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im verified in witter now

@mac idk, vistafan and jan arent crybabies, like 9 and chief. (atleast chief apologized now.)
@b why never tho? both should stop arguing and make themselves allies, it would be great no?
@zpongerov1234 yep, want the link?
in here we have a twitter copy from 2007 with owner cry baby. on another hand we have another twitter copy but from 2009 with another owner cry baby. what do you prefer guys?
i am doing what i am doing
Dad Bod |
got suspended for being horny... FUCK MAN I CAME HERE TO BE HORNY
guys, i lost a friend cause for simping curly brace too much... i should stop it?
shut up. now im gonna start simping my waifu here.
a long time not posting here
curly brace hacked is the best series, go check it out! all thanks go to zedrinbot.
witter >>> bwitter
why nobody plays dragon ball advanced adventure? is a good game
now i unsimp curly brace
@enterwebs thats a bug, i think you cant.
i wish curly bruce existed
yea i speak .-...-.-.....
wtf thats me sorry i thought this was google
curly brace feet pics buscar
im sorry people i was hacked please sorry
oh god i was hacked
@b send it to me pls
who has curly brace feet pics? pls send
perdoname jesus
dios mio esto no se borra
dios mio esto no es google como borro eso
como busco
please god forgive me, i didnt mean to send that. i thought this was google!
oh god i was hacked
someone has foot pics of curly brace?
@enterwebs nah thats not the account, is another one.
@enterwebs @vikimal19 some weird rule34 accounts start popping out if you search that
dont search for curly bruce (japanese words here) profile on twitter. please dont.
hi guys
hi guys, im gonna cancel someone if i see you doing things bad!!!1111



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