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walking fax machine
Fargowhy dafuq yall niggas still usin vidlii just go to yourueb hahahah like just step away from the screen hahaha
tell your mom to stop using her pentium 4 shitbox from 2005
novekmy moms laptop is so old and slow that it blue screened when she opened google chrome

Punchy207here we go again

im not trying to sound like a politard when i say any of the shit im saying but you get the point, everybody is a retard and this fact should be commion knowledge but peoples brains are deadweight so they cant understand shit
my stance on america: everybody here is a fucking idiot along with the suits running our dumbass country
expect empty shelves because of the retarded recession thanks alot joe you fucking tard
he just doesnt understand the thug hunter grind dude sometimes it be hard 😢
FargoUr just not gangsta

mane wtf
Fargome licking my dads but in public:son do this someoheere else us at home:oh daddy cum in me

let us speak
Punchy207and people thought that ME being here made bwitter a cesspool, well ladies and gentlemen, i give you these two

do the thug shaker

let the man talk numb nuts
BarakfuckyouFuck you

johnny depp a bitchass who relies on his fans #standforamberheard
how will anyone fall for that
Trollfaceclick here:

ahahahahaha the joke is that i sound like a smart ass
Familyguymadness"what did i just say" is the last thing you said.

this is gonna sound nerdy and shit but i have two monitors in my attic and i also have one under my desk so when i can i'm gonna grab those both monitors and combine them into one monitor and stretch games across them all kinda like this
old family guy wasnt that bad because you could actually sit down and watch it
fuck12i perfer spongebob over family guy, really odd to compare a kids show to a adult show but fuck even early season spongebob was funnier then family guy

no it's just because you base your life and personality around a tv show that isn't even relevant nor is it funny anymore
Familyguymadnesssmh... insulting me because i'm autistic, usually it's the other way around.

you base your whole personality on a show that started to suck after a few years of it's own existence, that says otherwise if you think about it
Familyguymadnessi'm not special ed.

why are two of my shitty videos on the most discussed section on bitview
eh in a month or so the tekkit fans of youtube will give up shitposting on bitview and it'll be even more dead so i cant really complain since that'll be a good thing
Kemesi almost believed that bitview and vidlii were down in the gutter until tekkit and timeworks made videos mentioning them both thanks youtube

i almost believed that bitview and vidlii were down in the gutter until tekkit and timeworks made videos mentioning them both thanks youtube
look who just jumped out the short bus
the past is in the past let go of nostalgia and appreciate the present you fucking sped
MattGDwe gotta make it the new 90's

the buffalo shooter had furry porn on his site he's a brainlet cunt retard and i hope he gets death row
this website sucks gay donkey dick
@maxpaine cry
what's so bad about the best video on bitview it's inspiring and motivational

my favorite bitview video it is the best AND its so funny

the best video on bitview <iframe id="embedplayer" src="" width="448" height="382" allowfullscreen scrolling="off" frameborder="0"></iframe>
it's not old you're just a fetus
RealOskarLogo2This was made in 2018 (WOW THATS OLD)

Empurrei a minha pila para uma colOnia de formigas e agora as formigas estao a rastejar por todo o meu penis kkkkkk
i love jerking off
you said you were 10 and then this, seems fucking legit
damjanmitrevskiStop hating on bubble

Nobody makes blooper vids anymore because they are generic and making them is like milking a dead cow's utters
ROBLOXIgotzznow that I think about it, i might get over 35 views on this, due to the fact that bloopers are a popular thing on bitview, even though people don't make that much bloopers anymore

Shut the fuck up, how am i starting drama? i was being honest. BE ORIGINAL, OR GTFO!
ROBLOXIgotzz@Kemes how 'bout maybe YOU shut the fuck up, no need to start drama or anything.

people will find out even if he didn't. there's a most viewed page
Punchy207also mrmelon youre a real dumbass for even posting it here cause everyone'll just report it

shut the fuck up nostalgiatard, just make original content and not milking the dead cow's utters
ROBLOXIgotzztoday ima do some retro - bloopers with the unregistered hypercam 2, and edit and post it on bitview!11

its gonna be made with bubble, what a virgin :risitas:
CC229I'm making my own old Twitter Revival called Gwitter join the Discord server for updates

my other computer has a gtx 650
maxpaineIts 2022 and i still have a GTX660 on my main PC xD

mf using msn in 2022 :skull:
@Alonso shut the fuck up roblox porn enjoyer
@LinfoWarz can you shut the fuck up? nobody on this website gives a shit about politics
Kemesrebweet if you think @LindoWarz and @Username should both be ip banned

rebweet if you think @LindoWarz and @Username should both be ip banned
i know its just funny how these retards dont know that facebook is the only place that welcomes 40 year olds who love to sperg out about politics nobody gives 2 fucks about
DylanCoronaTV@Kemes I wasn't even trolling he actually said that.

@LinfoWarz and @Username are ban evading cunts who dont know that facebook is the only place on the internet that welcomes 40 year old retards to rant about political bullshit nobody on the face of the earth cares about except other 40 year old retards
"HURR DURR TROLL BAD!!!!!!!!" welcome to the internet, stop bitching cunt
welp, whitepeople/twig2021 returned. bwitter has once again turned to shit.
coming from a 2017 brick hill user, why would you join that site? the forum mods find any little reason to ban you, and spacebuilder hypes up some new client that is way better than his current shitty game maker one, but never releases it
jrHas anyone considered making a thefacebook clone. I guess @thefuckbook was but that server ain't shit. And any good old Roblox clones? I was on Goodblox but it shut down and Brick Hill changed their layout. Both are viruses(?). Also, Roblonium barely works.

gee, i sure love seeing the source code from fulptube being tossed around and being slightly edited! is the best website to ever exist in the entire history that the world existed for. In the 3 billion years of evolution this is the truly best creation mankind has achieved, there will never be another creation as absolutely amazing as is. It is more advanced than the wheel

lost an sd card from my old 3ds :/ had a lot of things from when i was 7 on it that i wanted to hold onto, cant find it
@DylanCoronaTV did you blast gay porn at walmart yet
fuck windows 11
also that is LITERALLY what nostalgiatard means. ive made a few videos that have a 2000s vibe but i dont exaggerate it and go "WOAH SO NOSTALGIC WOW XDDDD SO NOSTALGIC I MISS THE 2000S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Kemesyou do realize that i like the 2000s and 2010s? nostalgiatards are people who fantasize the 00s and use horrible grammar intentionally because "nostalgia xDDDD". they also cant pick up a calendar and realize that 2008 isnt coming back

you do realize that i like the 2000s and 2010s? nostalgiatards are people who fantasize the 00s and use horrible grammar intentionally because "nostalgia xDDDD". they also cant pick up a calendar and realize that 2008 isnt coming back
KangRooAnd why do you ALWAYS have to be a dick SPECIFICALLY towards people who like late 2000s to early 2010s internet?

you only agree because you know you're losing the fight
jrVery much agree. Never was this toxic on SubRocks or Blips. I just fucking wanted to experience the old web again, instead of fulfilling this site's intent we're fucking arguing

when the fuck have i forced people to use modern software and sites like discord? i never attacked anyone for using wmm, lol
jrAswell you guys actually ARE moderntards. The definition of a nostalgiatard is someone who forces everyone to think the old things are better. While we accept the fact that people use Discord nowadays and people use modern YouTube. Hell, we even use it. While you guys ATTACK people just cuz WMM vids

since when did accepting that itll never be 2008 again make you a "moderntard"??? stop being retarded
jrIt's a fucking Sonic YTP you moderntard

@Alonso fuck off kid you make roblox porn of yourself
@GuidoAnimation stop sperging out
lmfao im the dude that leaked all that shit almost a fucking year ago and he literally hasnt done anything weird like that in fucking ages
jrSays the Genji porn watcher

nobody wants any more shitty revivals
jrhttp:// betatoob ip

objectfags make me wanna vomit
KINGB00Z Hey lads, made an object show camp on VidLii! SIGN UP NOW B4 ITS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stfu bitch you're a nostalgiatard
2the person under me has a trash username

this site is so fucking dead stop banning me from every oyc discord @sks2002 lol
@jr fetishizes fingernails he wants to go to a strip club just to pay hookers to shove their fingers up his ass and shit @jr you are fucking disgusting dawg
Im not a racist nazi, but if I was, I would be better than @jr.
im 14 and i dont fantasize about ancient software and shit especially browsers that look like shit and are only meant for windows xp
Yoshizin_GordinTLDR: most "nostalgic boys" are delusional fucks that were born in 2008-2011

windows 10 is way too slow on a hard drive, they should go for atleast 7 or 8.1
Punchy207update your damn system

i think everyone wants the old youtube community to fade out and be forgotten about, stop clinging
jrThe first YT channel is actually tunafat? Learning so much trying to make a faithful recreation of 2005 YouTube

bitview is back online
unban me from the bitview discord lmfao
the mfs at valve are rereleasing portal to the switch and selling it for $20 compare it to the original price on steam
@jr blacks can be racist too... hesrd of antifa?
bitview will be back soon, the owner of vidlii (and bitview) sold both websites to kolyma network so they gotta swap the servers
@brent64 mf really just installed an insecure os from 13 years ago because "nostalgia"
@chillcotton8 mark zuckerberg is fucking gay
@MarkZuckerburg i saw you fucking a gay stripper in an alleyway dont lie to me
@MarkZuckerBurgReal suck a fat black dick
@RealOskarLogo2 by using youtube
@RealOskarLogo2 nobody gives a fuck
also fuck social media this shit retarded as fuck
fuck facebook and fuck that one faggot Mark Zuckerburg that bitch ruined online privacy and ended the "never share your personal info online" rule which i still follow since i was a fucking toddler nobody wants that gay ass metaverse FUCK YOU MARK FUCK META FUCK FACEBOOK
@maxizavampire because you are and you wont accept it or your homosexuality towards bill cosby
@jr speak american not tha jah pah knees pleaaase
@maxizavampire ive read numerous posts youve made and it gives away the fact that you're a skinny 10 year old who gets bullied
@jr mucho texto pleb also me no speak
@Kemes other than typing away on the computer thinking you're speaking facts
@maxizavampire no? ive seen people who arent even strong shovel snow with no issue at all, you're just a weak 10 year old who cant do shit
@jr welcome to the internet let us escape from school for once faggot
@maxizavampire you must be weak as fuck to think shoveling snow is child labor. its literally some of the most basic shit you can do for money and one day when you own your own house you're gonna have to deal with shoveling shit, stop acting like a snotty weak 12 year old
@IdiotGuy72373865 stop sperging out
@jr NOBODY wants or NEEDS another youtube revival. let the oyc die already, bitview is gonna be next one of these days
@WhitePeople go bitch about retarded "white people" shit on facebook you 65 year old elder cunt
@CartoonNetworkUS obvious underage tard
@WhitePeople shut the fuck up i dont give a shit
thinking of buying a razer cynosa or a corsair strafe since my keyboard has gone to hell ever since i bought it in august (logitech g413 carbon)
jizz please do shut the fuck up with your all seeing eye illuminati tin foil hat shit
You guys are so retarded making old youtube revivals just make up your own design Lmfao



Name: CFV