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“I sold many versions of Penguin Chat to other companies. Contact Music is the only version that is still online”,
watch expremental penguins:
WORKING ON BALLISTIC BISCUIT 2 Not much news this month. Working on Ballistic Biscuit 2. Includes some great new features like jumping and more difficult levels. For those of you missing the Experimental Penguins, be sure to check-out Ultrashock, and try their robot chat.
expremental penguins on waybackmachine:
how i did mech mice: Mech Mice was a game, world, and story we created back in 2011. One day I would like to do something with this wonderful world again.
because i make tweets about my games and more
script: lancE: a rsnail/maxizavampire animations collab unknown: how a penguin dream!!!!!
how a penguin dream is made in the year 2000-2001
I had three design challenges: How to build a server that could handle thousands of players? My current server could not handle more than 100 simultaneous connections. How do you make the world "safe"? How do you generate income? This game was going to be very expensive to operate.
my last video on bitview is how a penguin dream
MY BLOG - EXPERIMENTING WITH PENGUINS Way back in the winter of 1999 I had an idea to create a multiplayer strategy game with penguins. But could Flash 4 do it? Was the internet ready? I decided to start small and create Experimental Penguins.
I immediately stopped working on the ninjas and started working on Puffles. I did not realize at the time how popular the Puffles would become, and how many years until I returned to the ninjas. The new Plaza, Pet Shop, and Puffles launched March 2006.
My first attempt to create a multiplayer virtual world called box crates project. Created with Flash and launched July 2001.
how i made Experimental Penguins: My first attempt to create a multiplayer virtual world. Created with Flash 4 and launched July 2000.
how i made the last version of Snow Blasters:Way back in the winter of 1999, I had an idea to create a multiplayer strategy game with penguins.
the history of rocketsnail: Founded in 1999, RocketSnail Games is Lance’s personal studio for developing and creating original IP (Intellectual Property). Lance considers RocketSnail Games his digital toy company with the goal of delighting fans around the world.
epic snails rsnail Create a snail and join the battle. Take control of the backyard with Epic Snails! Climb walls, hang upside down and move anywhere. Team up with your friends for a tank game unlike any other!
A new episode of the podcast is up! RocketSnail ( @rocketsnail ) — The Making of Club Penguin and Building Online Worlds (#62)
Just reflecting on my last couple weeks. I am really happy with a number of new projects that I am working on. 3 new games in production at @HyperHippoEntmt . 1 game printing, 1 game in development and 1 successfully kickstarter at @DantopfLP . Plus 3 new worlds in development.
Great news @BoxZuckerbergs fans! It took longer then expected but hired a number of full-time super talented people to help build the BETA. More news in the coming days.
I was asked today if I would ever consider crowdfunding a new virtual world like Club Penguin? I don't know. What are your thoughts? #crowdfunding #clubpenguin
Beautiful day in Kelowna. Launching the Box Critters Grad 2009 event while having lunch.



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