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got my Suicide Invoice in the mail today
when the nostalgiatards fight the fnf fans, its like 2 shitstains fighting on a toilet seat
how original
DCTheGamrHey guys. I made a video on BitView on why TikTok is bad. I think it sucks and shouldn't continue to be a thing at all. Thanks for watching if you did :D

hell its bad enough, you live in jersey
Kyasadi927 Wifi is out, currently bweeting this from my phone. Anyone have an xfinity outage in south Jersey?

had arby's today
you just make things deader
jrto be fair, i just came back from trying wrapper online (goanimate revival)

so is goanimate
cant be friends with yourself
jrFirst up, i'm scared of these "horseheads" that are all over the beach, so i hate the beach. Secondly, i also hate summer because it has bugs and is so freaking hot, and also bragging douches are not my friend.

no cause nobody is jealous of a bragging douche
hell i tested positive yesterday and i aint goin back till the 24th
get out while you can aknodd
so who cares
jrIt ain't accurate either. It doesn't even have the fucking header!

no because people are greatful for what they have and dont try to replace what aint broke
coo, i susbscribed and then immediately unsubscribed
what the hell is blips
why are you scared of that
are you sure thats a good idea
i wish i had dedication to 3 viewers like that
Kyasadi927 I'm trying to restore it for a video man

then maybe get a computer that isnt two decades old
Kyasadi927 I can't find any form of working install for my iBook G3 Late 2002. It's frustrating that the only restore discs I find online results in corrupted graphics. It's incredibly frustrating.

today is my first day back to school cause winter break is over
last day of winter break
Bass Drum Of Death - Wait |
my birthday is today
no because its boring
hiewSerious question: do you people think that bwitter can be as addictive as other social media?

as long as theyre not annoying like you bring em in
they always say its some other crazy ass year for no reason
its the nostalgiatards man
conneathits 2022

is yee special needs
no shit
RecorpedAttention, all Bitview users, Bitview is filled with malware at the moment, I went on the site and I got popups, Use an Adblocker or don't go on the site at the moment!

and even worse RAID shadow legends ads on bitview
porn ads on bitview
downloaded all of Slaughterhouse
jr is also a redditor so i guess its battle of the redditors
ate some portillo's
gonna pool together some cash to buy more records, maybe Slaughterhouse by the Ty Segall Band
i finally found a place to put one of my paintings that fell off my wall
i got a record player for christmas, and the records for Automatic Midnight by the Hot Snakes and Too Cold to Hold by Bass Drum of Death
are you a crack baby or something
higgorgao1Can you believe it guys? Christmas, just a week away. Christmas is in a week! Woohoo! I am so happy about this information. Christmas! Just a week away, oh wow. Can you believe it? Christmas! Just in a week! It got here so fast! Christmas! Just a week away!

i own one but i spilled lemonade on it back in march so its all sticky
LakittorAny PSP fans around?

im on windows 10 because im living in the present
the iphone 12 is out you know
timdoeswhateveri hope i get an iphone 4 for christmas

no shit
how poetic is that
it was dead the second it was born
CC229Subrocks is dead

the land of race car ya yas
spoonmaaaan, come together with your hands, saaaaave meeeee
i accidentally killed my desktop pet
i wont be soothed over, smoothed over, like milk, silk, a bedspread... or a quilt, icing on a cake, or a serene translucent lake
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
if you say xmas instead of christmas we cannot be good friends
made a turkey sandwich and now im on christmas break
i saw a mouse in the kitchen
she doesnt care whether or not he's an island
I finally own all of Fashion Nugget
Religious Girls
bitview hispano rules ites the best community on bitview
i think this relationship is going too fast LOL
i used one of those discord bot commands that ships 2 users as a joke, I did it with my friend who has a kid cat pfp, we scored 100%.
to me, friend is a four letter word
driving like jehu
dude he did that all the time to me back when he was killer199, hes just tricking you
jrNevermind! He said he wanted to apologize because the whole fight is making him uncomfortable now and decided to be friends! How did assholry turn into such a beautiful relationship?

i made some meatballs
i reported him... well an image violation but whatever
you must be going through some tough financial times huh
i love brown's chicken
do you ever get a really sharp pain in your prostate because i seem to get that a lot
if bass drum of death ever has a concert in illinois you bet i'll be there
religious girls
LittleJakoHey guys. New on here. i hope you guys treat me good unlike twitter. bye!

its the weekend and i ate some of those pepperidge farm milanos
nauticallyepicPivot animator is still so fun

shadoobay, shattered
i lost a subscriber on my bv but i dont even know who it was
collecting hidden packages in staunton island
dust to dust
ashes to ashes
any video ideas
happy thanks giving
indian puncher
sweet potatoes are awesome
why am i being dragged back into liking 80's music
ever suck the juice out of a celery stick?
be agressive, b-e agressive, b-e a-r-g r-e-s-s-i-v-e
aldi cheese curls are so salty
brighter ideas make better cars mercury cougar
a small victory
i made some art as usual
tennis balls
@goom are you kicking ass and taking names too
about to clean my room because i have all of my shoes in the corner for some reason
i dont get the whole week off for thanks giving this sucks but i get out wednesday at 1:00 and then got thurs and friday off so thats ok
its subrocks, what do you expect
wilma's rainbow of peaceful colors
belvita breakfast biscuits
youre never ever ever ever there never therrrrre
never therrre youre never theeeyyyaaa
did u know bwitter is available in china check it out
i said aboot by accident now i sound like a candian
what is jr whining aboot today
ate 3 bowls of chili and im hyped because i got the swimming unit in gym
the day i tried to live
moms at a baby shower today
had salt and vinegar chips for the first time in 2 years
bought a winter jacket today its very comfy
i have my coffee with a little pinch of sugar and a third cup of milk, how about you?
watching napoleon dynomite
poor dude gets a 28 year old computer for his birthday
i mean youre not wrong mine has fallen in the toilet 3 times and fell off a 2 story balcony and it still works
helped this other guy who needed help with it too so now i feel accomplished
finished my geography project for schewl
my brother told me to "turn off the window"
i am seriously dying of thirst
i love bar rescue its a great show
i got two tickets to paradise pack your bags we'll leave tonight
its great cause i can stay up all night
there was a bomb and shooter threat at all the high schools near me, so my mom says im not going to school tommorow yay
and "peewee" with no "w" is just "peeee"
i didnt mean spacemy i meant spacehey spacemy was crap
i have 1 friend on spacemy
tried putting an image on my spacehey page, somehow ended up in a whole other layout and my page is ruined
there's some real dorks on spacehey
hey kingkuru i saw u just made a spacehey wanna be friends
i made a spacehey if anyones wants to check it out
watching Happy Gilmore
i didnt know bwitter was back



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