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I brought my macbook to school lmao
Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Nice
Ngl I’ve been in the mood to draw A LOT recently
Bwitter merch when
Worse part I could legit say absolutely nothing and they still call me racist
nauticallyepicRacist? For joking about a nationality? The hell is wrong with people lol

Oh boy fun day I get called racist for joking about British people, and yet kids defend the two white kids who throw the hard r n word every damn day
Nothing like panicking internally in the middle of math class :)
I want to go home like god damn
I got an iPhone 3GS! Too bad activation servers want to be fucky. Anyways, how are you guys?
Old iPhone activation servers have gone down! I really hope that they come back up.
Can't wait for @fakebook to come out on Friday.
Weird video idea I had. Living with an iPhone 3GS as my daily driver for a week. Idk if I'll actually support it, but T-Mobile still supports Edge and 3G somehow.
I rise from my grave
Daylight savings is a bitch
How is everyone doing today?
You put it your message and then put the link to the bweet that you want to reply too.
cryptonomicaCan someone tell me how responses work pls

I put my iMac on 10.7 because of iCloud. Still got some shit to work out.
I got my iMac! I'm gonna downgrade it to 10.6!
Been doing this thing for the week where my main phone is an iPhone 5 running iOS 6. I gotta get a new battery, but me having this thing has been shocking to just about all the kids in my classes lmao
Nope now it works!
Nevermind it's not working?
I got a new pfp lol
Hello bwitter! (⌒▽⌒)
Day 3 of having to wait for my fucking iMac I’m inpatient as shit.
Today I got a mug, an iMac coming 11/4, and a really nice AM/FM radio! This thing sounds great!
I just bought an iMac! It should be here Thursday 11/4! Probably gonna make a video on it!
It’s my birthday today!
Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday, but today my cousin took me out to the arcade and we got to play maimai! I think I have a favorite rhythm game now!
I just finished my essay. I’m left handed so my hand is fucking smeared with graphite
I got this shit running surprisingly smooth tbh. I even got spotify. Though iCloud doesn't want to work.
I am now home and on my Hackbook
Now I need to wait an hour before I go home
I’m waiting for study hall so time to blast Bowie
My friend told me to read metamorphosis god fucking dammit I hate metamorphosis
I gotta write an essay tomorrow. I check my phone for the time and check bwitter and this shit is back let’s fucking gooo
What the fuck I still have my pfp
Hello bwitter! I’m back. I’ll upload my PFP when I get home.



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