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@jimmylostaccount If you do get hacked, please tell us! Either through our Contact page on the site or on our Discord server.

Yes! My account is finally fixed, I'm so happy! 😄
I have been told to make a VidLii account but everytime I've always refused to make one, but now VidLii video links are embeded here so... I think I have changed my mind.
@skinet201 Oh, it's a upcoming website, Me and @hiew are making it
Feeling down, my Bwitter is pretty broken now. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
S'more flavoured Pop Tarts are amazing.
@Owen Ello there.
I'm staff now! Woohoo!
@mac No, not yet. Hopefully soon though.
FINALLY! I was able to eat some bacon.
Good morning!
I really want some bacon.
I've been working on a website that is similar to Bwitter, except it is it's own thing. Concept art is being made and @hiew is working on it with me. If you are interested in this, message me at Morgan D#9058 on Discord.
What's up?



Name: Morgan

Bio: My name is Morgan... I'm a moderator here at Bwitter!

Location: UK