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mrmpht morning

whats ur discord name i searched enterwebs and got nothin
wait really i had no idea
oh, well do u still wanna be discord friends
no way but do u wanna be discord friends
yeah i dont even know what im doing anymore
someone was talkin about the same sheep bastard on discord
wait you seem familiar
come over here, mrmpht
@mysweetpiano i dont care i'll find a hole
sexual intercourse
@mysweetpiano i meant the sec
@mysweetpiano when and where, mrmpht?
sheep are stupid its obvious cats is the best animal
oh sorry, TRANSSEXUAL SHEEP that needs a haircut
you look like a femboy sheep that needs a haircut
im cuter than you, mrmpht
tried Taco Bell today, it wa spretty good next time im gettin the dorito loco thing
@Dasboschitt Alice in chains rules
Boyz II Men
bwitter is so fun
mrmpht mrmpht
Kia Soul
Lionel Richies music is sooooo good even though I like alt rock
bagel flr brekfast
why is there a car from Gta 3 here
nordict stan
in my room all by myself being dramatic
dude they took spicy mcnugs off the mcdonalds menu im so pissed
I love my imaginary friends they always agree with me about stuff
i like to pretend to have conversations with people
rock the casbah, rock the casbah!
sharif dont like it, rock the casbah, rock the casbah
I listen to Sleepwalker by Moon Duo every day
kind of dizzy
I remember back before my whole animal crossing gig I would write poetry
Genji is now my 2nd favorite animal crossing character
I can has cheezburger?
lolcats are the funniest meme
my new animal crossing town is ok, dont have Punchy but I have Genji so im pretty happy
got a nintendo seitch now im making animal crossing towns till i get the mrmpht meister
he hasnt forgotten about me lol
i drew animal crossing NSFW at 1 am, i am truly living life to the fullest
kahoot in class today
@Foody i wouldve given you double that
stop for a second and think about what just happened in the past 8 hours, its quite funny actually
doesnt sound like something bazinga would do
and the party rages on with the new FIDLAR album
now we're all playing skribbleio
we are having a real fun party, house music is laying and gmod is streaming smooth as peanut butter
are we still enemies or what i hope not
hasnt changed a bit
just signed into bitview for the first time in months
@mac what happened
black hole sun, wont you come?
I learned how to draw fishnet stockings in ms paint
@ChainS agreed finished the vid now i gotta do my math homework
going to make another san andreas video too, i love making them
building train tracks in garrys mod
anyone wanna be friends on Discord? top 10 of my favorite cars in gta san andreas
making a youtube video
yeah my brother is cool
back from walgreens. my brother got a kirby plush and i got earbuds and beef jerky
my brother actually wants one too so hes going to walgreens to get one
Made a new emblem in Mario Kart DS
well now it works better but sometimes it stills does the barely moving thinf
my Lexus RX300 Diecast is broken I think, when i wind it up it barely moves but when I pick it up then it tries to move
might go back to walgreens today because the cashier girl said they were bringing in more headphones today
yeah uhuh reeeeal mature
I gave my brother 2 of them because his birthday is coming soon
went to walgreens, couldnt buy earbuds so I bought some Diecast model cars
doesnt let me change it either
its a very nice day out im gonna go buy some new headphones
I think you should start being more mature
im actually just thinking of taking out the SD Card and putting it in my brother's 3ds which he doesnt use
the circle pad on my 3ds is broken r.i.p. but im gonna try to fix it
@Foody i havent even played any flash games since i was in the 7th grade
yo chainsword why do you still hold a grudge against me for like no reason
its my birthday today
@drkowater 그건 멍청한 생각이야
if you find one clacking away on a keyboard, thats me
good luck
tommorow im gonna try one of those microwavable mac and cheese things
April 11th is gonna be a very important day for me
I also got Mario Odyssey and New Horizons so those are gonna come with the Switch
went to game stop again today, I ordered a Nintendo Switch Lite so they will deliver it to my house in a week YAY
i finished a while ago, my first SFW art in quite a while
Drawing more art
dude I overslept and I missed like my first 2 periods of school
goodnight everybody
yeah she probably got cancer just by lookin at him
@enterwebs why
@AnnoyingOrange and yet you complain about being banned from discord servers
thats such a coincidence I was just at wendy's
and its a totally new car too so thats cool
I think she said its a Chevrolet Equinox
my moms getting a new car today she is in a really good mood
deletin the comment aint gonna help either man
youre not gonna get an invite shit talkin me like youre 9 years old
feel good
I love to wash in your old bathwater -Gwen Stefani, 2000 .I really like No Doubt
Lays or Jays whic is beter
I love house music from the late 80's
fantastic mr fox is a masterpeice of a movie
hell i havent even looked at it for 21 hours
havent beat off to genji rule 34 for 28 hours, im trying to hit 2 weeks
im now friends with an old enemy, and we're gonna watch sienfeld together
i like turkey more than ham
i have changed
had a mental breakdown at 5 am, no more genji smut I SHALL CHANGE
following Rabblet on twitter
i had no idea rabblet was the one who made all the Genji rule 34, only makes me respect him more!!
might be getting a Nintendo Switch Lite tommorow yay!!!
no doubt
i love my uncle's pet bird, he sat on my hand it was so cute
im just glad im not having an emotional breakdown now
he has like the stereotypical gay voice too it just makes it so much better
uncle patrick is the nicest gay man i have ever met
at my uncle patrick's house
Punchy 207#9227
does anyone wanna be friends on Discord
genji rule 34
@realnintendo animal crossing city folk
what a wierdo
what ever happened to that one dork who talked about me jerking off like 3 weeks ago
now im quoting No Doubt, oh god
I know im diving into my own destruction
woke up and im still having an emotional crisis
sorry im just having a mood swing
im tired but I cant sleep and I already burned through 4 seconds of ecstasy
and now im thinking about Genji
now im just thinking about Gwen Stefani
now im listening to Lady Gaga
I think i might be too feminine maybe thats why
@enterwebs nothing at all
up at 2:06 AM crying my eyes out while listening to Bathwater by No Doubt
and thus my question went unanswered
Gwen Stefani from No Doubt has such a beautiful voice am i right
yeah I dont know you
@EthernetBoy2004 do I know you?
beer battered beer is an aphrodisiac
vanilla ice cream from manila
black out drunk on the helicopter pad but he was my best buddy
4 seconds of ecstasy is gonna be stretched out to 40 seconds when i'm done with it
genji from animal crossing i got nothing else to say
carrion crawler
had a seizure at 5am today it was pretty wild
but both of the sites suck
i will treat you well my sweet angel so help me jesus
she tasted good
she needed to be clean so i cleaned her like a true friend
i like soure cream and onion chips
made 3 new friends today
ate a candy bar
i love to see the sun, its part of all is none. I pray for shade and rain, I pray to live again. I COME FROM THE WATER!!! IM COME FROM THE WATER!!! I COME FROM THE WATER!!! I COME FROM THE WATER!!!
I love gta 3 its my favorute gta
doing side missions in gta 3
@ToastyMCToast what if i stick a fork in your slot
if i could find the will to kill
i come from the water
its that how you spell the thing where the Jewish do the thing when you become a man
bar mitzvah
i meant @hiew
@hiee no its my milk
does anyone want some milk
date was successful AKA i saw her tits
i still have my old kindle from like 2013
i have a date tonight
@enterwebs i do it to keep clean
showering is for peasants, just lick yourself
got out of the shower now im all puffy >:(
I come from the water
having bacon wrapped tenderloin for dinner
rule number one, ONLY PUNCHY SAYS MRMPHT
i like those little coffee cakes that Hostess makes
well yeah his account is gone
i have no damn idea
hell this week was probably the best week of 2021
today was probably the best day i've had in 2021
saw some of my favorite cars today too, 2 red 2001 ford focus hatchbacks, 2 1999 camaros and a 2000 Trans Am
dude I cant stop thinking about that breading on the fish... mrrrrrrrrmphhhht oh yeah
best afternoon i've had in a long time, mrmpht
it was amazing
getting fish and chips for dinner
my godmother is finally here too and she hasnt changed a bit
had onion rings and fried pickles for an appetizer, it was great!!
the place we are at for dinner is so cool, we got a table outside and they have free PEPSI REFILLS!!
im so excited to see my godmother its been so long
its my godmother's birthday today so we are going to have a special dinner
just report his messages for now he'll prob get banned soon
well im reporting the nazi
no thanks
still living large and living free
moooo i am a cow now
@ExDeeXD y u mad
and 3 Corvettes, a Dodge Viper, and a Trans Am and 1992 Trans Sport
dude i just saw a Lamborghini on the road
having multiple personalities is cool because its like you have a friend and enemy inside yourself
had a chicken biscuit from McDonalds, it was good!!! havent taken a shit in 10 days though
my brither busted into my room so I threw a bottle of lotion at his head
had a weird dream
I didnt know Volvo still made cars
I'm gonna lock myself inside my room with the television on repeat
story of my modern life: FIDLAR - Leave Me Alone
im back home
I met Gary Coleman last night
better yet when is chapter 6 coming out
Dude i just listened to the band Queen for the first time in like 3 years. It gave me chills
I made some Maruchan now im gonna play gmod
thid game is so fun i just took a piss on a ton of protesters and beat up an islamic terrorist
never mind i got a gun now
how do i punch things in postal 2
it has finished downloading yay
just bought Postal 2 on steam, tom said it was good
wish there was like a 1994 or 2004 Ford Ranger addon for gmod
ford trucks are the best trucks
got a ton of Ford cars and trucks
downloaded a ton of gmod addons
im alone for the day, might play gmod
I go back to my dad's in an hour then i will have something to do
my friend is going away so I dont know what to do now
just got back from grad pics, it wasnt as difficult as i thought it would be
i go to take graduation pictures in like 30 minutes im so nervous but so excited too
@Grimance ok
graduation pics today
the toadies
goodnight everyone, mrmpht!
passion fruit had been dead for almost a month now
@Team_fortress2 agreed
world war 1 is very interesting
today has been a really good day for me so far
tried on the clothes im gonna wear and they fit perfectly
Not nervous about taking my graduation pictures anymore, im actually pretty excited
its pretty cool
Watching a documentary about world war 1 for social studies class
I like that one part where that guy in the suit gets his ass kicked
i really like those old kung fu movies like Fist Of Fury
if you dont like FIDLAR you dont deserve basic human rights
I broke my rusty cage and ran, like the proverbial lab rat i am!!!
the pink frog thing dipped in pepto bismol
@SegaSonic god damn it
@SegaSonic if there is any cake get me it
like with that buttercream frosting that breaks off the cake in huge chunks and it's so sweet and a little salty ohhhhhhhh yeah, mrmpht.
now i wanna eat some cake
laying on the Punchy charm like cake frosting, thick and sweet
come and join the party
i dont have any dress pants or anything
taking graduation photos Friday now im freaking the fuck out
there's plenty of fish in the sea... too bad you don't have any bait!!
see ya
im more concerned that the guy's laying in my bed
drank a pint of malt liquor and befriended a gay japanese man
banana bread
the party ended 17 minutes ago but in turn i was in the voice chat for 12 and a half hours
been partying in the voice chat for 10 and a half hours
annoying orange is a real fruit
huge centipede was right next to my leg on my bed
made some shit yesterday
ExDee is the coolest guy i know
bitview sux
chicken burrito was cheese baked on and salsa vedre
tried drawing Bob but i rucked up so i just drew a dick in my notebook instead
wondering what my interests are
boy the bitview discord is going down tonight huh?
yeah im keen as a bean
hell yeah
jane's addiction
@ExDeeXD i know right? such peasants
shit happens
Thee Oh Sees Carrion Crawler/The Dream (full album)
making pokemon cards
i am a man
thomas approves
ashley boorman
yeah and it ended up giving me a cold sore
i actually had the money to pay them but i wanted to buy a playstation
50 shades of gray more like 50 shades of GAY
im so bored
my moms making meatloaf for dinner tonight yay
ford ranger
ford trucks were better back then but then again now less people die in car crashes
ford trucks!! THE BEST NEVER REST!!!
killer @zpid31
@Foody not a good idea to sub to him
fuck this its too complicated im just gonna use Bandicam
well i got it anyway so im gonna try it out
should I get OBS?
does anyone know any good free screen recorders because i wanna start making gta videos for youtube
wake up and smell the coffee
i just spent nearly 2 hour trying to import an addon to garrys mod and it finally worked
and some of those donette things
just had some maruchan its was yummers
a song i really like is Pretend We're Dead by L7 because i like to pretend to be dead sometimes
hey its Punchy207 i just made a new account



Name: Punchy Binta