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What am I doing? I need to think about this one for a while.
What if I was a spider that drank cider?
Just curious, what happened to a lot of the users from 2020? They don't use bwitter anymore. Maybe they got jobs and work for a living now.
Not only is he handsome, but he is an action taker too. TUMBLR:
Ooh! I like these two! 1: 2:
I still use the payphone! LOL
exclusiveconte2I just got the all new iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s nice to bweet in a bigger screen now

No I don't. How long?
xXxXHaloxGUYXxXxYou Have NO CLUE How long it took me to finally sign in to my account

Pretty cool!
nauticallyepici've been messing around with linux in virtual machines pretty much the whole day

I the heaven do care! Common courtesy to the world.

usaloverWe have to stand up for or patriots in the U.S.A. If we don't then the U.S.A. might appear anti-patriotic to our foreign cousins.

Yeah, his videos are more entertaining than the crap on television. You can watch his videos too.
Morgan @Spider @usalover You guys really like that Anthony guy, you seem to be posting about him alot and it seems pretty political. Would you mind explaining why you're posting about him so much?

That was a creepy story!
Wow! This video is on Dailymotion too!
Police are like scorpions. Sting operations. Do a crime pay a fine!
He is so lucky!
I wonder if Anthony Giarrusso is as popular as Roblox and Minecraft?
New video found on Tracle.TV
I like this song.
What is my personality? ...Or spiderality?
AbrahamPizzanocategorizing people's personality is fun

Wow! What a wonderful theme park idea!
Disney Nightcore!
I found out AJ loves washing dishes!
It is like a riddle. I think I got it.
QwellknownSaving the world. AG xx 9/14ths >> BWR. AG thrives on BC ... No comments<<<.Q

Xwyrick yoooooooo

usalover you are correct!
usaloverThis is an important issue in many states.

Yay it worked!
nauticallyepicright click the "hours ago" timestamp of the bweet you're replying to and click "copy link address", then put the link at the very end of your bweet!

This is a test
nauticallyepicright click the "hours ago" timestamp of the bweet you're replying to and click "copy link address", then put the link at the very end of your bweet!

Am I looking at myself if I have 8 eyes?
I need Anthony Giarrusso's voice to calm me down!
Big news! Spider eats bird video flagged for "Animal Violence" on Facebook! Video of a man smiling at a woman gets flagged for "Sexual Assault" on Facebook! What is wrong with the mentality of these fascist democrats on Facebook?
Imagine 12 spiders looking at you each with their 8 eyes. If this was a math problem, how many eyes are looking at you looking at you looking at you?
@usalover Parents love giving their kids popsicles!
I keep hearing about "Roblox" online but I've never actually met a real living person who plays it. Is it more of a European thing? :/
@Kyasadi927 ADB keyboards are mostly non-existent in 2021. The scarcity and rareness increased the value of the product.
That Mr. Giarrusso guy is pretty interesting though. I like his music and comedy videos.
I love the spiders in the U.S.A. They are cute and adorable. Kiss its fangs!
@usalover You must really love the U.S.A.
"If I bleed yeah okay I won't leave the body!"
AG is my jam!
Mmmmm. Chinese food!
I forgot who this old guy was. What was his name again?
Hey all, cosplay this guy! Try to cosplay this person!
When you finish 9 hours of your own homework in about 6 hours. 😫
I am creating my own homework and the doing it because school homework is too easy. I feel like 9 hours of homework is cool and trendy. Maybe I should create a homework fanclub because videogames are too dull lately. What do you all think? 1 second ago from web
I am so bored with PS5 and Xbox X. I feel like there is no uniqueness in console gaming right now. Most games are just updated versions or knockoffs of games before from the past generations of consoles. I feel like cellphone and online games never caught my interest.
I found a Scooby Doo MEME!
Animated Fight Sequence:
Wow! Maine sounds cool!
Spider Alex Jones Hot New Dance Song About Tim Cook Apple's (ipod,ipad,iphone) Founder!
LMAO!!!!!!! Old hag doesn't understand extraterrestrial marriages!
Using a QR Code App doing the qrcode adventure on Vidlii.
@Qwellknown and other bwitter users
AGFanClub Cool Video😎
Very nice and educational videos selection.
My favorite spider is me.



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