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I'm Hungry
@fuck12 tu mamá xD
The 2016 Spotify design is the best thing I used in my life, Skype Classic is the best that Shitkype 8+, AOL still exists, but this low Yahoo, as well as MSN and Bing. YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook and all social networks have a sensure system as poor as that of Roblox's chat.
@hwilliams8548 XD?
@Loquendero666 Si :D
ClipTube bugs are XD
Why did not I tell you that I love you? Why did not I tell you how much I admire you? Why do not you show you that you counted with me for whatever it is and that I would be with you in good and bad times? I know, because I'm an idiot.
The truth every day I think of you, in the memories I have with you, as we started hating us, as we got friends, as I helped talk with you, as you start loving, and finally, as I lost you.
BetaCast Will Arrive Soon... The new version of BetaTube.
And everybody knows that I'm not perfect And everybody knows that I'm not worth it I don't know why you hate me I don't know why you hate me Yeah, 'cause I'm not worth it - NEFFEX
IM BACK GUYS!!!!! Whats Up?
Really, even at 2022 I am surprised what we can do with a 2000 pc
Remind me in heaven, Moka.
Sometimes I prefer to live in ignorance, than to face the truth.
Windows Vista is the worst thing that i ever use in all the world, i will downgrade to Windows XP.
hi everyone
Hey guys, I have no ideas to my videos, give me ideas!
No tengo ideas para un video, que procede???
Gente Nuevo banner en YouTube!!!!!! y me abri un canal en BetaTube, el Layout de Cosmic Panda es el mejor :D
Espero de corazon que no le pase nada a BitView a la hora de migrar servidores :c, espero que quiten la publicidad intrusiva, y que la pongan en el reproductor multimedia y sobre todo regrese el soporte de BitView a internet explorer 8, Me gustan las experiencias originales :D
Se me ocurre algo, qué pasaría si windows hiciera sus versiones de servidor primero y luego las basara para los usuarios de empresa y hogareños, como lo qué pasó con XP
Hello People, tell me about your day?
Me Impresiona que esto Funcione en Internet Explorer 7 :D Siendo Que BitView no lo hace
Hola mundo.
Wow, incredibe, Twitter from 2010 :D



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