid diddler?? are you ever gonna provide it or am i just supposed to blindly take your word for it??? pedophilia is a serious claim to just not give proof at all about. you're gonna need to make a bigger effort buddy
i've provided more proof than you ever could in a whole day in just less than 2 hours and you have the audacity to simply not even try to fight back at all and just spew out a retarded childish insult my way without reading anything of what i said. congrats: you made a complete idiot out of yourself
no he literally just plays GMOD with friends?????? i'm 13 and i was never """groomed""" by evil creep y man chef bajinguh! i've already confirmed chief is 14 via his voice. there was like 8 other people in vc there listening to his voice INCLUDING metalboy (bitview mod)
yeah uh... ethernet where is the proof?? chief already came out with proof himself of you and BMF being total retards. it's been probably more than a day and you still haven't given any form of solid proof LOL
chief is just some kid trying to have fun, he never did anything like grooming kids or stealing people's info. he doesn't even know how to develop viruses at all, he's just a random PHP developer trying to gain skill and have fun with people
these claims have literally no backup info, they're just our favorite schizophrenic man EthernetBoy sucking BMF'S dick and listening to all his retarded lies without questioning
you don't get a virus from entering fulptube???? LOL where the fuck does this come from??? fulptube was open-sourced before many times, there is no code out there that ever spies on you or gets your info
who heard his voice in the fulptube discord VC. metalboy himself even heard it too - chief doesn't sound like some kid diddler 45 year old at all. please read this and stop believing BMF's and EthernetBoy's bullshit
right, just finished eating lunch. in short: BMF is a complete asshole and trying to ruin fulptube and chief's rep for absolutely no reason. fulptube may currently be a shitty website due to it being in beta, but chief isn't a groomer. i can even confirm this alongside a lot of others - - -
i'm sure BMF is older than me anyways, i even put 2 dots and random spaces when i said i'd groom BMF to signify obvious irony. they've never provided proof of chief dating a 9 year old in the fulptube discord as BMF claimed and yet so many people eat this shit up and believe him
chief did literally nothing. i don't understand why you're coming up with these baseless accusations when you never even provided any valid proof that wasn't taken out of context entirely you called me a pedophile because i made a joke about raping a toddler 70 years ago LOL new fulptube video came out sidenote: chief bazinga (owner of fulptube) is NOT a pedophile. bitview users are making that up my cool fulptube video, happy early new years everyone
currently on my laptop, good night
fulptube rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways i hope you have a nice day
i have made an account



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