Loom-icon Stoovell

oh my goodness its cheese im your biggest fan can i have your autograph
cheeseyo im cheese
really got upset because I called it an emulator lmao
alright my mistake...
jrIt's a fucking revival. We don't export some old ass version of a site into our site and then give it servers

it would be cool if there was an old facebook emulator too lol
apparently it was another old twitter emulator. I didnt know myself until i looked it up
Punchy207what the hell is blips

jrweek too late to the party, there was thefakebook but seems to have shut down

is there any old facebook sites like bwitter but facebook instead of twitter
Is there any mobile app for bwitter?
There's Tracle but I don't think it has much features yet.
jrI wish there was a site that was more faithful to old YouTube than VidLii but also has a lot of modern features like; live streaming, like and dislike button (will be paired with star ratings), video player that adjusts to aspect ratio, polls, and so much more.



Name: Stoovell de Almighti