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xlstasy: "ooohh bwitter dead oh well!!!!!!!!!!" bwitter: currently alive rn
there's thefuckbook but i can't remember the link to the site
why the fuck did you censor facebook
just got banned on twitter falsely now i'm migrating to here forever fuck nintendo and fuck twitter HAHAAAAAA you like to jack off to it as well
Piss ass follow or nothing will happen
image embeds when
I think 2010 bwitter should have a seperate URL if it's added.
this bweet was sent from windows vista
asdfghjkl Ubuntu based Linux distro. Go to to learn more about it.
Bweeting from ElementaryOS 0.1 Jupiter! Fun fact: ElementaryOS' Epiphany was actually called Midori before the name changed, and it's icon was very similar to Safari's in 0.1 but instead of a blue background, it was green.
Bweeting from XP again, everything still big as fuck. Gonna go on kmeleon soon
Me when doing your mom
fun story: i fucked up grub by "installing" elementaryOS another goddamn revival, and it's may, so that upgrade of yours wont be coming anytime soon
back i guess
Bweeting from Ubuntu 12.04.5!
Bweeting from my Windows XP VM! everything big as fuck though...
dragon music
saw some horrific shit
i know, pwitter is so fuckin rare
just got locked out of twitter WHAT THE FUCK
Listening to ExileLord...
cool, let the public know when finish
20:19 here on this texas tuesday
for some reason firefox decided to delete my login for bwitter LMAO
Another motherfucker on bwitter yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
when the
doin your mom
kinda like this bwitter more than now bwitter
the retarded smell is gone
bweeting from firefox on ubuntu
welcome sweet prince
windows 10 kinda sucks ass
june?!!?!?!?!? adsf;gd
hol ee fuck fulptube is here
i cant change my profile picture what the FUCK 9
I am a proud ExileLord fan. Also @Rexed nice spam
hap day no.
good job
havent been on bwitter in a while
i am going to say a bad....... fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you ever think "br"
bweeting from kindle
excited for the launch of the Bwitter mobile app
what the fuck does Wayback Machine have to do with any of this, i literally have an old versino of twitter installed on my pghone
i wish there was an old version of twitter that HAD WORKING FUCKING REPLY RENDERERS
we out here....⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀....on old twitter.
marcus give 1.0.1 i review apps in my head
no, true gamers play guitar flash
it's gonna take a while to get used to twitter 5.29 mk
bwitter app when
i got bitview to load on, i am now a cool!!
Only true gamers bweet from Chrome Shell
cv bcvxfghm Clear the "Web" box if done editing your profile.
all bitview does for me is display the website and the player but that's about it
new bitview lol \
i wish old versions of chromium played a fucking bitview video
it's fucking chromium what the fuck do you mean "extra viruses"
now bweeting from chromium 48.0.2536.0
bweeting from chromium 15.0.877.0
tried to download a png of cartoon fire but it wants me to download their dumbass extension lmao
bored. in school. and now my period key is stuck
me neither
"hate" dude fucking made death threats multiple times
ik enter.
@doop is gone crab rave it's a fucking death threat alright, not a "punishment" as you call it.
Death threats arent allowed, retard
i'll fucking clobber you to the core of the earth. 9 months of forming a human body just to make you, you have no value to this earth and honestly i will be fucking glad if you were dead already.
no one fucking cares about your stupid ass death threats and twitter
nice advertisement, nerd.
we need twitter 2016 revivals
@AS get the fuck off of bwitter
at least mods are doing a good
i wish there were more good mods around to actually moderate the site
thanks for raiding lol
nword moment
bwitter go bad 2: electric boogaloo
cancel bwitter they are deleting my bweets
"im just new" isnt an excuse, old twitter didnt have following back then, thats how i detect underage UNDERAGE ALERT
havw you told your cfriends about bitview
are you BUH
fajke bwitter!!!!
he's a douchebag do douchebag do dodo do do do douchebag
i swear customrpc is broken
howe the fuck is it 1 am already no
android users belong to the cool kids club what celeb would go on bwitter lol. no celeb would find Bwitter and create an account, that aint the real chip
havent went on here in a while
Feeling slightly sick. Going to bed asap.
Santa isn't real.
It just went dead silent.
remember: get an infinite supply of drinks (not beer or that other asshole shit) before eating spicy nacho doritos
roblonium rccservice test is going poorly LOL
Power went off for a few seconds. Guess my hotel's electricity and Pretend have something in common.
holy shit a light just flashed h sihit
Update: Now Bweeting on my laptop. Power's back so that means i can charge it.
Bweeting from my Android 6. Power is out for the entirety of texas as what I've been told. I'm using a hotspot to bweet and watch YouTube.
yay. it rain outside.
at least it wasnt a rick roll, but you cant claim someone elses creation as yours, it is rude
dont spam your bitview asshole
the hell's the point in speaking another language when almost everyone on Bwitter speaks english like whaaat
yeah i toootallyy meant that.
wat bh
Staring at this piece of code. You win this time, HTML!! do you actually think we can see the sharpie
un, the mvie |
my movie maker test - out now at Bitview |
Bitview is working for me. Is it some sort of browser problem? Then use a JPEG for your profile picture.
Not sleeping even though I have school tomorrow. Damnit.
On my computer now. My dinner is delicious.
On the road rn. Bweeting from my Android 6. Getting dinner
Are you doing a specific version or just the main client for it?
Watching YouTube.
bwitter ftw no more kpop stans yelling in fancam because i said kpop
it's my dad's birthday. wish happy birthafternoon.
@CongressTart37 there's no follower system me having a camera and fucking dying
cytg5rvhbut58o. vcsadfe
fuck follower systems
i am officlc toudouboufou wathc out for imnposturs
h is a cool
oh shit | yes
i cant tell what the fuck is this on featured LOL |
ah yes
when bwitter exis
tem furtes 2
baco tell
Rotato, vento. It has reach maximum velocipy.
Windows and BeepBox.. don't make a good combo. Listen to this "bad" midi here. | wat
well. im not a sm64 expert. you'll have to think yourself.
try to find some funny things you can do in sm64.
betta start thinkin' bout some ideas.
procrastinate n some other stuffs i am great!!
hi @enterwebs
I made a BeepBox ringtone. Wat. |
scir emnce rules
That end key, it's malicious, probably. It does this on YouTube for some reason. Kewl. |
How it &^TG vvxzcv nrj7kkk to 8t523giyfv gum
@Galac "im trying to log on to bitview on chrome (i use firefox) i think i forgot my bitview password" welp thats unlucky
Weather Channel - Snow Storm, uploaded from my phone, it's a.. tv recording. Watch it now, or don't. |
@Megaman765 "check your weathr channel" Yep. there is indeed a snow storm in whereever.
@Megaman765 "THEREIS A FUCKIN SNOW STORM" oh shit.
bweetpost status number 7658723465
@SegaSonic "is windows vista good? ive seen it in the computer shops but i didnt like how it looked" From what i've heard Pack 3 fixed some bugs but before 3 it was shit
hey all scott here
unpopular opinion: windows 8.1 is cool
@Punchy207 cool
wow neat an old twitter remake



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