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someone restored the account
oh no
oh shit
what happened?
its almost 2009?
i got msn lol
@9 when is the when when the when has the when
Steriogram - Roadtrip (2004) |
its 7:43pm in england
hey guys my other account is @Brad lol
@ANANYMOOSE8273 I'd rather have b's than f's?
school fucking sucks man
I hackintoshed my computer lol
float |
i wish i was verified lol
Bwitter is awesome
nah im good
hey guys im installing manjaro linux kde plasma 20
installing manjaro linux kde plasma 20 brb
why is @intel suspended?
@9 How do I get verified
21 minutes left according to Nautilus (GNOME file manager)
@9 I was gonna go with that because I heard it was pretty good. I transferring all my stuff to a backup and i'm gonna download KDE right now
XCFE, KDE Plasma, Gnome or Architect. Decide
Hold on
@9 Imma put my files on a backup
@9 ubuntu for me is getting kind of annoying considering that my computer can't update to 20.04/20.10 so I might switch to something like manjaro linux when 18.04 gets no more software updates
heres a video lol
Yes I use ubuntu
@mac I haven't started learning CSS so far. I might start learning that so then I can do more customization on the website. Is this good code?
@mac Maybe something that stands out like black (#000000)
Learning HTML
@vikimal19 ye I can't be bothered anymore because its just tiring to do.
@goom I think I found a bug. On OldTube you can somehow subscribe to yourself.
Have I just broken ToS?
@Bwitter no
@joell98 Pac-Man(tm) 2: Pac-Man(tm) does ketamine
@NoMax max i can't do anything. I technically own that username
why did i claim the username Bwitter and just say Bweet?
@Bwitter lol
bruh moment
xonotic is a pretty cool game lol
who wanna play xonotic?
how to get verified?
@NoMax i am brad
@NoMax I have no clue lol
Any shooter games for Ubuntu. OpenArena crashed
Messing around with QEMU and KVM is fun
@Coolers101 don't hit the corpses. They can get really mad sometimes
guys you all dead? are you all in another castle?
Question: Who was TIME magazines Person of the Year in 2006?
@9 how to get verified
@alexanderjt good
Hey guys im reinstalling macOS
@joell98 what
AIzaSyCbIN7M7II1xcPlaYbdtCKSCaBePrJ2jTg lol
i will make a youtube v3 api key using Google lol
@vikimal19 if there is a key for it. but it would probably say invalid due to it trying to verify with google
BitView Talk 4. Does anyone know how to make bitview work with the old youtube app. Basically this cydia package but instead of youtube it goes to bitview
@enterwebs yeah he deleted most of Punked's stuff
BitView Talk 3. What do You think About the bmf situation
@enterwebs nice
hey guys bruh moment
@vikimal19 it works on chrome using stylus
@vikimal19 is this css?
Here's my spacemy
@enterwebs አሂድ
BitView talk [2.0]. Who do you all think is the best video creator on BitView.
BitView talk. Who do you think is the best creator on BitView this month
BitView talk. what do you guys think about the new player update
@joell98 sup
@enterwebs ill do it on BitView and VidLii and ill change my website on bitview
I am the real Brad1 on VidLii and would like to be verified. Here's proof
@enterwebs Loads a money!
oh wait as in verify that i am who i say i am
@enterwebs as in like check my email?
How do I get verified?
@enterwebs ill restart my computer real quick
@enterwebs bweeted from Xbox 360
@enterwebs Hold on I'll dig something up
@enterwebs Bweeted on iMac 27-inch late 2009 macOS 10.13.6
@enterwebs getting the High Sierra machine up
@enterwebs Hold on. Bweeted from Dell Precision T1650 running Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
@enterwebs no but I have something even better. Bweeted from iPad 1 iOS 5.1.1
@enterwebs no but i have an ipad 2. Bweeted from iPad 2 9.3.5
Bweeted from iPad Air 12.4.7
Bweeted from iPhone 4 4.3.3
Bweeted from iPod touch 3rd Generation iOS 4.1
@vikimal19 u sure you want me to that?
@enterwebs lol watch this Bweeted from iPod touch 1st generation.
@enterwebs iOS 5.1.1 but I used iPhone4Down to downgrade using De Rebus Antiquis iBoot exploit.
@enterwebs ms dos 6?
@enterwebs lol what ios?
@enterwebs done lol
@enterwebs lol im gonna log in using my iPhone 4
@enterwebs sup
@enterwebs Brad from bitview. lol
@enterwebs guess whos here



Name: double a batteries

Bio: funny

Location: Sheffield, England