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The rare occasion where high pressure sits over Ireland and brings sunny skies for 4 days straight. Usually, we only see it 3 times a month!
Using Bwitter zoomed in is actually pretty cool, now I can see much better than before.
they i'll say "don't you have enough technology in this house?" which is a long way of saying "no"
KangRooI don't know. Seriously what'll they say?

i really want an old iBook I think we all know what my parents are going to say. Even if I use my own money, which I do have enough for one.
now just make sure to ban their IP address.
mac LinfoWarz has been suspended for: Ban Evasion

accidentally kicked a football/soccer ball into the gym teachers face
iPod disabled connect to iTunes
uh oh
Are you... talking to me?
gonzarePaul Allen has mistaken me for this dickhead Marcus Halberstram.

south detroit is always violent
I know all of this, because I stayed at Ohio for a few days on my US trip. Sketchy looking neighborhoods, and there wasn't much to do their really. Cleveland made my cars suspension a little bit crappier, because there were so many pot-holes. Also, they have more wineries than people.
Ohio has rivers that catch on fire, their main export is crippling depression, lots of poverty, and high crime. Go to Cleveland and you'll know what I mean.
Welcome to Ohio. What are you doing here? Maybe you should turn around.
Update: The counties in the southwest are now red, meaning life threatening conditions can occur. Also, my county was upgraded to Amber/Orange, meaning that 130 KM/H wind gusts will occur. Most of the Tesco’s here have little supply. No school on Friday too. Still pretty gusty out there.
Also, my friend made a joke about going outside at 04:00 Friday morning when the storm arrives, butt-naked while being blown away by the wind. Cool idea, but not so cool when you get battered by hail stones!
I may not get the most severe weather, but Iive in a town that's right next to a county in Amber, and my county is in Yellow, so "cannot wait for that." (2/2)
there are two storm systems, Dudley and Eunice. Dudley went north and battered Northern Ireland along with Scotland but still brought a lot of wind for us. Eunice, is headed straight toward Ireland. I may not get the most severe weather, (1/2)
am I a "nostaligatard" if I still use old iPod's for music and video? Sometimes old phones for collecting/as a backup phone?
don't know what to bweet today
Okay, I repaired the drive and I guess all of my data is back! Thank the lord that I don't have to re-add EVERYTHING back onto this dumpster fire.
As I was turning off my desktop computer, the power went off for a few seconds then turned back on. Whatever that did, it fucked up the HDD and now my Google Chrome data is ALL GONE. It also blue screens a few times saying that "NTFS.sys" caused the issue, I'll get this fixed as soon as I can!
/j - remember: running with scissors is for babies!
Maybe the work was worth it... The judges loved my paper about Cleveland. I think I'm gonna get an A!
get the macbook, I saw this one post that they're selling 4S's in America for dirt cheap (20 dollars) so don't get the 4S's from the thrift store
Kyasadi927 Thrift store near me had an iPhone 4S for 90 dollars and another one iCloud locked which is 30. There was a macbook for 75 too. I kinda want that macbook.

*if it's considered theft or larceny then i'll stop doing it
i need to start my own service, where i save useful phones from being dumped into the recycling, maybe the next time I go to Kilkenny I'll reach in there again hoping they work
don't worry much I cleaned it, not sure if earwax or dirt was in the front speaker grill but thank god it's clean
Punchy207better have cleaned it, them british do nasty shit so i can only imagine what they do to them phones

the phone recycling bin at Tesco was up to the lid, so i could just reach my hand in there and find phones. 1st time doing it lol
Punchy207why are you digging around in the garbage

Hmm, it probably depends on the browser and what device you're using. Worked on my iPad 2 on iOS 6.0, so that must be the problem.
hiewIt redirects me to the modern iPad guide

found a iPhone 5S in the recycling today, it works!
someone could extract the raw icons from here and that would be pretty cool
Marcus i have found the old iOS 6 iPad help guide -

i have found the old iOS 6 iPad help guide -
Yes, and him too.

This is probably the 10th alt account that this guy has made. Please stop!
CartoonNetworkUSNew season of chowder coming june 2nd at 8:00pm, part of HAR HAR THARSDAYS, only on CARTOON NETWORK

the midnight hour is close at hand...
oops accidently popped a soccer ball because it hit one of the nails on my school gym's ceiling, teacher wasn't too happy
@RobloxianHub Guilherme Rocha Borges's 6th alt account spotted!
by using a converter it appears that it is 51 degrees outside
yaaaay it’s cloudy with 11 degrees celsius again1!1
cloudy, with a high of 11 degrees celsius
Lost interest in it

Minor spelling mistake = canceled : (
Marcus Might retire from being a miiverse moderwtor

Might retire from being a miiverse moderwtor
Hey moustache, what's up?
dropped a history textbook for history class on my toes earlier today and it hurts
eyyyyyy welcome to bwitter @Bombdinomite

Oh my gosh! The official balls is on bwitter!
Every morning when I wake up for school/the weekend, my cat always comes up and sits right next to me. Only me. How cute is that?
uh oh, the shit's gonna hit the fan!11!!1
Bowering this from my brand new iPhone 5S, on iOS 7.0.2!
good night, it's currently 01:00
But i'd not like to join in on your project. I have too much other stuff to do. Sorry about that.
TheRealGuiSkaname:guymovie director: GuiSka voices of: GuiSka (voice) Marcus (voice)

but I don't live in america
Do you have the right permissions from the asdfmovie creators to use the characters in the series of their animations? Please ask them first.
SometingRandom98hi marcus im annocing the new asdf comic called ponies is really dead: a asdfman comic book

hey mom i made something very cool
Someone that goes by the name "Guiskia" keeps making spam accounts. (5 and probably more to come) I don't think it's you if you don't know who's Guiskia.
KangRoowho tf is that

you don't need 5 accounts, most of which are throwaway accounts made to never post again
SometingRandom98hi.SometingRandom98 here. I made a YouTube series, guymovie where I post asdf videos for 1 year. or something else

good afternoon
pls don't swaare on my teimline1! my mothear cheak me binbows phone
Oh cool, they made a fourth account.
FreedyFazbearPizzaHey Kids! Come on down to Freddy Fazbears Pizza! A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life!

Why I bought it: It seems to be on a older iOS version, since it has the "slide to unlock" text as seen on the setup screen. It can be updated to iOS 12, but if it's on iOS 7, then this phone is rare! (2/2)
ebay deal incoming!11!! so I bought an iPhone 5S in really great condition, for just 25 euros in total, with free shipping. Issues: Minor yellowing of the LCD on the bottom half of the screen (1/2)
I installed Windows 8 on crappy 2008 hardware and it "worked" It wasn't smooth, but laggy and legit nothing worked
toudouboufou windows 8 supports probably 2007-present year hardware

1 out of the 4 links work, just start hosting your own sites instead of using dead links, please.
TheRealGuiSkaMuff Time: the adsf movie card game! Out now! fggvbmooyh bert-vee - More guy movie! asdf movie t-shirts ( Animated by Scootaloo (

hey look i woke up too early again. time to go back to bed
Welcome to Bwitter, @TheCrazyErrorLion!
TheCrazyErrorLionBweet Bweeting! TheCrazyErrorLion is here!!

At least Bwitter still has nice advertising, instead of the “helo yur computar haz coraveirus” or the typical “you can take her underwear off in the game” advertising
Most likely
jrmy dude, doubt it's even real. probably some fake ass urls out of boredom

I told my friends about Bwitter today. They were confused.
samsung galaxy S_III
First it was BitView, and now it’s VidLii? Why the hell do ad companies do this “hot singles in your area” or “you can take her clothes off in the game” crap?
toudouboufou LOL, i think VidLii got fucked in the ass with ad viruses too

Do your parents know what you do on the internet?
Should I be sleeping?
On the ride home from my friends house!
I keep getting confused with saying "dollar" or "euro".
Marcus Guess what I found at the "The Garage Sale With Dedicated Business Hours"? A brand new Otterbox case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 for just a dollar! Looks like it has never been used at all!

welcome to high school! *gets hit by a binder full of homework*
oi mate we here got our Samsung Galaxy S3 otter box case for just a single quid mate, can you believe no one bought this?

Guess what I found at the "The Garage Sale With Dedicated Business Hours"? A brand new Otterbox case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 for just a dollar! Looks like it has never been used at all!
@KangRoo, you right click on the time stamp under a bweet, then you click on "Copy link address". Once you've done that, type whatever you want to reply to in your bweet, then paste the link into here. Try it out.
Yesterday, the first two people in 2022 to play Kinect Adventures online was me and my friend. We had a blast tremendously failing at Rallyball.
It was Ohio all along?!?!?!
oh my gosh guys! it's cheese11!1!
cheeseyo im cheese

Now it is quarter to 20:00, or 8:00 PM in Irish time. Telling the time can be fun, I think I'm doing it too much.
Well, it's 5 minutes to 18:00, so it'll be 6:00 PM soon.
EliTheKitsuneso its about 5:00 for you?

It's 17:00 for me, so it's the evening for me since its dark.
*verified user club - don't you just ever hate typing on such a small iPhone 4S screen?
Yep, you sure did! Welcome to the verifies user club.
toudouboufou LOL, im verified i think.

Congratulations! Welcome to the club.
Kyasadi927 Wait am I fucking verified?

If anyone still plays XBOX 360 Kinect games, friend me at my username on XBOX LIVE, "zvars".
I am on the Limerick school bus and no one can stop me
nah, I should be in the comedy cemetery
Xenseer@Marcus, you're a comedic genius.

you hear the door slam... *slam dunks the door*
I have successfully created a SpaceHey account! hee hee
Poll: Do you use 24 hour time, or 12 hour time? I personally use 24 hour time because I was taught that in school.
also cleveland: we have a river that caught on fire 13 times because our waste management sucked back then
cleveland: under construction since 1868
Sad to see you go. Glad you were apart of the Bwitter community Morgan.
Morgan I've decided to retire from moderating/using Bwitter, I won't be active here anymore. I have made many friends and good memories. Thank you for welcoming me into this community with such open arms. Bye ❤️

I think I'll be active again on Bwitter, since that Blips is long gone. I had about 75+ updates on there, but now let's double that on Bwitter! works on a Windows Phone 7, and probably on an XBOX 360, since WP7 and the XBOX 360 uses Internet Explorer 9.
That's very cool! My parents would never buy me that because it would be considered "junk" to them but to me it would be a treasure. Well sucks to be them because my brother is sending me a new GPU with FOUR old phones!
nauticallyepicAs a late birthday present I just got a Mac Powerbook 165, from 1993! It seems to be missing the OS floppy and supposedly there is a hard drive issue. Also, I got an iMac monitor and keyboard/mouse which is cool.

What You And Your Friends Are Doing? Well, me and my friend Liwei are currently bringing the resale value of my house down.
Bwitter slighty works on my Dell Inspiron running Android 1.6 Doughnut. Not a virtual machine, but a fully native version of Android!
Downgrading an iPhone 4S back down to iOS 6 is actually really easy. It just takes a few steps and then profit!
Pretty good.
Kyasadi927 How is everyone doing today?

Thought Ex-Hurricane Wanda was going to hit us, seems like it went up a bit into Scotland.
Yeah! I plugged in a free 2009 Xbox 360 from a power brick that I found from "The Garage Sale With Dedicated Business Hours" and it booted up just fine! I'm sure you can find a controller somewhere, or just turn it on and find out!
exclusiveconte2I bought something that might not work. What is that? It's an XBOX 360 in black from January 2010 that I found at the thrift store with the cables but no controller. Should I keep it?

I brought in a iPhone 4S with a bunch of games that are long gone/very old versions on iOS 6 so then I hooked it up to the telly and everyone loved that at the end of the day. Maybe I'll get an iPhone 5 for Christmas...
Kyasadi927 Been doing this thing for the week where my main phone is an iPhone 5 running iOS 6. I gotta get a new battery, but me having this thing has been shocking to just about all the kids in my classes lmao

Casually listening to the full intro of iCarly
fun fact: In Ireland, Halloween is on the very first day in November, November 1st.
I've jailbroken my iPhone 3G with blackra1n before, pretty cool jailbreak! The only downside to that is that Cydia takes almost 10 minutes to load when you use it for the second time...
SegaSonicok i found something called blackra1n and it was really easy

just installed a legal copy of The Sims 3 :sunglasses:
never knew I would see an old twitter recreation with followers :flushed:

someone please tell me why I'm listening to John Lennon at five in the morning
for the lolz
concretecriminalwhy would want to do that

How do I blow up my Xbox?
pools closed!
Just something to take note of, do NOT accidentally drop a two pound textbook on your toes while walking to history class. Not fun.
My mother uses Virgin Mobile and it sucks
AlonsoSubRocks = Virgin Media

Hey, hey hey! Marcusverse (now changed my name to just Marcus) is back on Bwitter!



Name: Marcus Scoliosis

Bio: Hey moustache, what's up?

Location: Ireland