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Don't you think guys that the embed player of bitview is not working in this page and it only appears only the link? It worked before when i put this site trailer.
MitchellStudIoswhich is better vidlii or bitview

by using ublock origin would be better
FoodyThe new bitview is full of ads

and it might not work, i guess
it's because you're using the last supported version of firefox for windows xp
jrThat's weird. I used Windows XP on CollabVM and BitView had no issues, just the video not loading if you upload from XP.

yes it did, but the owner told me that he is working on a better version of witter and the accounts are still there so it only shutted down the page.
AnonCarrotwait witter shutted down? server shutted down R.I.P witter 2021 - 2021
super mario 64 movies: mario vs bowser |

you got a nice profile @AnonCarrot
YouTube Classic by Objectful |
found a page today so i think you need to enjoy it:
i got an account from this page too:

cool website
Xwyrickmy website

i'm fine also i like your new profile picture
Kyasadi927 How is everyone doing today?

bwitter still works on DSi (typed on my Nintendo DSi XL)
still working for me is down, this means, and theoldnet (even the proxy) is down too

sup @Xwyrick
now i have these accounts: -BitView -SubRocks -Bwitter and Witter
yes, that's exactly the opensource of 2009
AnonCarrotwitter? that open source 2009 twitter recreation?

welcome to bwitter
randayo bwitter is back

good thing i have this |

sup @atking
i got that game too since 2018
SegaSonici bought a game called rhythm paradise for the ds today. i hope its fun i heard its fun

sup @concretecriminal
10 is good version you know?
AnonCarrot11, 8.1 isnt really that good

2 days left for HALLOWEEN!!
bwitter wallpaper by me:
@enterwebs i am the guy who joined bwitter since september i was surprised that bwitter is back
guess who's here!




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