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That's very cool! My parents would never buy me that because it would be considered "junk" to them but to me it would be a treasure. Well sucks to be them because my brother is sending me a new GPU with FOUR old phones!
nauticallyepicAs a late birthday present I just got a Mac Powerbook 165, from 1993! It seems to be missing the OS floppy and supposedly there is a hard drive issue. Also, I got an iMac monitor and keyboard/mouse which is cool.
What You And Your Friends Are Doing? Well, me and my friend Liwei are currently bringing the resale value of my house down.
Bwitter slighty works on my Dell Inspiron running Android 1.6 Doughnut. Not a virtual machine, but a fully native version of Android!
Downgrading an iPhone 4S back down to iOS 6 is actually really easy. It just takes a few steps and then profit!
Pretty good.
Kyasadi927How is everyone doing today?

Thought Ex-Hurricane Wanda was going to hit us, seems like it went up a bit into Scotland.
Yeah! I plugged in a free 2009 Xbox 360 from a power brick that I found from "The Garage Sale With Dedicated Business Hours" and it booted up just fine! I'm sure you can find a controller somewhere, or just turn it on and find out!
exclusiveconte2I bought something that might not work. What is that? It's an XBOX 360 in black from January 2010 that I found at the thrift store with the cables but no controller. Should I keep it?

I brought in a iPhone 4S with a bunch of games that are long gone/very old versions on iOS 6 so then I hooked it up to the telly and everyone loved that at the end of the day. Maybe I'll get an iPhone 5 for Christmas...
Kyasadi927Been doing this thing for the week where my main phone is an iPhone 5 running iOS 6. I gotta get a new battery, but me having this thing has been shocking to just about all the kids in my classes lmao

Casually listening to the full intro of iCarly
fun fact: In Ireland, Halloween is on the very first day in November, November 1st.
I've jailbroken my iPhone 3G with blackra1n before, pretty cool jailbreak! The only downside to that is that Cydia takes almost 10 minutes to load when you use it for the second time...
SegaSonicok i found something called blackra1n and it was really easy

just installed a legal copy of The Sims 3 :sunglasses:
never knew I would see an old twitter recreation with followers :flushed:

someone please tell me why I'm listening to John Lennon at five in the morning
for the lolz
concretecriminalwhy would want to do that

How do I blow up my Xbox?
pools closed!
Just something to take note of, do NOT accidentally drop a two pound textbook on your toes while walking to history class. Not fun.
My mother uses Virgin Mobile and it sucks
AlonsoSubRocks = Virgin Media

Hey, hey hey! Marcusverse (now changed my name to just Marcus) is back on Bwitter!



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