Loom-icon Punchy207

just had some birthday cake it was all chocolate and half it was chocolate cream OH MY GOLLY GOD GARSH IT WAS AMAZING

that might have been me
it would be cool if spy was here
hey scout
@parallgamer your ass must be jealous of all that shit coming out of your mouth
dude i just walked like 5 miles and its so icy out
terrible headache
i dont remember anything
i just woke up upside down on the matress and my mouth tastes like puke
just got out the shower now im all poofy
just beat wrong side of the tracks on my 2nd try #Winning
accidentally earased my gat san andreas save file so now i've spent the last couple of hours playing the game all over
@ExDeeXD it did that to me on my old account
good, bitview sucks lol
the 1990's were the best decade for alternative rock, change my mind
nevermind i just copied off the asian kid
im doing work in music class does anyone know a fact about rock music in the 1960s
woke up this morning, beat my meat then shat my pants
the big yellow apples are the best
chewy sugar cookies
my grandpa turned 84 today and i ditched school
i am a master at wii sports tennis
i might just make another account
i tried to log into bwitter using my phone but i forgot my password
well sorry i accused u or something
i dont hate him lol just saying
wait u said death threats weren't allowed yet one hour ago you sayyou would be glad if he was dead already?? @Toudouboufou
last night was the first time i took a shit at my moms house since January 25th
yeah they've come to snuff the rooster
punchy's got the munchies
i just ate a whole tin of rosemary leaves and ovaltine powder
i have school today but my brother doesnt this sucks
@Sniped do you like waffles?
thicc punchy isn't real, it cant hurt you.
trust me im a professional
cocaine running round in my brain
i just talked to a friend i havent seen in like 18 months
@Marcusverse well imagine having to take a shit when your ass is practically on fire
its finally getting warmer outside i might wander the streets
i lacerated my anus Wednesday trying to climb a fence
my dad gave me a ton of his old basketball shorts
my room smells like shit
i overslept
i have a killer case of the munchies
i made a fanclub for The Toadies
i ate a ton of American cheese and now my ass is itchy
i threw up after eating a snickers bar i found in the basement
i made mash potatoes
i spat into my hand and it smelled like puke so it was probably me
woke up in a pile of vomit next to my friend Moe
i got the album Rubberneck by The Toadies
i threw a party today. Nobody came but it was fun i think
woke up late and i was on the floor in my underwear
i quit bitview and shit woke up this morning and drank an A&W
hey guys im using Firefox now!
blur sucks lol
last day of school till next monday
youre just asking to get a virus
went out with a bang or two
well actually i dont
i look like buddy holly
v give me your nokia or else
with salsa vedre
i couldnt get an cbox today but eventually i will get one
@Sir i dont think anybody disagrees
i might be getting an Xbox 360 today im super existed
Billie Jean is not my lover
skipping school
@ExDeeXD ur mom
ha sucker
taco bell
people who say american cheese isnt actually cheese are stupid
and im joining the Spanish community on bitview
my mom is getting me Minute Maid at the store
@pikachu cause pikachu is a stupid pokemon bulbasaur is best
V i dont know but i hate them
micheal bay!!!!!!!!!!!
nsfw renaissance
@mac my brother adam is doing the exact same thing
had a wieeeerd dream
i hvae a big test or something at school today FUCK
elmo's got a gun
welcome to VITENAM!!
bwitter for samsung smart fridge
even when im gone, my doors are always open
my room looks so good now i also wrote down all the cheat codes for gta 3 finally
oh yeah and today RIGHT AS WOKE UP, my dad calls me and tells me to like set up the mini heater for my nana. my dad is a fuckass sometimes
my dad is proud of me. best day ever
lol i passed out on my bed again
i feel like im going to die of boredom
slept like a baby cuz i had punchy by my side
my first night sleeping in my own room. wish me luck!
im so tempted to eat a donut but i just had a pepsi i dont know what to di
dude this sucks!!! i left my ds at my moms so now i cant play animal corssing till sunday!!
indie rock rules
behind the boathouse
dotty porn sandwiches
my mom baked a cake. her secret ingredient is pudding mix
just finished gym class. suprised i didnt collapse and die
ever since i was 3 years old i have just despised them
i dont know why but i really hate Cheerios
but like why?!?!
why do british people call cookies biscuits anyway
biscuits for smut
oh boy today will suck
oh god i forgot i have school today
i dont think cats should drink coffee
hot chocolate is better
i actually really hate coffee
yeah im deleting them
might delete my older vids on my channel cuz the camera i used was terrible
its just really hard for me to make vids at my moms house cuz at my dads i have my own room
just uploaded the dumbest video to youtube
frankly don't understand why they never got popular
like they have all these great songs like Possum Kingdom and Away and Tyler and all that stuff
y'know what i mean?
I think The Toadies are a very under rated band
@pichu mad respect for the profile pic
just ate roast beef from Arby's. i think it gave me salmonella lol
garrys mod rules
i think the ds lite should hav been able to do gbc games
the whole argument with me vs chainsword is over. pretty cool
@lua is that good or bad
my computer took 2 hours to get windows 7
ugh im so boooored
is been a wild week this week
playing hooky from skool today
it sucks
v i forgot how i even got into all this
@cn_ it was cool at first then it went toxic
officially just left bitview. not joining fultube or anything though
thank god im finally out of school
v LOL!!!!
after my hyperactive bouts i get really tired
social studies class is so booooooooring
@enterwebs FALSE
@ComTube PUNCHY RULES:!372!!!'
oh nya im having a hyperactive bout again!!!3(&3!
i spammed the antipedotube server with rickroll lol
never gonna give you up
fleetwood mac
its in progress
dotty porn sandwich. thats all that needs to be said
main reason why i dont like fulp is the content sucks on it lol
my drama teacher gave me back my work and told me to make it longer. im not gonna turn it back in fuck her
everyone here sucks except me and cyanide lol
been caught stealing once when I was 5
I drive a trans am
burn baby burn
now bwitter is like real twitter now this is cool
now my friends are fighting eachother this is cool
slappin bread together with a dotty inbetween
v ur mom gay
i like fueling the flames
@infiltrator hey
@TurkeyBurkey you ass must be jealous of all that shit coming out of your mouth
I have a gameboy advance SP but i lost the charger so long ago D:
v stick a fork in that outlet
you poopyhead
v up ur butt
@pedohunters this is cool
why are you mad poop
@TurkeyBurkey stop being such a poop bazinga jr
@EtherneyBoy2004 metalboy works for us wut r u talkin about
lol turkey ur a poop head
fuck i forgot i had school today :(
fulptube sucks lol
when i am old enough to drive im gonna get a ford focus from 2000
im goin to bed its almost 3 am
i leveled up too
in runescape i was just killing a bunch of cows to get my strength up
its like 2:30 am and im up playing runescape with my brother lol
im having a good night, I had Nonna's Pizza earlier and watched Wolf of Wall Street, having fun.
dude my brother is such a faggot sometimes
R.I.P. my club penguin puffles Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese, and Sweet Chili
@joebiden i banged ur mom last night lol
how would i know that this would be my fate?
Hyperactive, when I'm small Hyperactive, now I'm grown Hyperactive, and the night is young And in a minute I'll blow
i need to get a life
@roblox31 on your moms iphone 4
@enterwebs i think so yeah
@enterwebs for Vidlii it uploads a lot faster for me
@enterwebs I think the main reason why i like vidlii better is that its easier to upload vids on it
i kind of like vidlii better than bitview to be honest but i dont wanna argue u know
i was walking around my animal crossing town and Punchy was talking to me about falling into holes, i dug hole and made him fall in after LOL
Just made a Vidlii account



Name: Anthony C.