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im bored....
im so bored im just left alone in my house and the internet is so slow today
hi guys sorry i was very busy at school but im back and i am on holiday now
I also hit my toe really bad last night and it hurts a lot
My mum got me a new ds and I'm tweeting through my iphone
my mum might get me another ds
my parents got me a tv to play wii on i still use my old tv for the mega drive
im very tired. its almost easter holidays
there is no cake sorry
im hungry so im gonna down stairs and eat
finally its the weekend tommorow im going to play some more roblox and wii tommorow
i like the white chocolate cookies they're tasty
i was late to school today
now im back at school :(
playing wii
sorry i dont tweet so much. school break happened for a week (half term) and ive been playing wii and going outside.
very bored
school is so boring!!! i just wanna go home and play on my wii and watch youtube!!!!!
released new video
i love my iphone goodnight everyone
i keep staying up late at night
hey cool fact if you have sonic the screensaver you can get free music i downloaded my sonic the screensaver off the internet
guys i found a cool website called downloads khinsider and it lets me download lots of songs from games im gonna download them to my iphone
tweeting on iPhone 3g when I should be sleeping I love the iPhone
i love how u can touch the screen on the iphone instead of clicking on the numbers
EVERYONE I GOT AN IPHONE 3G TODAY IM SO HAPPY IM SO HAPPY IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna put my nokia n95 away in a box i think. im so happy!
me too toudouboufou
im so bored
everyone i might get an iphone i get enough money
is windows vista good? ive seen it in the computer shops but i didnt like how it looked
im tired so im gonna go to bed
guys i think i might get an ipod touch
guys my ds broke :(((((((((((( we might fix it or buy a new one
lol its late at night and im tweeting lol im gonna go back to bed goodnight
im very tired
im going to bed
goodnight twitter
guys i found a bunch of secret songs in windows xp
Im tired
i have a sega master system 2 on my tv
goodnight twitter
im bored going to play games
is it illegal to use limwire? i dont wanna go to jail
im gonna play some games later
anyone want to add me on the buddy list on aim. my screen name on aim is segasonic
but no sonic on my mega drive has music but my computer is playing it faster its weird
why is sonic the hedgehog faster on my computer than on my megadrive
im downloading sonic games so i can play it on gens
whos ethernet boy and also i already own a ds lite so i dont want a dsi
enterwebs that sounds cool!!!
whats swich
is it for wii
its relly boring this week
tweeting from my n95
chief is a nice friend he is cool
nobody connected to me on online super smash bros brawl
i was playing wii golf on my wii and the wii remote wasn't paing attention to my moving so it took to long to get the ball in the whole. i got a ttotal score of 22
its very boring today
i bought a weird game called cooking guide for the ds. it might be useful to me
i want to join enterwebs
having fun playing sonic robo blast 2
i got super smash bros brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
i found a ps3 on the road but nothing shows on the tv screen. im trying to fix it right now
its really cold outside all the time....... i cant wait for it to get warm again
i use windows xp
i should be sleeping but im on twitter again
i have a wii
heres a picture
i went on the nintendo website and they're giving out free wii remote jackets
no im not the real sonic im just a really big fan
anyone want to add me on aim? my screen name is SegaSonic
i love ytps they make me laugh lol
its very late at night and i should be sleeping but i found a new internet program i really like. its called mozzila firefox and it looks very nice. i still like internet explorer but i think i might use mozzila more
its late at night
Sonic 2 Lets play Aquatic ruin zone | NEW VIDEO OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my computer is broken upstairs but i got a cheap version of windows xp proffesionnal so im gonna reset my computer upstairs i will also try to reset my laptop
so it looks like a tv cable the wii uses except it has holes and then it has a thing that the connects to the small brick which connects to the computer
guys i got something called an AV 2 Usb but i dont know how to use it
ITS 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD BYE 2008 HELLO 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
ALMOST 2009!!!!! i will make a new video soon
guys i think i got my pc back
guys my computer keeps saying its corrupted please help
never heard about them
whats jimy johns
i played sonic adventure yesterday maybe i might play more today. also i beat sky chase without getting hurt by enemies
whats a digital switchoff
im so bored
i agree mitchell
i cant find windows movie maker on my other computer
i found a cool sonic game for pc called sonic robo blast 2 its so much fun
enterwebs so you sign up and then you download the game then you look for a game then you press the visit online button to join the game and then you join the game and then you play the game and when you're done you press the exit button then you go to another website and then you're done
i deleted norton since it slowing my computer....
hey mitchell i got a camcorder
i found tv on the road but it wouldnt work. how do i fix it
2009 is gonna be so fun i wonder if they'll upgrade roblox or give us more wii games
is it like how sonic goes super fast and he goes zooooooooooooom and gets all the bad guys and dr robotnik lolz XD
whats a zoom
what game did you get? i got a wii
Very bored right now...
i use windows xp
i like playing sonic the hegehig
happy birthday
this is twitter
whos animaster
im very bored.. havent made a video in a while
it's 15:28
goodnight everyone
oh hello sniped
drinking pepsi
short video |

nostalgia guy are you excited for 2009
it's almost 2009!!!!!!!! cant wait to see new things!
im really bored.............
it's 19:42
@joell95 that site goes to nowhere for me
whats discord? i hear everyone talking about it and i dont know what it is
very bored...
goodnight twitter
it wont turn on
ok google said best buy is a america store im in the uk
whats best buy it looks like this
guys how do i put the weird stick thing back in the compiuter
me using windows xp |

joel why
profile picture wont work :/ im using sonic chaos lol



Name: SegaSonic

Bio: hi its me SegaSonic i like sonic the hedgehog my favourite sonic games are sonic 3 & knuckles, sonic 2 and sonic adventure i also play roblox

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