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Bweeting from a windows phone

just bought a microsoft lumia 950 just to see if i could use it in 2021, and overall it works great there’s no twitter and crap distraction, and bwitter works like a charm on it, seems like my new daily phone
just noticed the logo was refreshed, it looks much better
@pixel hope you get better soon
that would be cool
@mysweetpiano where did you go?
@mysweetpiano where did you come from?
@SMG10 i think the server is down
i totally hate math tests, i have to do my math tests next week, its probably gonna be a HUGE pain in the ass, anyway good luck @vikimal19
finally its over
the fuck, how is this dumbass not banned yet????
@bwitcoin shut the fuck up please
@punchy nice
yeah I reported all of his messages hope he will get banned
wtf can someone pls ban this idiot nazi, he's ruining the site
tf bruh can someone ban this idiot
@bwitCOIN wtf i don't want your piece of shit bwitcoin
@BwitCOIN what
@Marcusverse good luck doing it ;)
crap, I really hope that goodblox doesn't shutdown
bweeting from an old iBook G4
@enterwebs OOF that sucks
sup, bwitter looks pretty empty
@Bwitter Bwitter
@WindowsXPFAN2004 its an ipod 3rd gen with 40gb, and it has music on it like darude sandstorm, haddaway what is love, scatman, earth wind fire september, bee gees stayin alive, matthew wilder break my stride, and soooooooo much more
Just found my old iPod in the drawer, and its full of music from the 2000s and 90s
Lol it’s randomly snowing in my country
@enterwebs its on a actual pc (pentium 4)
Bweeting from Windows 98
@Slide hi and welcome to Bwitter
Bweeting from a Nokia N95
i got a Nintendo DS
Internet Ham |
@SegaSonic goodnight
Bweeting from Windows XP
iPhone 3G AD |
Playing with 2005 logitech g11 keybord |
mario_64_beta.avi |
Sword Fights on the Heights IV |
pain |
Better Off Alone (DJ Glejs Remix) ROBLOX |
@unhealthygrapej i still remember that old Mac OS X interface lol
@segaSonic me too XD
Bweeting from an iPhone 3G
@Grimance Welcome to Bwitter
@AlonsoStuff im doing pretty good
tsup guyz |
@cookieguy hi
Bweeting from Windows XP
@enterwebs looks pretty nice my official bwitter so i can get verified
@senessss Very epic! XD
Lol I have send this message from a Nokia 7200
@jerd Whooops
iPod 2008 AD |
supra mayro 64 trailer |
i still have a nokia 7200
@smugduckaf hello
@enterwebs looks pretty nice!
I just made a Bwitter trailer on Bitview Take a look:
@Joell95 yes here it is:
I just found it Bwitter existed looks absolutely amazing im definitely switching from Twitter to Bwitter



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