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Amen I forgive you. Be blessed as we lift up our hearts to give thanks and praise. Sign of peace.
AG>Our Knight>Crusading To Victory>>>>>More Popular than Ever Fast>>>>>Leave Socalists and democrats in our past>If decades ago would have drove a Nash>You look up to him as he picks up your trash>Was first but only feels last>We all love him in a flash<<<<< Q
The prophecy has revealed itself. The future did come soon and we are all in it together.
mason4951nice try. a joke imitating a joke, diverting their attention from the real problems. you're not though. do something productive now

Future>Coming soon>Be Ready<Q
AG Trotted Globe>GLOBETROTTER>No Need To Trot In Place<<<Q
AG>R>FL <<<Will be watching the news in 2028 and after. Q
@mac Does Not Compute
Saving the world. AG xx 9/14ths >> BWR. AG thrives on BC ... No comments<<<.Q



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