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i cant wait for summer to start!!!! :D

nothin' much, just chillin'
Squidwardio destroys himself in ice
@Punchy happy bday!
OMG, I just remade the iCarly website using Scratch!
i miss being on bwitter, this is a cool website
i havent been on this website for so long, im finally back!!! :D
GoAnimate is back!
I saw this cool live stream!
hi guys
It's Black History Month!
My new social media website!
RetroStudio Trailer |
hi guys im back on bwitter
@yoshi22 Hi! how are you?
@marlett1010 hi!
done with online class
in online class again
gn everybody
im finally done with online class
@dabidswag umm hi, but my name's not spongebob.
in online class right now
@teacyeonbwitter hi ok teacyeon!
I found this
@YaBoi2007 idk what that means
Look what I found.
hi guys
watching saturday morning cartoons
i joined the bwitter discord server
@macnewacc no your not, your fake
@jackdorseyisback dont be angry
@jackdorseyisback no its not.
My name is TheGreatestGeniusOf2020
Anybody wanna join Brick Hill later?
Friend me on FriendProject!
I want you guys to see this website
Creating a sitcom on Scratch
My new Scratch project!
hi guys!
Creating a video from Go!Animate.
@evoDesign yep
I have a Windows 10, when I tryied to download Goodblox, it says, it will harm your device, so I decided to play Brick Hill instead.
Playing Papa's Pizzeria
Hi guys!
@mirandacosgrove OMG ITS MEGANNNN
@barackobama never heard of it.
@enterwebs what's novetus?
Sup guys.
Join my Discord server!
Go check out this website! It's a website like AOL, Yahoo! & MSN all in one.
Hello everybody! How is everybody's day going so far?
@SegaSonic awesome!!!!!
@SegaSonic cool
Go subscribe to my BitView channel!
Go to to watch lots of cartoons!
Hi guys!
@toloman63 The first person to join Bwitter.
watching Drake & Josh
@marlett1010 Hi marlett!
@fatou_swan yes, I have one, cianna knows that.
@SuperStarmations It's a good website, we get to make new friends, chat & more!
@fatou_swan I already have a girlfriend.
@SegaSonic Okay.
Wait, when I allowed Flash Player on my computer, It didnt end, I still have it.
@Tim why did you get banned?
@Ahmed24ali Yes, there is websites like old facebook, there's Lifeblink, Jcow, & more.
@SegaSonic Search up, "How to use a AV 2 USB".
@SegaSonic you mean one of those things with cords with cable?
10 minutes left!
30 minutes left!
35 minutes left till the new year!
@joell95 That was one of my favorite movies.
OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is going to be awesome!
@SegaSonic That's awesome!
@Showman yep!
@SegaSonic cool!
@SquidSquidSquid Yep!
@kde082 Hello!
@SegaSonic It's a store.
Good morning everybody!
What's up! @lgsuskraist
Hello! @alex
Me too
This website is awesome!
Good morning everybody!
Merry christmas everybody!
Good morning everybody!
Hello guys!
Good morning everybody!
I've been on SpaceHey since December 3rd.
Hi guys!
@picksele No it's not.
@micronwave Hi!
@Supervisor Happy late birthday!
Good morning guys!
@Victor Welcome to Bwitter!
@RealGoku I agree.
Hi @karla
@baka Start the meeting.
@StefanAlex01 Hi Alex!
@SegaSonic I agree
@joell95 Yay!!!
Hi @karla
@Jnylah_davis Good morning!
@TrashStudioz I used to play on a Nintendo DS when I was young.
@DamianPlayz What's the link for?
@marlett1010 Hi marlett!
Good morning guys!
Good night guys!
@NylahBesieVibe me too
Go here to see all your favorite Boomerang classics!
@Nylahcutievibe .............ok.......
@ANANYMOOSE8273 I'm using Google Chrome
@Nylahcutievibe Okay......
@MemeLover99 That's me on SpaceHey.
@MemeLover99 Do you see something that says, "Drake & Josh Stuck in a Treehouse"?
@pwnz0rel3gy I also have an account for BitView, my name is TheGoodDude.
I found a website simular to Facebook.
@MemeLover99 I been on that website before.
Good morning guys!
@SegaSonic Windows XP was the first PC I ever used.
Nickelodeon is my favorite network, because it has all the classics, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Doug, Clarrissa Explains it All, All That, Kenan & Kel, Kablam! & more.
@adeah259 you have 2 accounts.
Nothing yet.
Bwitter is starting to be an awesome website!
Use your home computer.
Hello marlett!
Hi @enterwebs
me too
I'm MitchellStudios from SpaceHey.
Hi everybody!



Name: Bashir Mitchell

Bio: I'm a gamer, coder & animator.

Location: Newark, NJ, USA