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@enterwebs nope only 2gb, and older models can only handle 1gb

@Marcusverse its a 2004 model with a 1,25ghz PowerPC G4, and I upgraded the ram to 2GB since that's the max for these machines
@Marcusverse, it actually turned out pretty well, opening up the eMac wasn't very hard, but the capacitors where very hard to remove but after about 3 hours of removing and putting the new ones one, the computer actually works, :)
im currently using my eMac, but it keeps freezing, after research i have to change the capacitors of my machine, just got them in the mail, im going to change them right about now, wish me luck guys
@SMG10 but what would happen if I put a spoon in a microwave?
i just made some toast but my toaster for some reason didnt make the pop sound when it was done, so the toast burnt to hell, and now i gotta buy new toast, since this was the last piece of toast i had,FUCK
sup @foody



Name: Rick Astley