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kinda agree kinda disagree with you on this. i like a lot of his older videos, the newer stuff feels less like a guy who genuinely enjoys making videos and more like a tv show
yurmom4this will get controversial but for me scott the woz is not funny

You’re also trying to force your belief that trans people aren’t people onto me so yk point invalidated
sooo, since you don't believe in trans rights and all, doesn't that make you weak?
trans rights anthony <3
mf really thinks hes the main character and everyone loves him like chris chan
I think I had deer once? I don’t remember. Rabbit on the other hand, just tastes like chicken.
Punchy207i've always wanted to try deer or rabbit

you love to see it
Punchy207who woulda known hatred could bring people together

Been wanting to get a Miracle Musical sticker for my laptop
mac Been wanting to get my hands on a Miracle Musical hat for a while now...

And im not even saying that to be rude im genuinely curious
Punchy, if you're surrounded by idiots then why the hell do you stay here?
based maxpaine dealing the max pain
maxpainethen stop spamming.

dude its just a drop in the ocean, just because you got banned doesn't mean its the end of the world, plus do you have any proof for any of this?

Jesus Christ what happened while I was gone
My dad makes some good ass barbecue
My mom used to not let me eat any meat that had the sliiiggghhtttest amount of red in it. Weird now because having a bit of red is pretty good
Punchy207i ate raw chicken once and i had to go to the ER

Hitchbot was tame compared to what they did to him
Punchy207did they have to reboot him? was he leaking oil at the scene?

He was found dead in Miami after a driveby shooting
Punchy207whatever happened to robot jones? I miss the little fella

natural instinct, punchy. natural instinct.
Jesus Christ I wanna take one of those cardboard tubes from a paper towel roll and beat someone over the head with it
Exporting a new video. A new series. MntlBrkDwn (Mental BreakDown) Shoutouts to my friend for coming up with the title as a joke.
No, there is a time and place for everything. Here is not the place to be discussing politics and conspiracy theories. Go make your own platform or something Giarruso. Hope this clears things up.
ClownishAngerbwitter users HATE other people's opinions

Giarusso is about as cool as Jared Fogle. Not cool at all and probably touches kids.
New TOS rule Anthony Giarruso is banned from making any more accounts
not the first time
KangRoo@Kyasadi927 There's an impersonator of you!

And Kilroy and PLM for ban evasion :D
I never really got Porsche. Give me a 1990 Toyota Camry and I’m happy
I'm back on my old windows xp computer I used way back when. Kinda nostalgic to be back on this thing.
I’m glad the Popeyes near me went out of business the only thing my dad would get was the same fucking greasy ass chicken sandwich which tasted like shit
You’re the one assuming I’m a fuckin liberal when in actuality I think politics is two old people yelling at eachother because they disagree on legit anything.
No, Giarruso. I just hate you and all fucking politics you should remember this when you impersonated me and tried to make people think I’m mentally ill :)
Who doesn’t like some good ass lasagna?
Punchy207i just ate some lasgna my dads girlfriend made and its the best i ever had i tell you what

Remember kids: Its never okay to threaten someone. unless it's Anthony Giarusso and any account related to him.
Hey Giarruso do us a favor and call your ISP and ask to shut off your internet k thx bye
mac Twig2021 and WhitePeople have been suspended for: Purposefully spreading misinformation that could harm others

Can we get all of Giarruso’s fucking accounts banned?
novekbweeting in 2560 x 1600

Man I want saturday now im impatient as fuck i got big plans
Free time and a lot of inferring.
Yoshizin_Gordinhow the fuck did you figure out how to actually use mac?

It really doesn’t. Like, I collect old computers and phones and try to use them in place of my normal shit not because it’s better, but because it’s just plain ol fun. Like, I was glued to my iMac when I got that thing.
Marcus am I a "nostaligatard" if I still use old iPod's for music and video? Sometimes old phones for collecting/as a backup phone?

The Macintosh Operating System Version 10 Revision 2
fuckbookThe Macintosh Operating System®

Can people just stop fuckin arguing on this god damn platform? like holy shit. We were treating eachother like humans and now everyone is bitching and whining. Nostalgiatard this. Moderntard this. I just wanted to fucking hang out and talk with people.
hiewthere's a can of white watercolour sitting on my desk for no real reason

Thrift store near me had an iPhone 4S for 90 dollars and another one iCloud locked which is 30. There was a macbook for 75 too. I kinda want that macbook.
If any of you guys have Phoenix AIM my handle is mntlmentos
Gonna try and use and iPhone 3GS as my main phone for a week starting Monday
What is this?

oh god it broke on desktop lmao
And I forgot my fucking water bottle. Great.
I gotta finish finals today.
Eh, Vidlii is kinda shit.
I need to buy more ram for my ibook.
You lucky bastard its 19 F (-7.2 C) where I am
Marcus yaaaay it’s cloudy with 11 degrees celsius again1!1

Someone better bweet from Macintosh System 5
Hello from Mac OS 10.2! I'm using a version of iCab from 2008!
My gym teacher keeps going on how america sucks but he’s British so his opinion doesn’t count
Hello from OS 9, buster
hiewHello from MacOS 10.14! 0.1 Versions newer than you :him:

Hello from Mac OS 10.4! I got the iBook working!

My proudest moment.
I second this
hiewffs ban twig2021 already

fuckbookmis in for ma tion .......... reported

CWC PaRappa the Rapper Onion A-La Mode Dance |

Vernon Douglas is my name! My battery arrest is what brought me fame! But there’s much more to know about me, i love to dance and I love to ski! I zip and zoom on through the snow, strap on my boots and watch me go! But I can’t ski until December, so then I’m just a sex offender… @Xenseer
higgorgao1I want a neco arc

New video going up in a little bit
The Thin White Duke/ LA era of David Bowie’s music is super interesting
Wifi is out, currently bweeting this from my phone. Anyone have an xfinity outage in south Jersey?
M.C. MNTL Serves The Girlfriend Thief the Rhymes to Win Kacey Back | I had to I am a big fan of Liquid Chris
My sister's asshole friends are coming over today. Probably just gonna stay in my room all day,
Ay! And you can see my pfp that took fucking ages to load!
jrFound my first first bweets and @exclusiveconte2 same

One of my friends are coming over today! Also, two of my friends got into arguments and now one wants me dead, fun.
Mega Based
jrFirst up, i'm scared of these "horseheads" that are all over the beach, so i hate the beach. Secondly, i also hate summer because it has bugs and is so freaking hot, and also bragging douches are not my friend.

Anthony Giarusso more like fucking shit
How are you guys doing? I haven’t ate anything in two days and I want to leave school, plus my friend Jet is coming over tomorrow.

Just cleaned my room. Gonna spend more time working on it over the weekend.
Marcus Guess what I found at the "The Garage Sale With Dedicated Business Hours"? A brand new Otterbox case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 for just a dollar! Looks like it has never been used at all!

School sucks I want to go home there are too many shitty people here today
Kinda racist ngl
EliTheKitsuneur basically made of milk :/

Nah nah I like smaller phones that aren’t the size of a fucking tablet
Marcus *verified user club - don't you just ever hate typing on such a small iPhone 4S screen?

wowzers i think i am
Wait am I fucking verified?
Man school fucking sucks
I want to drink water but I am tired
On the android again. Thumbboard is still shit lol
Guess who just bought the wrong batteries for their camcorder? me.
Not yet because we don't have ideas besides just recording us dicking around.
Punchy207are you sure thats a good idea

Jesus christ it is hellish to type on that android phone's keyboard.
God dammit I pressed the wrong button. Me and my friends want to make videos together. I should propably tell them to sign up on Bwitter and Bitview
Hey guys. I'm still working on the godforsaken iBook. And me and my friends wantt
I don't. The cat thing reminds me of Neco Arc though.
*Bweeting. Whoops. And this was sent from Android 2.2.1
Hello! I'm tweeting this from iOS 5.1!
There 10 inches in fucking Kentucky what the fuck what crack is snow miser on
New Jersey got its shit rocked there is so much fucking snow holy shit
Woah based Anthony Giarruso I never thought I’d see the day
First thing I see is fucking 2muslims
novekclassic ie5

How hard is it to type on the keypad?
Cookiehi from a nokia 6300 again

Guys what are your opinions on cities?
man just let me have my fun
Punchy207i wish i had dedication to 3 viewers like that

That, and I need a computer to run PPC and OS 9 software.
I'm trying to restore it for a video man
Punchy207then maybe get a computer that isnt two decades old

I can't find any form of working install for my iBook G3 Late 2002. It's frustrating that the only restore discs I find online results in corrupted graphics. It's incredibly frustrating.
Does it matter?

I tried to check out the new updates on the profiles and jesus fucking christ.
higgorgao1Is anyone else getting those annoying ads on Bitview? Like, I try to press something and an ad appears...

i got an ibook g3! I need to get some blank dvds and more ram because 384 megabytes is hellish on 10.4.11
god dammit
I'm a little late, but Happy New Years!
Well shit. I got the parts for my Macintosh IIsi but the power supply died. Gonna get my friend Dev to try and recap it for me, seeing how they don't make new power supplies and hacking up and ATX power supply with a guy fierri knife is my last resort.
I've been looking for something like this for a while. I think I suggested to the devs to add something like that? I don't remember.
avyoutube2does anyone know any good 2012 youtube replicas? i already know but its not as cosmic panda looking, the font is off.

I'm getting parts for my Macintosh IIsi and an iBook G3! I'll make videos on them when they arrive!
Christmas break is both fun and boring
I got something big planned for 2022. Probably gonna make an announcement video thing about it
Hello funny people
I’m at school and my sister is talking shit about me
RoyalRawrHello! How's the living realm doing? (also hi gamr)

I got an xbox 360 and an old android phone
I've got to go to my sister's shitty play tomorrow and I don't have a choice.
I brought my macbook to school lmao
Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Nice
Ngl I’ve been in the mood to draw A LOT recently
Bwitter merch when
Worse part I could legit say absolutely nothing and they still call me racist
nauticallyepicRacist? For joking about a nationality? The hell is wrong with people lol

Oh boy fun day I get called racist for joking about British people, and yet kids defend the two white kids who throw the hard r n word every damn day
Nothing like panicking internally in the middle of math class :)
I want to go home like god damn
I got an iPhone 3GS! Too bad activation servers want to be fucky. Anyways, how are you guys?
Old iPhone activation servers have gone down! I really hope that they come back up.
Can't wait for @fakebook to come out on Friday.
Weird video idea I had. Living with an iPhone 3GS as my daily driver for a week. Idk if I'll actually support it, but T-Mobile still supports Edge and 3G somehow.
I rise from my grave
Daylight savings is a bitch
How is everyone doing today?
You put it your message and then put the link to the bweet that you want to reply too.
cryptonomicaCan someone tell me how responses work pls

I put my iMac on 10.7 because of iCloud. Still got some shit to work out.
I got my iMac! I'm gonna downgrade it to 10.6!
Been doing this thing for the week where my main phone is an iPhone 5 running iOS 6. I gotta get a new battery, but me having this thing has been shocking to just about all the kids in my classes lmao
Nope now it works!
Nevermind it's not working?
I got a new pfp lol
Hello bwitter! (⌒▽⌒)
Day 3 of having to wait for my fucking iMac I’m inpatient as shit.
Today I got a mug, an iMac coming 11/4, and a really nice AM/FM radio! This thing sounds great!
I just bought an iMac! It should be here Thursday 11/4! Probably gonna make a video on it!
It’s my birthday today!
Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday, but today my cousin took me out to the arcade and we got to play maimai! I think I have a favorite rhythm game now!
I just finished my essay. I’m left handed so my hand is fucking smeared with graphite
I got this shit running surprisingly smooth tbh. I even got spotify. Though iCloud doesn't want to work.
I am now home and on my Hackbook
Now I need to wait an hour before I go home
I’m waiting for study hall so time to blast Bowie
My friend told me to read metamorphosis god fucking dammit I hate metamorphosis
I gotta write an essay tomorrow. I check my phone for the time and check bwitter and this shit is back let’s fucking gooo
What the fuck I still have my pfp
Hello bwitter! I’m back. I’ll upload my PFP when I get home.



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