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btw how can you get verified here?

long time no see bwitter... :)
Just found this cool video from a Japanese website. Go ahead and take a look. Link:
Any video ideas?
How are you guys? I am working on a new intro for my future videos.
New video on my channel! Check it out! Link:
New video will soon arrive today...
How's it going Bwitter? Long time no see...
Snow has finally appeared here in Romania:
New video released:
New video soon :)
Hello from my BlackBerry Tour 9630. (Opera Mini)
New video on my channel :)
bruh I have 2 hours of math and I hate geometry pls help I'm dying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :((((((((
I was bored so I got my laptop at school and mom doesn't know this >:)))
@vistafan12 cool but is it 480p now or what resolution?
just got out of skool omw (on my way) home
@evoDesign I've seen it. It's really funny :))))
Apparently you can report your own bweets
@ Biology :: I am dyiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg aaaaaaaaaa
@ English class - Bored -_-
Hello from school toaster computer :))))
Why is my profile pic always stretched on Bwitter and BitView?
@joell95 lol
Also why is it showing "from web", and how can you send from another platform?
I am staying past my bedtime >:)))) (and I'm 14 if someone's asking)
@Showman yep and it works on my Nokia C3-00 :o
@TimDoesWhatever I have to agree on that opinion :)
understandable have a nice day
I am bored. Wanna chat with me on AIM @ My username is stefanxp2006.
Hi this is my first time on Bwitter! I've also got a BitView account too, it's called StefanAlexandru01, and I'll start posting videos starting tommorow. Have a nice day... - Stefan Alexnadru :: Tue, 3 Nov 2020



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