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How do I teach hermit crabs how to read?

It's time that i start being more active on Bwitter!
it's rainy outside
I am legally aloud to say that I have just finished a whole pizza.
@ChainS - It was really fun breaking it (but I'm still a Nintendo fan), and I didn't need it anymore thanks to water damage.
I finally broke that DSi in half by getting a very lucky shot with a stick. It wasn't in functional condition, so what else did I have to do with it?
I also took my Xbox 360 to school the other day, made a new XBOX Live friend. Me and my friends played some Skate 3, UNO, and a few Kinect games.
HAHAHAHAH I got DDR working on the school computer hahaha
And yes, that keyboard works 50% better for DDR and some other rhythm games.
just got a new LED RGB keyboard and mouse, really cool and clicky : )
I drank about approximately 6 cups of water today and I feel like I'm gonna puke.
breaking my DSi 4# (Stairs Edition) - The most destructive one yet! |
Has it been awhile since ive been on here? maybe? I don't know.
oi mate com 'ere and 'ave a sit of English tea hahahahah bri ish
Happy Easter everyone! It's April 4th, rise and shine
welcoming you to a good morning and oopsies its now cold outside go back to bed
I could not thank you guys enough for 10 subscribers. As a gift, Breaking DSi 3 is out now! Check it out! |
spinning polish toilet, that's all I can bweet because I have literally nothing else to say
It's kinda cold again
Hi @Ireland ! How is it going my country?
Bweeting this from the Nexus S.
Good morning Ireland. Might rain today, not sure because I don't see a cloud in sight
@ToastyMCToast | Good for you! Glad you got your eMac in better shape. Also, what model is it?
@ToastyMCToast | I never removed/replaced any, but what I know is that you have to be really careful, and they are also really hard to remove. Thanks to the difficulty of removing the capacitors, the risk of damage is very high, so proceed with much caution.
I keep waking up an hour before I should. Pretty stupid, right?
@hiew | Happens all the time to me. We all think of weird things when we eat or sleep.
Good morning Ireland! it is sunny but rainy.
I wonder what happens if you put a fork in the microwave
Breaking my DSi!! #2 |
Bweeting this on the Dublin bus
i've been using all of my time to track down my arch nemesis "BoobMaster", from ROBLOX.
"rompiendo inodoro de la escuela" is the peak of 2007 comedy
No, don't get hyped yet. I know nothing about Android coding and this app will probably be done in the next 3 months.
@hiew | I just might, who knows!
Alright. Whole new plan. I'm gonna make a web client for mobile instead, because I know absolutely nothing on how to make an Android app at the moment, but I will try my best!
And, I would say it's about 6% done, because all I did was change the icon and the text inside the app.
@Toudouboufou | Well, I literally don't know anything on Android apps, so all I'm doing is tinkering around with stuff at the moment. I might go for an older version of the app because the version I'm working on has too much stuff that Bwitter doesn't have.
Can a 1 cent euro coin kill someone if thrown off the Empire State Bulding? No, but just throw microwaves instead. Much easier.
I made a Bwitter Android app | Day 1 |
i got my Google Nexus S on day 1!!!! | - I'm on an uploading streak
Xbox 360 reveal!!1!1!! |
Good morning Ireland! Oh wait that's right, I didn't sleep at all.
Today was an awesome St Patrick's day. I got to go to a parade, walked downtown, it was the best day of 2021 so far!
anyway on most of the Android apps that ive replaced servers with, they work, but they force you to update and not continue into the app, and i deleted them cos' I "thought" they were junk
@Toudouboufou I might be able to make a Bwitter Android app (sorry ios users), since i edited a bunch of old android apps making them work again by replacing the server addresses, but I'm pretty sure I need permission to have note of the server names before I can really tinker around
Who the hell says ''time to take a piss'' when they take a piss? That's not normal at all.
Good to be back on Bwitter! Thank you 9!
Why are all the Doritos bags sold out at my location?
@Ashley2004 | What does that mean?
Funniest video I've ever seen - Ronald McDonald falls from a bench |
I fell in a deep puddle. I am not happy today.
Don't tell my teacher, but I'm using Bwitter at school.
hey moustache what's up
Guess what the weather is? Still rainy.
ronald mcdonald insanity
It's warm out today but it keeps raining.
What's up my Bwitter people?
@enterwebs - Best video that I've ever watched in my life.
Ford Explorer, with exclusive push buttons
@enterwebs You see, I don't script my videos, plus im not a wordy person who can really hit it off on the fly.
@enterwebs Nah, Notch wasn't profiting on it so i guess he's giving it out as freeware
Scoliosis hurts but it's a cool spinal injury.
I played Cave Game in this video, and let me tell you it was a BLAST. |
I overdosed on Swedish Fish and I don't feel so good...
Nah, I'm even deader.
@Kply - Yeah.
Imagine being inactive on Bwitter.
@Toudouboufou - Comes with extra viruses so you and your computer can be unhappy together! |
My cat keeps looking at me weird.
What's your favorite type of apple? Mine are the green ones.
@enterwebs This is Ireland, of course all the hats will be taken off shelves.
welcome to Bwitter, Kply!
the Tesco Superstore near me ran out of St Patrick's Day hat, well good thing i have twenty of them, lol.
Sparkling water is my favorite type of water, don't get me wrong.
@Punchy If you still have your e-mail, you know that you can just reset your password on your phone.
Hmmmm. I wonder what's for dinner.
I destroyed a 20€ phone from Tesco and that made my day.
I "accidently" slept in and missed school. My parents weren't so happy.
How about we all just calm down this heated chat, I don't want to see favorite websites of mine burn into flames.
What has this website turned into?
I told my friends about Bwitter at school. They didn't get it.
Ugh, it's another Monday which means that everyone has to go to school.
I've been learning about the stock market lately. You guys should try it, it can earn you quite a bit of money.
@YOURmomTHEgay - All nighters rule!
Also, I have recently signed up for a BitView account. Check it out at this link!
It is 7AM. Good morning to all of Bwitter! I barely even slept last night.
Hahaha! I got My old Windows XP back up and running! I installed the first version of Chrome and it works great! You do not know how happy I am.
It's unusually warm today, I might go for a walk.
Its 7AM. Good morning to all of Bwitter! (At least for GMT)
@Punchy207 that sounded like it hurt
I'm such an evil person. I stole my friends Windows XP Product Key to activate my computer while his had 3 days left to activate. He didn't even know he had a product key.
Avatar Kinect for the Xbox is provably the most unexpected Kinect app but for somewhat reason it's a blast. My Avatar instantly mimics me on screen and it is so accurate!
If there was a Bwitter app, that would be awesome.
My Google G1 is the best phone that I have ever had. The new phones suck!
The XBOX 360 is the best console of all time, no regrets.
I found a copy of Kinect Sports at a bargain bin for 3 dollars. Minor cosmetic wear on the disk, but it came with the cover art, manual, everything!
oi me lads be walkin' to da Tesco to have a cup of tea
I made a mistake, I was installing the Android OS when I accidently formatted the Windows drive. Plus it was 1.6, a very old version lol
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