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at the library
ok guys im burning a disk to update to vista with a torrent
i might get windows vista
i heard theres a new ipad thing coming out soon and it looks cool
i have symptoms of a concussion when i fell at school a few days ago so im staying at home, i got windows messenger on windows working
Today I got little big planet and tommorow i'm going to ask if I can get call of duty and more games
i got my ps3 today and tommorow i will get games
tommorow i will swap my xbox 360 for a ps3
Today was crazy there were 2 fights at school and there was crowds everywhere
Tweeting on my way to school this is gonna be so cool
what do you guys think project needlemouse will be about
i want to get a ps3
its so late right now its 3:39
i woke up really early today on accident. its now 5:55 am
i woke up today to see the blue light on my wii blinking, i wonder who messaged me
this new laptop works great
i just found a really cool theme for my new laptop im using now im gonna now transfer the files
almost new years now
the broken laptop i found works fine actually and even more interesting it looks like it might be better than my one i just need to get it connected to the internet
i just found a broken laptop outside im gonna try fix it
i might make a video on how to get characters on super smash bros brawl fast because i just discovered a trick
look at my doodle jump high score! im going to beat it soon i hope
merry christmas even though i do not celebrate it
holy crap guys i found out about this cool place called the pirate bay and you have to download something called utorrent for downloading but its like limewire with way more stuff even games
it turns out i have a second xbox in my house that we dont want anymore and im surprised because xboxes are expensive. i got permission to sell it on ebay so i can buy a ps3
the xbox is kind of borign compared to wii its cool but i dont play it much. should i sell it for a ps3
i got the xbox with a few games and its cool
i am up very late today. my dad told me he knows a friend who has a spare xbox they want to give to me.
i went on youtube and saw this thing called happy tree friends and it looked like a normal cartoon but they were all dying and crap
I'm Tweeting outside on my iPhone! Its so cool
its so cold in the uk right now. apparently in other places its snowing and even some trains broke down on the way to places. its not snowing here yet but its really cold
yesterday i forgot to turn off my alarm because school closed for holiday and today i was woken up too early by my alarm
i found out today you can use a mega drive controller with the master system
my iphone 3gs came today!!!!!!!!!!! its so cool i can record video with it and it has a compass and so much cool stuff
im tired today i came home from school and had a headache
btw i dont have a ps3 but i might ask for it later
somebody told me the camera for the ps3 can work as a webcam too so im buying it because its cheap
guys i managed to save enough money to get an iphone 3gs off ebay!!!!!! its arriving soon i hope
scary story about yesterday, i was on the underground and it was so crowded to get in the doors almost closed on me
accidentally went out too late
school is closed today so im going to the cinema
hey guys i might go outside soon but i want to know is it allowed to take things from recycling centres
heres another new video

heres a new video

im recording the videos with my old nokia n95 until i can figure out how to install the recording app with jailbreak on my new phone
i uploaded a bitview video

i got sent home from school earlier for being sick
also i might want to get the new windows soon
still sad micheal jackson died a few months ago
hey guys look at my new video on youtube

who else thinks the it crowd is funny
guys should i wait until i can get an iphone 3gs or should i buy a seperate video camera
im getting tired right now im gonna go to sleep
yesterday i was going somewhere but then i got stuck in a dark place so i turned around and turned home. i saw a red man walk from far away when i was at the dark place
those sound like stupid people
jrToday i found a group of people who thinks there is no Earth at all.

today i found a bbc microcomputer in one of my schools rooms and i thought that was cool
the kids at school make fun of me for having a wii only they say its for little girls
also today a kid was taken into an ambulance at school apparently he got hit in the back
i found out about something called the today and tommorow channel for the wii
today i had a headache at school
i thought there was an iphone 2 all this time
jr"Did you know that there isn't an iPhone 2? After Apple created the first generation iPhone, the one that came after that was all about 3G internet connectivity, so the iPhone 2 was skipped." I'm surprised there's even a iPhone 3, because people barely talk about it.

i might be able to get the new iphone 3gs if i sell my iphone 3g but idk
i went outside today and found a shop that had so many ps3 and wii games aswell as xbox games. i wanted to buy something but i didnt have enough money
im glad the bendy buses are going away
im going to bed, very tired today. hope everyone else is doing fine
just found out about hacking cult and sonic research group. its so cool
these fireworks keep scaring me
whenever i eat without being hungry it just makes me feel bad usually
ok i found something called blackra1n and it was really easy
someone told me you have to jailbreak the iphone 3g to record videos with the camera. im gonna find out how
my favourite rhythm game is rhythm paradise
i accidentally woke up really early like really early today
i think you have to like put a lot of power into it i did that once with a tv i got once and it popped like really loud
camstudio didnt save my video so i have to do it again
also i can play mario 64 on the pc now as well as my nintendo 64 so a video will come out soon
actually i played a little bit of it before on the nintendo channel
i bought a game called rhythm paradise for the ds today. i hope its fun i heard its fun
i woke up today im very tired still. i wanna go back to sleep but i already woke up
ok my iphone loaded and everything works now. im going to bed goodnight
itunes is taking ages to load my iphone right now? why
hi guys im back i dont know what happened but im back im gonna make new videos soon



Name: SegaSonic

Bio: hi im segasonic and i like sonic games and roblox sometimes

Location: the uk